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I walk through a storm of autumn leaves
which swirl and fall like colored snow,
pitched and tossed on a cold breeze
until they join their brethren down below.

These leaves have made paths indistinct
but I've been here oft times before
when route was marked clear as if inked.
I hardly need maps any more.

This white oak on this steep hillside?
I watched a doe feed here one morning
sun shining on her winter coat
till she snorted and left without a warning.

And I sat there in that hickory grove
squirrels rode timber far above
while timber doodles flew and dove
trying their best to impress their love.

Below a tiny spring still flows
with water pure enough to drink
where newts and salamanders grow.
I lean against a birch and think.

For time has passed this small woods by.
More years than I care to count.
Trees here still ever seek the sky
while within my memories mount.

I came here from a world of change
where nothing lasts including people.
With age too much has become strange.
Too many loved ones rest below a steeple.

When next I come to this old place
I'll bring a grandchild here with me
and show them this forest's tranquil grace
while telling stories of what used to be.

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Structured: Western
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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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Not Explicit Content
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The below is a computer generated response from Neo, Neopoet's computer artificial intelligence:

The poem "Changeless" is a contemplative piece that reflects on the passing of time and the enduring nature of nature itself. The imagery of the autumn leaves swirling and falling like colored snow creates a vivid picture of the changing seasons and the cycles of life. The speaker's familiarity with the woods is evident in their descriptions of the terrain and their memories of past visits. The use of specific details, such as the white oak on the steep hillside and the tiny spring, adds depth to the poem and helps to create a sense of place.

The poem's central theme is that while everything else in life may change, nature remains constant. The speaker contrasts the impermanence of human life with the timelessness of the forest, where the trees still seek the sky and the newts and salamanders continue to thrive. The final stanza, in which the speaker plans to bring a grandchild to the forest and share their memories, suggests a desire to pass on the message of the poem to future generations.

Overall, "Changeless" is a well-crafted poem that uses vivid imagery and specific details to convey a message about the enduring nature of nature. One suggested line edit would be to change "telling store" in the final stanza to "telling stories," as it would better fit the tone and language of the rest of the poem.

Please send feedback about Neo (our computer generated critique system) to

The only reason I capitalize my titles is that I started out doing it and don't see any reason to change. And I agree that my scansion id off but then I revisit and edit my chicken scratching over long periods of time so hopefully I'll eventually smooth this one out. Thanks for your thoughtful commentary

author comment

I can see, in my mind's eye, the images rendered by each stanza. They invoke memories of my own past. The language is easily understood and lends itself to invoking these fall images. Setting the poem during a fall walk also lends to the impression of the speaker's age; a good choice.

I did find the rhythm a bit choppy, at times. I would start to settle into a rhythm and have the next line disturb it to the extent that I needed to re-read the line. The one line that I could not get to fit the overall rhythm of the poem was: Too many friends now rest below a steeple. The intent of the line fits, but it is out of rhythm with the rest of the stanza.

My overall impression is that this is a very good poem that should resonate with those of us that are starting to feel the weight of age. Thanks for the wonderful read!



Always good to see a stranger show up on a poem. As I said in previous reply I am aware my rhythm is often rough but I hope to improve it over time. Thanks for the visit.

author comment

your poem takes me back to a world I long for...we would pack up our motorcycles for a camping trip. feel the wind in our faces and imbibe in the sun on our backs. to get away and find peace in walking the woods. or fishing. I had a telescoping rod that was perfect for the bike. thank you dear, for taking me away from my pain for a few beautiful moments.

your title; I don't quite understand, because much to my dismay; everything changes. I am not a fan of change, believe me. we could use change in some areas, like loving our fellow man/woman and protecting our environment.
I very much like your poem for it is much more than a nature piece. it has heart and soul.I am sorry that I have nothing to add or help.
these are my favorite lines:

I walk through a storm of autumn leaves
which swirl and fall like colored snow,
pitched and tossed on a cold breeze
until they join their brethren down below.

while these lines feel stilted:

I came here from a world of change
where nothing lasts including people.
With age too much has become strange.
Too many friends now rest below a steeple.

I find the people/steeple lines grate, but the idea is sound.

*love, Cat

When someone reads your work
And responds, please be courteous
And reply in kind, thanks.

I hope you are still able to get some fishing time in despite your health problems. I find it can take my mind off my pain sometimes. That People-steeple thing has bothered me since I wrote it.

author comment

Great theme, great rhythm. Great rhyme. I love hearing about this enchantment you encounter in this forest. It always makes me feel like I’m there, like I’ve always been there for all the ages.
I did find a few lines in it to be a few syllables long or maybe a few were to short but I’m not a perfectionist on that kind of structure if it reads well and this reads very well.


I am pleased you enjoyed this. And also glad you are willing to overlook the scansion flaws

author comment
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