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Mirror Me ROSE (Actual Title)

Remember the rose
so remember
a rosy mirror

remember the rose
a symbol of life

Youth shrivels away
as one comes of age
I pass away from this page

Remember me as a lovely anonymity everlasting
as does a rose symbolize it
for the human being
past present and future
for generations gone and those yet to seed

the rose alone never dies
as in pages of books it always lies
as a hall mark of time
so remember
the garden of life says so
and of beauty symbolises roses

so remember the ones
the good ones of times
when roses given to you were
from the lovely garden of mine
the ones of heaven on earth
we prepare from birth
to don a rose
ere one is born
till one does die

rose will always standby
as a sweet fragrance of
awesome perfume
I spread

you will still feel it swipe across your face
your nostrils and each time it happen shall trace

lovely poet shall come alive
a rose in hand for each one of you
as time bails on to the folds of eternity
this Maestro will forever stand beside
the rose Sir and Ma’am
a Rosie mirror
true reflection
of an everlasting reflector

a rosy mirror simply reflects
the surface
depth is measured by one’s eye
don't feel shy
we all are worthy creatures of nature
we only mirror

Feel the essence of the individual
all are silent observers
is what one can only spell

(1309 plus loved it
Remember the symbol of
My life
is a Rose
as an immortal one
as anonymity never dies
It lives on like a rose
Lovely poet yet unknown
to any and so shall for ever be)

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


what a rosy mirror is! Nice sentiments, but that rosy mirror bugs me. ~Geezer.

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