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If you don't think you need to know meter, you really do.

I've tried many times with varying degrees of success and abject failure to cover meter. I keep trying because it is the most important tool of our craft, much more important than rhyme. The very first poetry created by humanity came from the rhythmic retelling by Shamans of their trances induced by drumbeat. Well, that's the theory I attempted to prove in my MA Thesis and the examiners approved. It is also a powerful mnemonic aid.

This is going to be simple and I believe very valuable to anyone who doesn't have a strong grip and understanding of meter. It should also be fun because content won't matter, you can play with words and pure nonsense is fine. It only involves writing four four line poems.

Come one come all and let's play at the 'Basic and Essential Meter' workshop.


during the heart of this shop thus I must bow out as a full participant. But I encourage Everybody to join up as meter (and intentional breaking of meter) can be the difference between "poetry" and exceptional POETRY......stan

Probably bribe a nurse to bring a laptop in during surgery.
Whenever you can make it your input is most welcome. I'm going to add you as a participant and bet $3.50 you end up participating.
Best wishes with your medical stuff my friend.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

author comment

should have at least a rydumentary command of metrical verse....unless you;ve lost your glasses

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