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The Sun Came by Etheridge Knight [Spreading Wings]

The Sun Came

And if sun comes
How shall we greet him?
—Gwen Brooks

The sun came, Miss Brooks,—
After all the night years.
He came spitting fire from his lips.
And we flipped—We goofed the whole thing.
It looks like our ears were not equipped
For the fierce hammering.

And now the Sun has gone, has bled red,
Weeping behind the hills.
Again the night years' shadows form.
But beneath the placid faces a storm rages.
The rays of Red have pierced the deep, have struck
The core. We cannot sleep.
The shadows sing: Malcolm, Malcolm, Malcolm.
The darkness ain't like before.

The Sun came, Miss Brooks.
And we goofed the whole thing.
I think.
(Though ain't no vision visited my cell.)

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Structured: Western
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Not Explicit Content


Not much rhyme here. I'll not say you need to post another poem but you might consider doing so.

Stanza 1: lip/flipped/equipped
Stanza 2: bled/red

author comment

I guess I have become too used to end rhyme and missed the internal rhyming. If this is Your poem you are free to change it to what you have here but it's a bit unclear to me if this was written by somebody else.

It was written by Etheridge Knight. I revised it simply to make the rhyme easier see. I'll delete it.

author comment

It was ME who missed the internal rhyme and having a sample of such is a good thing

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