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hIs first love

Body is her temple
out in the lonely wilderness
limited to a forest
she runs away from me
as I want to steal
she knows it 'tis lovely
giving her temple unto me
my love is hers only

let it in the wilderness be
I love her
as she alone is the embodiment of a temple
in a lovely young woman
a love for me

I will pray for her happiness
as I tickle the bells
and she returns the same
with my galls
as we all visit temples
ring about making heavenly sounds
long ones we bang more
and 'tis for sure
she will from me now run away no more

she is my love
my temple she knows
so her lights though rosy cheeks and lovers lips blow
the essence of love
we call fragrance
you may call it incense

She is my temple
all now know
coming into me from her wilderness
pure willingly and with glee
coming now towards me

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


Bukowski worked for the post office..
a grinding routine...but once he started
to get recognize he flung off that life
and dug in full time to the decadent
world of excess...His groupies he loved
and they loved him..Proudly he posed
with his young lustful trophy women
who sought him out! a true Bohemian
not unlike the elite class with their
special clubs and gathering places
too trade and pleasure!

it is human this love of excess

like the Sultans....eventually the women
from behind the scenes created a world
of art and trade and business
in culture and structures...

many worshipped the femminine powers
for their beauty and intellect
the muses of the day
and to this day!

thank U for a poem about the
wonders of such!

resting all these years
in slumber
I don't know how many
you have fished today
hope I will be able to repay
some day

about the great poets you talk about
I have heard
but read none

author comment

I found them all on my own...
via the internet and my inquisitive mind
No...Elf showed me Bukowski
actually other great creative minded
shared all other poets...

Ocar Wilde the flamboyant author
is pretty damned good
so is Rimbaud the eclectic frenchman
both were very happy men
living it up and writing much
both adored

I shall keep diggin in the old
treasure of Undiscovered Gold here
on good ol Neo!
thank U!

Ocar Wilde the
flamboyant author
is pretty damned good

yes he was unique
in many ways
all say but he was
a great SOLE
POET one of a kind!

author comment
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