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Birth, Astrology and Postmortem Post Medicine

F actuality of Life
You go to an Astrologer
just once
as you go to an ICU
only after the POSTMORTEM
everything said comes true
ah! you all knew

Nice Astrology and Doctorology
friends coming out from all of you
I have known none here
on any site coming true

Astrology is a time tested
Statistical Data Theory
since formulated 2000 +++--plus minus years away
In Rome cum Egypt

God bless Julius Caesar
and his son
Antonio Augustus
for giving the world the

But then knowledge of
was not as it is today
so now humans can also
now death delay

I was born half dead
the thirteenth child
all docs, except my doc father
said, I shall not live long,
[email protected] 78 plus simple death I long
what is wrong
we all have come
only to die
so read my poetry till I say
Good bye.

Who knows till when
not even heaven...

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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The planets do not rule us
They are merely the hands of a cosmic clock and not easy to read

Never the less they are instruments of fate in my experience

While some fervent in our belief we are own masters

We can not control others
We can not control the powers of location
Are we are not driven by our biases and bio chemistry
We have no situational awareness of coming events so choices are a mere guess

when the planets square
we are constrained

when opposed
swords cross

when trine
we are graced
always we dance to their music

A good Vedic astrologer ( joytish) will give your exit time, but who wants to know?

I have analysed lives based on the ancient Zodiac and after studying over 2000 lives in privacy and confidence have evolved my own ZODIAC
I am the ONLY PERSON ...who can calculate the time of birth of a person... based on life's occurrences and confident QS.
But medicine over rules every thing
You can NOW time a guys death by keeping him in ICU INDEFINITELY . .
I have experienced death, in an accident YEARS AGO
and many other aspects have been studied.
I would have disclosed my thesis, but as you rightly say who wants to know...I Keep toying whether or not I should share my knowledge or not ,before I go.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
My time now is limited.... I have not YET found a person in whom I can invest my knowledge.
But just wait and see
Vedic or not mine is scientific /STATS ONLY

The scientists 2000 years ago had left a store of knowledge
but then one can't rely on stats alone.......
Now Euthanasia has also been accepted .
So we must take care of our own

And you so very rightly say
life's have cycles
Thanks and regards

author comment

Your feedback is appreciated I've been steeped in astrology for 30 years although I would never call myself an astrologer on the other hand a lot of so called astrologers shouldn't either
My experience with standard western astrology is that it is wholly inadequate in that it does not include a host of observable patterns that fill in the karmic narrative Rarely do I see western astrologers use the mid points , dials, asteroids, the cardinal axis, and symmetries, nor the Vedic nakshatras, or arch of stars, tge furthest reaches overlaying the planets which influence the phases of life experience

I respect the hard work you've done. your long life of gathered experience and your life / death experience
While we all die there is something deeply poignant about nearing the edge of ones mortality
I'm right behind you

Best Z

......Rarely do I see them use the mid points , dials, asteroids, the cardinal axis, and symmetries, nor the Vedic nakshatras, or arch of stars over the planets which
the phases of life experience
The charts combined
will give you a better insight
Stars don't influence at all
the stats left behind by ancients reveal TECHNICAL secrets only
SIR as an astrologer I credit you and dare to ask
have you ever been able to forecast the time of one's birth ???
Have you any methodology
I once asked a great Indian astrologer
R U A GEMINI if I may ask...

author comment

.....Rarely do I see them use the mid points , dials, asteroids, the cardinal axis, and symmetries, nor the Vedic nakshatras, or arch of stars over the planets which
the phases of life experience

Thats exactly the point and part of the weakness.

The western system doesnt employ the full dimension of data
Its simply incomplete

The eastern system and western systems are at their very foundations incompatible and yield different outcomes so combining them makes no sense to me ,it would simply corrupt Vedic I've done enough project hindsight to conclude the Hindu system is infinitely more precise

Stars don't influence at all

The very foundations of Vedic astrology are based on fixed stars
Perhaps you would like to read the scholarship of Bernadette Brady on fixed stars and the depth of their influence
or become acquainted with Uranian Astrology which is vastly more dimensional than standard western astrology

As for forecasting the date and time of a birth you will have to enlighten me as to why I would bother, but for that some might consider the mothers chart
However isn't it enough to evaluate the starting point of any human life; its blessings and challenges

Having said that it is said that there is a community of Joytishies who supposedly have charts for any visitor that comes upon them already made so I think they must be capable of anything

Best always Z

More later Have a good day

author comment
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