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An October night in sixty seven
and into the fairground parking lot.
This teenage boy feels he's in heaven
(or at least he has a shot)

Around the truck to open the door
for his sweetheart (his future wife)
whose tennis shoes scrape on the floor
as the hormones all run rife.

The tickets paid and through the gate
and the havoc of the fair
the barkers calling "LEARN YOUR FATE!"
No way to see everything there.

So we start with guess your age and weight
and we both win to our surprise.
Young and in love's really great.
Her green eyes seem to mesmerize.

Then onward to at least six rides
where their motions toss our hair
and mash us to each other's sides
as we laugh and scream and just don't care.

She blushes as we pass the girlie show.
I hardly give the thing a glance
because I have my love in tow
as on the asphalt our feet dance.

Next to come the contests tent.
We both know others who have entered.
Brother's picture of an oak tree dead and bent
with red setting sun well centered.

He, we see, has won first prize!
Other friends have won in Ag exhibits.
Soon we left the tents with blazing eyes
to see which games would be hits.

And all the time the sights and sounds
the colors, textures and aromas
assaulted us as we made the rounds
listening to all the fuss.

Then came the tunnel named for love
and in the dark as we went through
with naught but canvas up above
I stole myself a kiss to two.

Then we saw the time had left
and we better grab a bite to eat.
so we got a couple of corn dogs
and cotton candy for a treat.

I did not propose on that night
but I knew there'd never be another
who I'd want to hold so tight
and with my love almost smother.

We had to stop on the way home
the corndogs didn't set too well
so we fertilized a woods' deep loam.
Seldom since have I felt so swell.

The fairgrounds were sold about 5-6 years ago and then the fair stopped coming © 21 hours ago, Stan Holliday rhyme

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Structured: Western
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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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Not Explicit Content


wHy In CaPs

But sometimes it takes more than a few lines to tell a tale.The capitalization are to reflect the barker yelling

author comment

good to make people smile

author comment

This is really beautiful. I love when you share your memories of your wife. Your love to me in word has never wavered and those memories next to flesh and blood, well they are really the most precious thing we hold or have.

I've told a couple of people that the next three weeks I wont be able to offer much more than attaboys and corrections. Before I used to spread myself thin trying to help everyone. Now im going to limit myself to poems I think I can be off assistance too. I actually think I can help with this one. I saw your message on my poem I will get back to you shortly I'm just roaming around having a read and seeing what there is I can maybe help with. I have missed you guys. Take care.

Love and hugs J xxx

("Always and Forever") - (Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein)

It is good to have you back in whatever capacity. And I know I could use some help......maybe even in poetry lol

author comment

Pmsl !!!! Ok maybe we could all use some help. But ive already copied this to paper and ive been playing with it. Never taking away from your inimitable style.

Love Sis xxx

("Always and Forever") - (Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein)

STYLE? I didn't know I had one.

author comment

I'd know your poetry anywhere. I walked those fields I've sat back and watched you shoot in my mind. I miss that the gun laws in this land changed so much for this country peoples. We ate what we killed. Even if it was meat for the dogs. Some people think its horrific. Horrific it hearing how your neighbiur cant pay his bills. His kids shoes have been resoled so many times they look like platforms. Kangaroos and wild pigs do so much damage. That steak they are eating in the city they havent got a f&%king clue.

Sigh back to your style. My Brother I have walked with you so many times. How could I not know you and your style

Love Sis xxx

("Always and Forever") - (Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein)

Ya'll managed to vote in people who disarmed you. Perhaps in a future election you can rid yourselves of this scourge. But I am always glad to have you beside me when I roam about like a nimrod lol

author comment

I love this poem so much. I've still got the book and the suggestions I had for it. Life sucks sometimes. I read you often you know. I silently stalk around lol shhhhhh

("Always and Forever") - (Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein)

The ghost in my machine huh? I was wondering who kept on putting "bugs" in it lol

author comment

Dear Stan, this is a lovely description of you and your future wife, when young and free. I also think it's a bit too long, but you have had such a rich life I guess it's difficult to be brief. Perhaps make it two poems?
The title, content, rhythm pacing are fine. I'll have to return to take in all the beauty of your poetry. All the best, Gracy

"My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies; fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die, I can fly, my friends.” – Freddie Mercury

Might not believe it but I already cut this short lol. I left out the motorcycles in the cage, the music show and many other things. Thanks for dropping by.......stan

author comment
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