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Expanding Your Perspective


To improve your writing skills and widen your perspective.


Scribbler (Co-Leader)




To improve your writing skills. To re- write and post a poem that is in someone else’s style and therefore develop fresh ideas and a new perspective on your writing and its style. The idea is not to use someones re-write at the end of the workshop and call it your own.

Subject matter:

Wed, 08/31/2011 to Wed, 09/14/2011

Writing With Emotions


Leader: China Blue
Moderator(s): Candlewitch

Objectives:To write using emotions,so the reader can feel them

Level of expertise: Open to all

Subject matter:writing workshop

Olympic Pool Workshop:
Using Emotions In Writing

Goal: To use an emotion that the reader can identify without naming the emotion

Learning how to write with emotions felt everyday

Sun, 09/04/2011 to Sun, 09/18/2011

Deep analysis of poetry

Deep analysis of poetry- looking for more than the apparent words.

There is a great deal of resistance to "depth analysis" of poetry (often caused by unfortunate school experiences) however it can provide a great tool for insight in review and critique as well as honing our own skills in the writing of deep, rich, quality verse.

In this workshop each participant will submit a poem which the other participants will firstly attempt to describe/summarise as simply as possible the literal meaning. The comparisons will be revealing.

Mon, 08/01/2011 to Thu, 08/25/2011

Writing Forms workshop

Up to 10 participants. First come first in, anyone who misses a place will be reserved a place in succeeding workshops. Applicants to apply by Private Message to Eduardo Cruz
A commitment of 14 days is required, you'll need to check in as often as possible. [For those people with limited access to computer time please contact Dan (Hooded Stranger) or me (Eduardo Cruz) and we will look into arranging alternatives.]

Thu, 06/23/2011 to Wed, 07/06/2011

Cliches and their use


Leader: China Blue(Chrys)
Moderator(s): Ziggy(Enda)
Objectives:To learn how to break the use of cliches. To write and post a poem that does not contain a cliche

Level of expertise: Open to all

Subject matter:
Each participant will offer at least three(3) cliches
(this may vary in accordance with the number of participants)

Mon, 06/20/2011 to Mon, 07/04/2011

Cliches and the use of them

Description:A discussion of what cliches are
each participant will provide at least three cliches
we will then take the total of these and write a poem using only the cliches
we will then discuss the poems that were submitted

After which we will take those poems
and each of the participants will re write each cliche in the form of a poem
using their re write of same

A choice of one of three titles can be used
BUT only these three titles

Love On The Wing

The End Of Day


Mary's Dilema

Shark Pool (initial workshop)


Workshop for 'serious' poets who are ready to start honing their craft. More critical feedback and in depth critique will be offered by each other and from the Moderators/Leaders.

Pamela (Pamela A. Lamppa) (Co-Leader)
Chez (CCFire) (Co-Leader)
Jess (weirdelf) (Co-Leader)

WORKSHOP - Critique Skills:

Mon, 05/16/2011 to Mon, 05/30/2011

Olympic Pool (initial workshop)


Workshop for those who have graduated from the Splash Pool or are ready to take their poetry skills to the next level. This workshop should offer encouraging and more critical feedback from each other and the Moderators/Leaders. Main purpose of workshop is to help the attendees improve their own poetry skills and helping them to offer more detailed critique.

Chrys (China Blue) (Leader)
Enda (Ziggy) (Moderator)
Boni (Bonitaj) (Moderator)
Ian (Yenti) (Moderator)
Cat (candlewitch)(moderator)

Mon, 05/16/2011 to Mon, 05/30/2011

Splash Pool (initial workshop)


Workshop for beginners. Here new poets and those just beginning to learn poetry can interact with each other and receive light feedback and ideas from each other and from the Moderators/Leaders. Main purpose of workshop is to help the attendees improve their own poetry and helping them with offering critique.

Eddie (Eduardo Cruz) (Leader)
Louise (lou) (moderator)
Barbara (Barbara Writes) (Moderator)
Peter (whitescatter) (Moderator)
Stan (scribbler) (Co-Leader)


Mon, 05/16/2011 to Mon, 05/30/2011


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