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Happy birthday to and love from Libyan Mona!

I spoke to her on the phone today for her birthday and she was delighted! She wishes to express all her love and missing for all her Neopoet friends and appreciates all the support she has received for her country against the UN, NATO and mercenary agents provocateur.

The troubles there have drawn her people closer in support and solidarity and they will never surrender to foreign ideologies that attack their beliefs and want to steal their oil.

Phone contact is still possible, they can make free international calls! But the internet access is still down, she will be back online as soon as possible.

Life there is becoming increasingly hard with trade embargos etc but mostly they are furious about the lies being told about their situation in the internation media. She is frantically busy, as you can imagine, her being a Health Professional.

Send your prayers and speak out in protest!


It is a true relief to hear she is OK. Thank you for sharing this.............stan

The spirit that is the human heart unfolding can not be diminished, every day is a *birthday*.

Love to Mona. Love to you Jess. Love to all, and all to Love.


Happy birthday and the best of life to her. prayers forthcoming.

always, Cat

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