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awaiting for your Grace..for raj....

we were awaiting for your Grace

back to India
your foot prints do trace
its a great boon
some flowers sown in Canada
will bloom soon

ere we err not to water them
when no one is near
but the planted ones
are so very dear

Rise to the occasion
I must add
and flowers would bloom
of that I am glad

you will soon become
a flowery bed
a grand one
at that

raj Bombay/Mumbai
must now be ever so glad......

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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Thank you for this poetic response to my post "Immortal Grace" in stream. I must tell you though that to experience the beauty of Fall season in Canada I have extended my stay by another month. It is indeed pretty beautiful to see the progressive changes in the foliage, especially Maple.


raj (sublime_ocean)

Its a treat to see the changing colours
of trees gardens and foliage
not to mention covering up all areas
exposed by bikinis till so far

then you will be hardly
be able to see even lips
in winter minus 35 wow
freezing you will have to be searching!!!!

author comment


Grace to me is peace
wrapped in a cocoon of love
feeling such bliss
the uplifting of self worth
one that doesn't leads
to arrogance
but one that breeds
gentle kindness
like a mother's caress
on her newborn's skin
it is the gift
that continue to give

Grace is peace
Grace is bliss


moms eye view .

where there is love ....
mum comes first
the children under her shelter
enjoy the security
the love
and trust...
none other ever does
as much as you do first..

author comment
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