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triplets of autumn poems now ( read the first first)This is to break the epicurial charge

Autumn afresh comes
all love the beach
but now its cold
any day ‘twill snow
this by the met
all are told.

hope we are by then home
before the cloud does burst
all would love to quench their thirst

well what a beautiful season
now comes our lovely way
in Canada so forever
we all love to stay.

ah!just before the fall
that’s loved by us all

I knew that I must have read this autumnal
lovely one
did return to rethink
how the weather
now could be

I may compose another one
of my Autumnal series
where I shall show
more than just strewn
autumn leaves
and elderly too
if you understand what I mean
between autumn's airborne leaves
from the low to the air
and return to fall upon
to cover the bare

autumn is the harbinger of peace
cold and then inside all must stay
till the winters are over
then six months snows and cold
no sunlight
only cold slapping breeze

the autumn is about a few more days
by then all young animals must hibernate

Wait this is the third autumn poem
Drive to Terrebonne

the leaves of autumns
one couldn't visualize the drive to
what a lady like autumn one does see
driving in exoticity
the flowering robes outstretched
beyond of what eyes can pry
the distant calls beckons
come by
the sprawling rainbows
as if they were for real
upon leaves of many a hue
all colours fresh and blue
like a veil upon a newly wedded female
cast away the bridegroom’s loneliness

as she kneels down to show
the hues she wanted to
how beautifully they grow
in the naturalness of admiration
as we drive through the wilderness
lady autumn beckons us
and smiles too

Sir, come and enjoy nature will you
a smile across my face did spread
as I was about to leave the roadside
but for the ladies charms I am still alive
ere would've been dead
no surprise
rise lady autumn did say
then I did with magnanimity
but with teary eyes

ANOTHER autumnal one please bear with me

Your voice beckons me now
your voice beckons me now
to my backyard
where each autumn
I compose a poem
the leaves of yore since forgotten
trampled by winds crushing speed
up into the air leaves are blown
high above the trees
where beyond
they could never have reached
ere there had been no autumn
the colours manifests on my mind’s wire
as I see myriads of them
my drooping eyes admire
the scent of corns still pervades
what wind can ever invade
yet your autumn is not different than mine
side by side we reside
as many dawns we have seen together
maybe as many splendid sunrises
but the beauty of the colorful trees
is anyone's surmise
how so nature is rich
can any human be
as a matter of surprise
autumns are my loves too
how we all wish they came
again and again
to help us imagine
newer lives
alas not in vain...

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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The autumn fever posted in stream

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