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Canadian Proud

The maple leaf it do fly,
Waving happily,
On a pole so high.

As the red and white flies,
I reflect,
Of what this country,
Do the best.

In unison we do sing,
Our national anthem,
Like song birds,
In the spring.

We are like the beaver,
So noble and grand,
Building a country,
While saving the land.

The noble moose,
So sturdy and strong,
Protecting the forest,
With a watchful eye on all.

We have the heart of a dove,
And a soul of a bear,
Believing in peace first,
Conflict at the end of the line.

Although we may have our troubles,
May sometimes fight,
But get us in a corner,
We will cause a kerfuffle and unite.

We are proud to be Canadians,
Eager beavers we are true,
Just ask the hawk, the eagle,
And the caribou.

Style / type: 
Free verse
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Not Explicit Content


and your patriotism, but I think that your lines could be tuned up a little to give it a bit more rhythm. I know that you are not uneducated, but you sound as though you are, with lines that say "The maple leaf it [do] fly. Com'on, let's give this work the
dignity that it deserves! Do the best? Really? If you don't want to rhyme, I understand, but you should at least give it a little rhythm. Count the beats and make it smoother. You have the makings of a great poem here, I hope that you will make use of them.~ Geezer.

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of a word is wrong, take the time to write a line or two
and comment. Your fellow poets will thank you!

Eager beavers we are true,
Just ask the hawk, the eagle,
And the caribou.

Nice words these

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