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Where's My Boots?

I shout deep into my boots
It's the only place I get to shoot
my mouth, so to speak.

It's what women of a certain age
like me, do
Better than in someone's face
or with you?

I clench and fret-I'm so enraged
adrenals adrenaline addles and attacks


Last few words: 
Menopausal mayhem!
Editing stage: 


My better half taught me about all I could stand about menopause. Indeed it nearly led me into manopause . I like the visual of some poor woman screaming into her empty boot instead of taking hormonal swings out on those around her. Very enjoyable poem and especially so due to the slightly homorous truths revealed. hmmm....not sure whether "Boot-loser" is needed but you are the poet and I know better than to argue with a menopausal poetess lmao..............stan

Not been around the site recently due to boot-screaming sessions!!

Just wanted to pen something to get my mojo back to break the writing block.

Have a good Christmas!

Els x

author comment

and may you and yours have a most joyous Christmas..........stan

A brilliant way to release the rage! Wish I'd read this poem a few years ago. I wear a size 7 boot so plenty of screaming room available. Lol Think I'll keep a spare pair handy. Tee he

Very enjoyable to read and visualize ( as Stan the man says )

LOve Mand xxxxxxx

( I see you come from Southampton - my stomping ground when I was a teenager. The southern sense of humour shines through ).

I'm not from the South...I'm a Northern lass really! LOL

Yup in the middle of screaming regularly into my boots...ruddy hormones!!!

Ells :))

author comment

Even better! Lol ;)

Saw a pair of boots outside of a hotel room the other day, so I assume they are yours LOL
Have a great christmas love to all.
Liked the piece also LOL, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Your poem made me smile an understanding one at that
may I suggest

where are my boots

as where's is the conjunction of where is which then translate to improper use
only a suggestion though

Let your mercy spill on all these burning hearts in hell(Leonard Cohen)

I thought about the poor grammar...decided to leave it...sort of fits with the jarring, upended feeling when I'm in the middle of a "boot" session!


Ells x

author comment

What can I say but that I am glad men don't have similar problems, ( well, maybe they do ), because I would have to shout very loudly as I wear a size fifteen boot! LOL!!

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