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Sweet Sandy

Oh, nice to meet you
Sweet Sandy
Heard you would be passing through

More like running, if you ask me
Quite rude of you
To take my electricity

By the way why do they call you sweet
It must be fear
You really must tire your feet

you leave trouble every town you’re in
my poor trees got nauseous
said it felt like the room is about to spin

By the way how’s it like causing disaster
Believe me you don’t need to run
When it comes to speed you are a master

So I would ask you on a date
How funny would it be
If you showed up late

With wind speeds at ninety
I will keep my vows
Cause you will definitely find me

I would ask you to stay
That would damper your plans
So, Sandy please try not to run today

Editing stage: 


I guess Sandy is a tornado.
That I live in the UK , and am one of those people that tries to keep up with world information helped a lot.
Quite a choppy write I found, but good to heave this theme..
I notice that they are becoming more severe now, Mother Earth is changing a little they say global Warming well, the odd Vulcano puts our carbon emissions to shame.
We have not been aware of the weather patterns and vast changes that take place on this Earth over more than 150 years so how the heck can we be so positive about that.
I have seen places nearly wiped of the face of the Earth because of a once in two hundred years storm, where the people living near a river only had to do geological tests to see what had been going on there before.
From the bad lands to the Scab lands many things we don't understand yet,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

sandy was the hurricane that did quite the damage....
the personification and write of this reminds me
of the great old poems of our days as youth
You have a unique way of writing that is so
underscore and yet solid

and always that biting satirical mirth

Thank You!

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