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These balustrades are sick and dizzy
and ring still with the echoes of your falling
its distance and symmetry
Your mouth a stripped accordion
teeth strewn on marble like crushed chalk

I was away drilling doll catheters in place,
sweating nightmare goo in memory foam
the revolving chambers fired in dream soil
by leashed lobsters missing their daytime naps

and this through crack smoked hour glasses,
smeared motel keys, the rhizome fields of gag teeth
knocking in the slipping galleys of our plight

And here now we are wound bits
of motion sickness, moons in staring clocks,
Radio Flyers filled with Garbage Pail Kids rolling
over limbo borders, incinerated in their rearviews

And now these burning deja vu treaties,
these 3:00am tin masses sweated like a rain
dancer's dream, beads filled in a chalice
and dribbling alien spunk on woven pillows

white out for Heraclitean growth in reverse
for the tawny arrangements made in ouija coffins,
the ascetic birdsong of graveyards

the hidden gag laughter still knocking, and yes.....
the hidden gag laughter still knocking, and yes.....

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


I don't know what this
poem means but it feels
great reading out loud


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