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How to Join Contests and Workshops

Hello everyone, If there is any confusion about how to join our awesome workshops or contests, please see the below instructions for help or feel free to reach out to any advocates or the contest hosts or workshop leaders for assistance.

Finding/Joining Workshops

  1. From the top, dark-colored navigation menu, in the "Workshop" catagory, select "Find a Workshop" to see a complete list of active workshops
  2. Clicking on a workshop's name will take you to the workshop's main page which will include the syllabus, list of participants, list of poem submissions, and the comment section for that workshop
  3. As long as there are open slots in the workshop (based on the syllabus' listed number of participants), and as long as the workshop is still open/running, to join the workshop simply leave a comment in the comment section asking to become a participant and the moderators of the workshop can add you

Participating in Workshops

  1. Workshops consist of two main forms of participation: first is commenting in the discussion in the comment section and second is submitting poems for critique
  2. To submit a poem to the workshop submit a new poem either by navigating to Workshop --> Submit a poem or by navigating to Tools --> Submit Content --> Poem
  3. Enter a poem as you normally would, then before submitting, use the "Workshop" drop-down menu to select the appropriate workshop to submit the poem to. This allows all workshop participants to easily find your poem among all the other poems submitted to Neopoet. Then click Preview and then Save as you normally would.

The same processes are used to submit poems to the current contest, except using the "Contest" menu in the top, dark-colored navigation menu. The main difference is that you do not need to ask to be added to participate in a contest. Just find the current one by navigating to Contest --> Find a Contest. Then write a poem based on the contest instructions. The submit the poem you would like to have judged for the contest and use the "Contest" drop-down menu in the poem submission page to add your poem to the appropriate contest.

If anyone has any additional questions or if these instructions are in any way unclear, please let me know!



We old timers take for granted everybody know how to do these things but that is a mistake......stan

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