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As my eyes dim

Tendrils of being
filigree off my frame,
a blossoming hope
now reigned in, tamed.

Powerful yearnings
deep in my gut,
I've had to let go
his door is shut

I remember his birth
him smiling a frown,
sweet smells powder
and snow to rain down

Riding his bike
for the first time,
arms outstretched
I'm in the sublime

Glittering laughter
he brought into my life,
tear filled giggles
and hitting the heighths

Playing his game
with passion and power
running so hard
training hour to hour

Watching from sidelines
I cheered with my heart,
that boy was so gifted
pride ripped me apart

These are moments
that dance in my soul
when I close my eyes
I let them unfold

There won't be a day
that I won't miss him,
my precious moments
I hold, as my eyes dim.

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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Hello to all my old friends. It's been a long time. This one's simple to kinda get me back into the swing of things. It's been a rough year. I don't normally write rhyme. But this one's especially written in that format for my bros Gee & Stan <3 it's nice to be home. P.S. be gentle I'm finding my words again.
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Not Explicit Content


you make my eyes dribble
no where do I stand?
Do read my poem


Jess went by and so many from other sites
You are still here Serendipity
Oh what a pity
you forgot the oldest of Neos
Loved then now Lovedly (technically)
Please recall me
tho you 50 and I plus 82 be

took a second read before I figured out this was about Jess. I think he would have liked it

I think it is one of your best! I also was astounded to see it in rhyme! I will say no more about where this comes from, as it is up to you. One little, tiniest crit. You have an extra [h] in heights! Love and higgest bugs. ~ Bro.

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Thank you for sharing -- extremely moving...

This is hardly a critique
any way her morale you raise now don't erase
read my latest

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