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Healing Hands

When you touch me softly and gently,
All my problems disappear physically and mentally,
Your touch first starts at my spine,
It lets me know everything is fine,
Your touch lets me feel loved,
Like a higher power sent you from above,
Your voice is so sweet, so gentle,
You give me reason to be kindle,
The first time we touched,
I no longer felt the Clutch,
You have the power of Healing Hands,
For this I know you have many fans.
Written by: Trey Jones
For my Baby Girl that melts my pain away: Nichole Natalie I love you with all my being.

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Direction): 
[This option has been removed]
Last few words: 
Read it like your have just been touched for the first time by the love of your life and you can't forget about it. Read it as if your in love and always will be till the end of time its self. Read it with care in your heart. Read it like it's your own. Read it like your care, or don't read it at all. This came from my heart for the girl I love most.
Editing stage: 


It took me a while to see the connection with love. I thought it was more about redemption, by a deity of some kind.

"You give me reason to be kindle"

I thought this line was off.

"You give me reason to kindle" sounds better in my ear. Not the best, mind you, but I just feel the 'be' is quite awful.

I'd like to know why you capitalized "Clutch" and "Healing Hands". What makes them so important to the poem...and to your life?

I don't get the very last line of the poem. It doesn't fit with the rest of it, (unless you explain it to me. I just don't see it)

On the whole, this is pretty simple and straight forward. Welcome to Neopoet. :D

No verse is free for the man who wants to do a good job. - TS Eliot

Firstly welcome to Neopoet, and I hope your stay with us is good for both.
I notice in your profile, that comments are not really welcome to your poems, and as this is a workshop type of site (One of the best there is) then it would be better for you to revise your profile so that we can work with you on many things..
Not sure what to do about this piece, it has a good theme, and being a Spiritualist I do carry out healing in that way on the odd occasion, as it is taught in their ways.
I shall wait for your reply to any comments before saying more,
Yours Ian.T

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So find more reasons to believe in others..

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