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DON'T CRY BABY (Reviewed)

Don’t Cry Baby
let tears not come into your eyes
wash them away
don’t cry
just for me today

I want to see love in your eyes
Rose’s, tulips and daffodils
with the fragrance of my love

O why do you cry
I'm living and still kicking
O babe don’t cry
wipe out the tear
from your eye

I am still alive

why fear of what docs say
they have to calm you
one day
so here as I sing for you
just stand by

hold my hand
press it hard
so I’ll know you love me so

O baby don’t cry
for me just smile
as I stay longer
just long enough
to stay with you for a while
just to see your
glamorous smile

O love don’t cry
in peace let me die

I am here for you
Many years since gone

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
I just saw a you tube millions of views ..we all get just one or two So I composed this poem O babe for you
Editing stage: 


pretty much the same content of 90% of all the songs we listen too, or as Paul put it so well
"pretty little love songs...what's wrong with that, i'd like to know..."
Nothing is wrong with that, I listen and sing along too, but in truth it doth not engaging poetry make.
Popular song is mostly about the melody, the performance, the sound. As far as treating the lyrics with any reverence...not too often presented. Most love songs are transparent, like this, and that's fine. But I prefer your more engaging poetry on this poetry site. Poems with imagery and imagination.
The only line the singer will have difficulty with is "here still am I" ..a bit awkward.
Hope some musician picks this up. As the song deals with love and death, it would probably be a hit!

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

yes I had said so
it's my maiden song.....(removed it later as none came to salvage me)
Thanks for the hope
gregwa8 only may..

...Hope some musician picks this up...
and surely he can amend the awkward part you have clearly specified .
Some one do give this one a chance as a song

author comment

you made me smile
it is not hard
now i ask of you
a harder task
write up something,
try to make me laugh
but please don't die
do hang around
without you the Neopoet
will be too blank and boring


you make my dying day .....
as you make me live
another lovelier day

smile to the glory of life
be happy and feel lucky
if you are someone's
lovely wife

he must be admiring you
your contagious smile
don't let it make you die
as you laugh
with shivering joy

so all your while
blush and simply smile

I say you must
I just woke up to the sweet smile
I secured
my spouse lured
I forgot to die once more
you make me laugh
when you say
I'm heart of neo
poor Lovedly
oooo O

author comment

Good morning to you too.

Yes, let's live another day my friend
We never know what

It carries in its pockets
Perhaps a bit of summer rain,
Pancakes, and book of Rilke's poems.

Let's live another day.
No matter what it keeps for us
There will be always surprise for those
who waits for it and wants it



dobridenh =GM

in summers rain
people dance
its warm and pleasant

have a good poetic performance
a little this
a little that
of summer's prance

I like humour
don't u

author comment
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