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Little Knots of Yellow

The accelerator squeals
like an excited teenage fan
decelerating up the hill
all shrill and grating

Then the inward gasp
of childish awe
spread underneath
the tarmac ribbon crest
of Bradford's undulating sprawl

Through misty drizzle
little knots of yellow lights
sparkling beams of safety
in the dark swathes
scrunched up bundles
of grey woolpack hills

Northern Lights in vaulted skies
Northern electric lights
in pitiless winter washes

Welcome home
to knots of lantern sanctuary
Welcome home
daughter of the Shires

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
A memory of seeing the twinkling lights of a northern British town sprawling over hills in mid-winter.
Editing stage: 


On windy roads with valleys filled with lights below me
Lovely words

Thanks, glad you liked it. Miss those dark satanic hills...sheep country, houses all crammed along hillsides. Don't miss the rain or cold though!

Ells ;)

author comment

Don't know what I'd do if all the towns/cities switched off their neon seeing them twinkling at night especially from a high vantage point so they look like a carpet of stars. Terrible waste of energy though!

Mrs C x

author comment
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