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The Rotting Ballerina

"Shall we dance" you ask me
"You never dance with us".
"I am already dancing, can't you see ?
I 'm a clockwork ballerina
spinning around myself,
I 'm a porcelain doll
rotating around the sun
in my white tutu
I dance
in my pink leotard
I swing
my wedding dress
around the sun,
I age,
with every spin,
I 'm dying
every minute
every day
to the tune of Time
I fade
to the rhythm of death
drawing vicious circles
around myself
around the sun
I spin eternally
I melt eternally
under the sun
a wax-woman
walking on the sun
in my white tutu
in my wedding dress
pieces of flesh
I dance eternally
rotting with every spin
in my white tutu
I 'm a skeleton
in my funeral dress
in my music box
a rotting ballerina
in my music coffin
a clockwork doll
with every move
with my teary eyes
I watch you
in the mechanical ballet
of life
of the inevitable
a dance of bones
winder toys parade
a ball of shades"
"I am the rotting ballerina"
"shall we dance"
I ask you...

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
English is my second language, maybe third. :-)
Editing stage: 


It disturbs and pleases which is a good reaction. Thank you for sharing

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