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cancerous Soul

I’m pouring out my soul
A simple glass wouldn't do

I will intoxicate
Your emotions
Until my tears
Fall from your eyes

I will recite my fears
Until your palms
Feel like they're drowning

Don’t you ignore me
No, you will learn
What’s its like
To wish silence could speak

You will fall to your knees
As if every prayer
Is a missed call
On God’s phone

Yeah these words
Will feel Like knives
Stabbing your heart
Until your blood
Turns into tears
And then slowly
Into ink on a page

Don’t you walk away
No, you will learn
How to hurt
How to trust
And then watch your heart
Become paralyzed
As your soul freezes
And your eyes
Only see darkness

Even then
I won’t stop
I will make your darkness
Into a fire that rages
Your silence will become
A continuing chorus
And your empty soul
Will be a cavern of emotions

Then I will consider us even
You soulless cancer
That has made my compassion
Into a forgetten city
You will pay for every tear
Through my ink
You will be a slave
In your own kingdom

Editing stage: 


and expresses too much pain.Hope it is not autobiographical.
The first stanza is so powerful and sets the theme really well.
I felt that some parts could be culled as less is more, but it is only my opinion.


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words ........Robert Frost☺

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