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THE FLYING MR P.[President]

Every now and then he jets off
sometimes for a mere cough
he flies for the 'interest' of the nation
this we watch in hunger on television
since inception into office
he jets abroad without notice.

The puzzling part is this
he gains nothing from his trips
despite spending tax payers money
isn't that funny?
He lashed at former Mr P
of squandering every dime and pin.

He made millions of promises
that till date he still dismisses
I got nothing against Mr P
I'm just allergic to treason
Betraying our trust is treasonable
and we are disillusioned for this reason.

Apart from the fact that he flies
his government is prone to lies
believing we can forever be fooled
since they're unintelligent bulls
their loyalists are fanatics
and sentimental hypocrites!

I supported at first
when for 'a change' we thirst
thinking he is the messiah we expected
but as predicted,
most old robbers in the party
flowed into the new party.

Please someone answer me
'cos I'm at sea
what will old robbers bring to a new table?
so aged and incapable
they all joined the new party
and I died inside
my heart was broken
words were spoken
yet he they all congregated at the round table for a meal
To plan and to steal.

Every time he flies with his ministers
wasting millions in the face of disaster
disasters that happen every day in the nation
ye no concrete solution
Mr P is clueless
and vision less
our country just drifts aimlessly
and endlessly.

Within two years of inception
everything has gone the nation
food stuff prices are beyond reach
yet the government shamelessly preach
transport fare keeps skyrocketing
school fees keeps rising
yet salaries remain constant
fuel price rises this instant
as I bask in this rhyme
at this time.

Oh Nigeria!
why so unlucky with your leaders?
that rapes and exploit with bags of leather?
other countries outgrew her economically
infra structurally
In everything positive.
We pray and hope for a messiah
more than ever before.

Editing stage: 


Firstly I understand and respect your politics. After all, look at the jackass we have in the USA!
Keep in mind the difference between Poetry and Poetic Narrative. Poetry (of which there are as many definitions as there are Poets!) is not so much photograph of facts and reality, as your work is. It may be filled with rage and satire, but this is a "political speech" using a poetic looks like a poem, it will read like poem as a result of rhyme, It is of course "a poem" but that does not make it "poetic" Its is filled with facts (all of which are justified, but that's not the point)
To achieve poetry you must enter into the world of the imagination. Use symbolism to create a political some use animals in personification of real people, for example...use images that are not directly the facts but bring out the injustice...use a language "within" the language to express your thoughts...this is poetry.
In the end, your generation due to it's ability to be a global community has the best chance of all the relic centuries to finally change the world.
Look at Maya Angelou, a great poet, very respected here who as a black woman rages at the inequalities...but she creates a magic though using the craft of poetry and raises here work to a very high level.

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

I read it
just coz today I am free and slightly ill

to me it appeared as a rant really
hardly any poetry
Hope the poet does realise
P's have to run an enterprise
the poet must also poetise
and say how
to show he is also wise
this sadly appears to be
only an isolated poet's cries
may be that's only my surmise

I am grateful

author comment

I appreciate. I write from my feelings. And hope to create much imagery and symbols next time.

author comment
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