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Who is God

‘‘I told you Sir
you are brilliance ‘’
let the whole world then follow...
only one God
Let, racialism not slice like swords...
In my opinion

‘’Time alone is God’’

and time only moves in one direction,
only one Dimension

It moves forwards alone
but cannot be recycled
Time gone is gone...
only Time Sir is the Common God
and I am sure
you will assure

You are the harbinger of all
Time and Peace...
may the younger generation
also listen to thee...

You are my god
O poet

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


It feels like the poem has a privet agenda.
As if it is a reply to something you came across.


you have a google mind
All here aren't like me BLIND 1/2
Thanks Iriz
yes typo russkee
here 'tis private

author comment

life is fraught with problems and perils throughout. But if we acknowledge them and accept that they can be overcome, the doors we need to open will start shining light through. The most important thing is to keep moving forward one step at a time and never give up hope.

Mario Vitale

jesus vissitted me a cool visitation we spirtully talked i tested the spirit to see if it were of god it passed all sayings about jesus dying ong the cross and being in the flesh on earth a certain truth he also called me a king in which i was abliged i responded nicely but im just a small minor king to the king of kings and lords try to keep your faith many will fall buy the way because inquity shall abound jesus is visting his sheep getting the ballances of truth ready for the world he was sent to save us victums of sin by the damages of the devil who deceived us all saintain is the father of lies he created death by creating sin in our lives and is also tottal responsible for the mess of sin the world is in repent to your best of heart there is still some time but its getting very short keep in mind jesus came from the power of god into virging mary to save victums of sin after all thay talked and god tried to stop the bafd effect of sin but it seamed to gain hold sop god sent his son to defeat sin and death and hell and the devil and his antichrist to try the world by fire behold jesus and his word did knot just come to send peace but a sword upon the wicked and wrath in the heaves upon all ungoldy sinners that refuse his free gift of love the boold of his only begotton son let there be know excuse that if you rejects jesus christ the son of god ye are on the wide gate of destruction keep your mind and heart on jesus and his covenant the lord are god blessed johovahand bleesed jesus the son of god thou shat love hime with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind and with all thy strength remember do knot judge all forgive because you have need of christs blood of the lambs forgiveness he did knot hang on the cross in vain he went to hell defeated saintain and his hords and vistied all whall there pat present future with god time is erelivent for he knows all things so he died to make a way for your souls salvation its true flesh and blood dont inherit heavn but the soul there for refrain from adultry which is destructive to the human soul marrage was from god to live a holly life conquer the tools of the devil cards greed gambling after all how many handles do you have on your pot the more you have the more the devil has to pull you away from god and his blessing sin is deceptive it creaps in like a lamb but latter it controlls like a lion ? take jesus seriously vow tithe seed faith follow the followings of jesus do remember faith with out works is dead produce actions jesus is lord of lords and king of all kings he shall overcome vistation princaplies are judgement and recompencing things do good with good and evil with its reward whitch is what he does on the white horse his robe in the blood of the lamb herring cloth white robs given to the saints be thou ready praying and looking up not just in the sky but in your heart bleave jesus for your salvation and deliverance evil can kill the body but it cannot kill the soul protected buy the blood of the lamb the enemies of god and the lamb shall fall and be taken if you do what god says you will see the true salvation of the lord and his salvation the true and just judge the true hammer of truth basshing in saintains walls tissles and thorns he blooks in lives jesus can and will deliver the rapture children and bleavers shall disapear the calling of the 4 angels is the rapture to meet the lord in the air truth walks on water raido waves are most strongest just above the serfice of the waters were god set his true spirit blessed be jesus for ever and ever buy may god bless you all in the name of jesus

Mario Vitale

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