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I'm back but still sick, Neopoet will cure me.

But I seem to be myself, I've spent the day writing fairly harsh critiques and enjoying it thoroughly despite the fact my head hurts, my body aches and I can't raise my right arm.

Ah, harsh honest critiques, and one pretty crappy poem are the best therapy!


your permanent


since mostly
as you say


Still I wish
well for thee
accept it
its up to ye


Well I guess I'll need to write a self confessiona love poem set in the woods but told philosophically. That should draw the poisons out of you lmao..........stan


The jolly ol' mischievous, irrepressible elf in you can do no wrong. Wrong.

Jess kidding!


Welcome back! You have been missed. I hope that your health improves on a daily basis. I know how being sick can really piss one off. So bring your stringent self over to my page for another crappy read.

I look forward to reading your work again. Medication or no.

always, Cat (& eddy)

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but you are Crappy
number two,2.
let me the first 1.
some where in my cracked life...


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