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Failure Is Success

'There's no shame in falling or failing, but
The shame arises if you can't rise above it.'*1

To fail or not to fail is the question
That drives humanity to lunacy.
In our desire to succeed, we embrace the perception
Of failing as a way to demoralize our inconsistency

In achieving our set goals, in the right
Time-frame, that may set us up for forsaking
The dereliction of our purposes in light
Of our inability to surmount processing

The defeat of a step in the process
Of reaching our ultimate goals
That make "(We) always pass
Failure on (our) way to success" that enables

Us to attain its idolatry that promoted
Via all media and social media as
The ideal that is necessary to have conquered
The unobtainable, not through sedulous

Organized work ethic, but through
Marketing on social media, that's trendy.

*1. Mickey Rooney

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And take on the measures of failure and success. It reads more like a speech, a good one albeit, rather than a poem. Perhaps adding descriptive language to create images of how failure is success and working on rhyming and flow would make this read easier and more poetic. If you are trying to make a connection between social media and failure/success, perhaps using that theme throughout the whole piece and not just at the end would bring consistency as well. I'm curious to see where this goes if you choose to rework it. there is much potential in the concept.


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