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Don't waste time,
On holding grudges.
Always make sure to add,
the finishing touches.

Say you're sorry,
When you should.
If you make a bleep,
Knock on wood.

Let go of things,
You can't change.
Stay clear from things,
That are pre-arranged.

If at all possible.
Think before you react,
Be responsible.

Your darkest hour,
Can be the brightest light.
Never give up,
Without a fight.

A new beginning,
Comes from a painful ending.
Try to complete the task at hand,
Try not to leave things pending.

All the painful lessons,
It makes you strong.
Helps you out,
keeps you plugging along.

Betrayal can make you,
More intelligent.
Only put effort into,
Things that are relevant.

Be quirky,
Attract the unattracted.
Stay on track,
Don't get distracted.

In the face of adversity,
Don't hit below the belt.
When you leave,
Let your absence be felt.

Some days go slow,
Others you make progress.
Believe in yourself,
Trust In the Process….


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Structured: Western
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Not Explicit Content


The sing-song cadence that you have here, will help the reader to get through this and remember that you ask them to Trust!
Good reading. ~ Geezer.

It seems that the days and hours that people
are available for chatroom are staggered and
not a good match for most everyone. How about
if everyone just shows up at the door, whenever
they have a few free minutes?

I am reminded by this piece of my childhood, sitting near my Father’s friends and he when they were discussing their work. Lots of tips, lots of “ways and means”. Your rhyming works well.

My Father was a fighter pilot in the Air Force, and he/his buddies would gather at our home for these sorts of discussions. Usually there was alcohol involved….

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I like this poem because of the way you have constructed it out of ready made phrases - like a word collage - using familiar aphorisms (and if some of these are in fact original to you then all the better that they sound as if they've been in circulation for ever - like a song you think you've heard before but it's new). The rhythm of the syllables and the internal rhymes are pleasing and the whole thing just feels like fresh air.
I have got two poems constructed in the same way - one called "Now Wash Your Hands" and the other called "These are The Rules".

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