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A Killer Halloween...

Darkness lies upon the land
like a chill and clammy hand
No breath does stir, nor fill a breast
Icy cold grips your chest

Eyes strain to see, familiar sights
here on this eve, this hallowed night
Whispers of my victims' voices
ask me why; they were my choices

You were deserving, I holler out
The graven-stones repeat the shout
Now the lonely windy sigh
makes me scream in reply

You did all those nasty deeds
and on your body I did feed
You are now and here immortal
I say to them and I chortle

You were tasty, such recipes!
And it didn't hurt to hear your pleas
Mercy, asked; Please spare me now
Oh no, said I; I've made a vow

To cleanse the earth of scum like you
I am Killer, that's what I do!
As I chew your flesh, I'll reminisce
see your bloody face, at this Killer's kiss

I told them all, I don't regret
those tasty dishes I have et
I left them to their own devices
and came to party with the nicest

Now let's sing, come dance with me
Let us praise our victories
You are right where you belong
Come on folks, let's sing a song

I made finger-food for you to eat
Long-pig is the favored meat
Jellied eyeballs, veal of bitch
Don't eat too much; it's so rich!

We'll celebrate, eat all this stuff
I'm sorry, but the steaks are tough
They got a little over-done
Not so rare, as you like them, “Hon”

But I've got sausage, spicy-hot
just see what else, that I have got
Scrambled brains on toast is great
Bet they're best you ever ate

Bloody Mary's, Zombies, ale
Come on son, you look pale
Don't fall down, we'll think you're dead
Stay alert, to keep your head!

One less guest leaves here tonight
Just disappearing from our sight!
No one knows just where he went
After all, we all were bent!

But in the smoke-house, curing there
hangs a red-head by the hair
How he got there no one knows
Guess that's just the way that it goes

Well the dawn is coming, and the soiree's over
Stan is howling now, a little bit like Rover
Leash him now, take him out to pee
Tomorrow, I'll set him right for free

Nice to see you Cat and our Anna Too
Lon, a Britty girl, by the name of Lou
Moon Man ate his fill, said he had to run
Wonder if he knew, he missed out on the fun

I saw an Elf, Seren, was there
Hooded Stranger sans the hair
The whole old gang, threw magic spells
We trashed the room and raised Hell

The Queen of Norway, Ian too, had left us early on
They said to say hello to you, hoped your costumes won
Drinks defying a description, spilled upon the floor
Scraps of food destruction, lay writhing by the door

This party was a big success, I really had a ball
I'm hoping that, this here mess, doesn't bother Paul
We sang old tunes with some glee
We read the runes, drank Daiquiris

Now I'm all tuckered out, I must be getting old
I hear the fading, boisterous shouts, the sky is turning gold
Black shadows cross in relief, against the coming dawn
They wave and yell, goodnight my friend, as I start to yawn

I'll mop the floors and clean the yard, maybe in the morn
Cans of Coors, we partied hard, eating candy-corn
Sticky stuff, I don't want to know, stains the tablecloth
I think that one, from cousin Joe, eating all those moths

Goodnight my friends, glad you came, this fete was really great
I'm worn out, don't know my name, must be because it's late
So closes out another night, I'm going off to bed
I close my eyes against the light, and hold my aching head

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of the rhythm or pattern or pacing?
How does this theme appeal to you?
How was the beginning/ending of the poem?
Last few words: 
This is something that I did a few years back when most of the people named were still here at Neo. I ran a chat-room then and there is a reference to some of the chat-room activities when the chat devolved into a free for all. For those of you not named, you were there in spirit, if not in actuality. I tried to rework it a little, so that the pacing resembles the old style of oratory, with the pace and rhythm varied to meet the content. Hope you enjoy the party!
Editing stage: 


More gleefully fun this write!
raised on horror
I enjoy

the Human animal escapade
the human minds myth dark parade

enjoy "Goodbye Horses" set to Lecters
movie..and other covers..
Depp in the Ripper movie
River's Edge
and the realities of madness
Donner Pass
the BC pig farmer
(during that investigation they
asked anyone buying sausage
to bring what they had left in
to test for human DNA)
I like that the character of "Killer"
is evolved and works on principles
of Ideals then mere organized or
disorganized mayhem!
Method to his Madness

A more complex poetry work
from this series..

Thank U Geezer!

Mr Wolf!

those kinds of stories. I watch a lot of those reality-cop shows and try to visualize the horror of the victims and the rage of the murderer. Can't quite do it though. It seems to me that there is something missing in those people that murder. I think you might call it empathy or the human connection. I quit hunting many years ago and now can only imagine killing pests. Maybe that's how killers view their victims? As pests? Hmmmmm. I guess Killer sees his victims in that kind of perspective. You're right, Killer has evolved from the opportunistic and savage killer to a man with purpose. Thank you Mr. Wolf!

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author comment

always rewiring itself from damage physical or the emotional trauma
a lot of the true killers....(I knew a few inside and out...the ones served
time) they think differently then others..their dimension of the world
is not like the all! Head traumas....drug use...alcoholism
all these often show themselves in disregard for others feelings..
Minds literally get warped by the poison and its been shown that
head trauma seems to trigger off a violence in behaviour...
But all this shows in people....U can spot them a mile away and why
they are dangerous put in power of trust concerning other citizens
Why they must be monitored or removed to keep the Harm impact
down! cruel sadism via physical acts or intimidation are rampant
how bullying is affecting todays youth and why an unrelenting bully
can cause people to commit suicide....Maybe Killer is a way of
the world righting itself like the wolves do to keep the system
strong....we are polluted today with a world that lets the weaker
pick on the vulnerable....but oh there are systems run by many
of the persona of Killer alive and well out there with international
ties....the bright are bored I always say..always needing a righteous
and just cause.....Man is a hunter...but the best men and women
are those hunting for the good causes...sickness must be culled
I like the persona of Killer!
he looks after the bullies...which are basicallly abusers!
who are basic cowards....

excellent poetry series on this one Geezer!

Your Friend

Mr. Wolf. I do believe that you are right. I think that Mother Nature has her ways of balancing things out. Looking at the relationships of different types of people, you see many that are totally different in many respects, Shy and timid ones with bold and brassy, skinny little people and big and brawny
Witness the sudden onslaught of disease amongst certain animal populations [such as the rabies in raccoons a few years back, when they became overabundant]. Yes, Killer sees the bullies as a plague on humanity. I try hard to see that he only culls the most dangerous and hardened criminals. He knows that it is not feasible to keep them all in prison and even harder to keep tabs on them if returned to society, therefore he eliminates them. And what better way to see that they are not a total waste of space by eating them! Thanks for your insight and comments. they are always appreciated. ~ Gee.

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author comment

I think that being over 55 gives one a different perspective on such antics. Many of us see it as
G.D T.F. [Giving Death the finger]. I still ride my motorcycle as much as I can [and various other activities] that are deemed dangerous. [ I am 68 yrs. young]. I wish that I had a funeral carriage and Headless Horseman costume. They would surely be on display during this great holiday! I drive taxi a couple of days a week and I have pens that look like hypodermics and the customers love it! Can't dress in a costume, so I wear my motorcycle jacket and leather hat and look menacing! Glad you enjoyed the write! ~ Gee.

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to show.

author comment

Not over the top....a creative wow!
Sleepy Hollow by Burton a classic!
horse drawn hearse....always never
out of style....Watched "Gangland Undercover"
and Sergeant of Arms "Doug" gets blown
away by the mexicans...The funeral run
to the cemetary is pulled by a three wheeler
chopper hooked to an eighteen hundred
style glass wagon black Hearse trailer!
So social imagery and media..Game of
Thrones..Vikings..your halloween theme
would be bang on!

Geezers poems are excellent as Poes
during the turbulent times of his era
and ours!
and Public writing then was dark
and loved by the fanbase!

for those that may not know
There is a Writer during the turn
of the century like Poe called
H.P. Lovecraft! an excellent
writer! long before Stephen King
and Peter Straub...Anne Rice etc!

Thank U!
Mr Wolf!

the high praise! Mr.Wolf, I can't imagine being in the same class as those you mention, but I will accept your accolades. I am hoping that my cold will be better enough to make it to an open mike night at a local bar and restaurant. I will recite this poem and if I get half as much praise and applause for it I will be ecstatic! Get this, the name of the place is called Pinhead Susan's. LOL I do know of H.P. Lovecraft and have read his stuff. You are right, very good reading! Thanks again, ~ Gee

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author comment

this poetic effort of my favorite holiday is simply genius! I do, I do, I do remember that "chat room adventure" it was wonderful, to say the least!!! I think that Killer and eddy styx would get along very well, as eddy has evolved a bit too :) thank you for posting this treat!!!

*hugs, Cat
*ever, eddy

When you fling poo, some of the stink sticks to you!

"The Book of Styx" can be ordered and purchased on line at:

I am sad to say that Lou was having a very bad time. the last I heard from her we communicated by snail mail. she sent me a lovely gift...a polished touchstone of rose quartz. :) she hasn't been on-line, to my knowledge for over a year. I will send her a holiday card and letter soon.

*hugs, Cat

When you fling poo, some of the stink sticks to you!

"The Book of Styx" can be ordered and purchased on line at:

my regards. I miss communicating with her and seeing her writes. So sorry to hear that she is doing so poorly. ~ Gee.

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to show.

author comment

I will send her your regards...I know how much she loved your poetry! I hope you know it too. especially your darker stuff, LOL!

*hugs, Cat

When you fling poo, some of the stink sticks to you!

"The Book of Styx" can be ordered and purchased on line at:

Geezer, I truly enjoyed 'meeting' Killer! He pens one hell of a well conceived & ghoulish poem. I must admit my stomach is feeling a bit squeamish at the moment, but it's all good. You have created some very strong images that I'm hoping don't give me nightmares tonight , but even if they do, it's ok cos your poem was worth the read! Your rhyming is spot on and the whole thing reads very smoothly! Please don't be insulted if I prefer not to try any 'jellied eyeballs or scrambled eggs on toast,' it has nothing to do with your cooking abilities!
Great poem! Thanks for sharing!


the read and comments. I'm glad you liked Killer and the party. I read it at an open mike night at a local establishment with a small crowd and had a good response. They seemed to like Killer and asked if I had more. I wasn't expecting to have any more time than what I had and didn't bring any more poems, so I had to say no. I did feel like I would be welcome to bring more work in and do some more so...Maybe in the near future Killer will be loosed again! Not all of Killer's stuff has such a humorous tone to it and things get kind of graphic at times, but that's part of his charm. Thanks again, ~ Geezer.

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to show.

author comment

I think it's great that you have to guts to read you're poetry at an open mike night. I don't think I could handle that! I've never been comfortable reading out loud in general, and to share my poetry like that, well I'm a bit too insecure! So, I salute you and think you should do more of it since it sounds as though you were so well received!
And by the way, Happy Thanksgiving!

Best wishes,


I had my wife there and a couple of friends and I think that I was more afraid of letting them know how afraid I was. Kinda like I shot off my mouth before really thinking about it and then had to go through with it! LOL Glad I did it though and maybe after the holidays and the tension in my life has lessened, I will try it again. Happy Holidays! ~ Geezer.

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to show.

author comment
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