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A Senryu

Insanity is
another face for one coin
called humanity.

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Some say the insane are those who see the world as it really is lol. I'm no expert at Japanese poetry but I think this might be more accurately labeled a Senryu as it concerns people not nature. But whatever the label, a lot said in so few words.....................stan

My mistake. I shall edit to relable.
Thank you

"Immunity is NOT to FEEL the miseries of the other nations."

author comment

the old cultures..the myth based oral tradition ones
regarded madness as something of a gift
There would be moments of lucidity
and suggestion that would convert confusion
fear and indecisiveness into an action
and order even if it was a reductive cause
or something that created and aperature of
growth and understanding

There are today so many labels and medicines
created by a still rather infantile system of
understanding towards mental illness

it is foolhardy to think we as humanity can
truly understand our mapping and concepts
of what reality perception and intelligence is..

Ive been on the road...Ive seen the most
basic and internally complex and intricate
people come up with "keys" for intense

I like that I am learning what Senryu
is and Hiaku again!

Thank You!

Seems you know a lot Esker. Thanks for the add.

"Immunity is NOT to FEEL the miseries of the other nations."

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A well written Senyru, would be good to see you in the Renga group that Barbara has going we are on our fourth Renga and it is fun,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Ian T. for. reading. I'll. try to visit the renga thread soon.

"Immunity is NOT to FEEL the miseries of the other nations."

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