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Bard of the Bunch

as he sat
eating his buttered toast
and doing the crosswords

listening to the birds
at the backyard feeder
twittering away

some as confident
as a newly signed pop singer
some less so

he wondered if they
had their own

if the feeder
was their water cooler
and some birds
recounted some great battle
from the seventh
or seventeenth century

or perhaps
a well known bird’s
well known sex life

he thought about
how man used to have
only oral traditions

and imagined
the musical meadowlark
as the bard of the bunch

stories passed down
from bird generation
to bird generation

tales that solidified
theirs as
the superior species

origin myths
and bird gods
and explanations
of the sun and the seasons

predator demons
and the gift of grain

and how the lucky ones
got to retire
for good
in Florida

or somewhere
more Southerly

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Interesting thought! If they aren't gossiping, then I don't know what they could be doing so loudly that can't wait until I am out of bed



author comment

Nicely done there's a skill in your writing really made you think. Strange I hear voices coming from the piece really good put together. Thank you for helping us stay close to reality very good work.

For example : "as he sat
eating his buttered toast
and doing the crosswords",
very thought provoking

Mario Vitale


author comment
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