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I greet the night like an old friend
along with the full faced moon.
With neither need I pretend.
Old bones insist I sit down soon.

So I shamble to a place
where I can sit against a tree
and absorb the peace and grace.
Where I can relax and simply Be.

Full moon illuminates this hill
supplying shadows soft and dim
and in these woods soft and dim
imagination comes on a whim.

Silence seems to give its way
to quiet whispers in the dark.
They murmur past but never stay
beneath the stars cold and stark.

I yawn and soon drift off to sleep
and dream of a jumbled city
where both the rats and people creep
on concrete trails hard and gritty.

Beneath a flickering street light
I found I'm with the shuffling crowd;
dealers and pimps in plain sight.
They place around as if they're proud.

While the addicts and sex toys
cower with deep shrunken eyes
cringing from the air and constant noise
in a world they've come to despise.

Grafitti without a trace of art
along with gas fumes assault teary eyes.
Of this invisible mass I'm now a part.
A car's backfire takes me by surprise.

And wakens me from this nightmare
and returns me to paradise.
I'd rather be here than anywhere.
All I observe pleases my eyes.

No choke of fumes, no dead brown grasses
no ringing ears or chain link fence,
no crush of downtrodden masse
just the sound of peace...and silence.

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Structured: Western
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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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Not Explicit Content
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