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The Silent Street

In silence I keep on brooding
why it's me all the time,
while you folks are sleeping
I witness all the crime?

By a lonely light on the street
a beggar counts his coins,
a hooker is poised to greet
a bloke who eyes her loins.

In neon of the red lit zone
all dark sides come to light,
when sins are bared to the bone
under the cloak of a luring night

I watch lights go to sleep
one by one in your homes,
from some I hear a shriek
from some, frenzied moans.

When those sounds fade out
I hear those stealthy feet,
it's time for some to loot
while some move on to kill.

I nurse my bleeding wound
still aching from that blast,
which brought all to ground
with dread of a holocaust.

The stars have stopped blinking
fading one by one,
the moon too is dipping
gently touching horizon.

The angels done with rounds
of blessing all their kin
knowing still not what sin
swept them off the ground.

In silence I'm still brooding
why it's me all the time,
while you folks are snoozing
I witness all the crime?

Style / type: 
Free verse
Editing stage: 


i love the night
its a different place
another world...

someone here once said
to read other poetry
and this i am doing

how else can i know
poetry without the other

thank you!

Thank you Esker for taking the time to visit my page and leaving an encouraging comment. Feel free always to comment and critique my attempts.


raj (sublime_ocean)

author comment

I like the way you portray the story in his poem.


reminds one of a visit
to an alien city
a policemen
standing nay walking
on vigil

beautifully metaphorical
How i wish I too could imbibe

perhaps some day shall


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