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Significant Connections

Since early Stone Age cavemen
We’ve been drawn
To light within the darkness
And then finally to dawn
But just like a grand piano
Has 88 different keys
The tenor of light
And how it effects us
Has many different degrees

Though we know the moon
Is merely a mirror for the sun
It casts its calming spell
On almost everyone
Gives the night a peace
It didn’t have before
Shines a glow of love
Upon both sea and shore

A candle on the other hand
Is much more private
Stirs within the heart
A different kind of quiet
Lets you know that life
Will only last so long
Reminds us, we’re but a breath
Away from being gone

And then there’re fireworks
Up in the sky
The sparkle and the glimmer in our eyes
That say but for a moment
We’re victorious
It might not be forever
But it was glorious

But maybe the most affecting light by far
Is the shining of another universe’s star
We wonder, is there someone else like me
Light years away,
Or is eternity
Calling with an ever-shining beam?
Is this real or is it all a dream?

The day is full of sun
That’s bright and stark
But there’s something to be said
For light in dark
Like the heroes of our
Sometimes sordid history
Love and light remain
A kind of mystery

So we light a candle
Shoot explosives in the sky
Make a wish upon a star
Ultimately try
To foster hope, encourage
And somehow make
Significant connections

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