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Shining Through

Put your thoughts on hold
As this mirror offers you wisdom
Quit beating yourself senseless

The obstacles you overcame
Still keep most in disbelief
No demon could have its way with you
You threw punches when most would surrender

People told you that you're wasting your time
Still, you kept on the dreaded walk
And now you sulk away in silence
I ‘m calling angels to put another fight in you
I took the last ounce of passion from the heart
And cultivated it into this poem for you

Stop wasting away
Straighten those shoulders for me
Dry those tears from your eyes
Put on those boxing gloves

I know you’ll give them quite the show
Damn it, keep your smiles glowing
I will be in every mirror cheering you on
Even if tomorrow is tainted with sorrow

I am not the one with casual sympathy
I am the one that will stay near
There is no man that can deter you
The only one that can resides within
Now listen to this soul
As it asks you to carry on

Editing stage: 



I have read this twice and it has hit me somewhere deep inside as well. I can not add or subtract anything to this at the moment for it speaks for itself, dare I change one dash as this skips against the stones.

I will be in every mirror cheering you on
Even if tomorrow is tainted with sorrow




author comment

for his critique it really made a difference in this piece

author comment

a wonderful pep talk to the man in the mirror. I think most fail to see the strength in themselves. I read this 3 times. Each time I saw where it could have been worded differently, but not better. no need to fix what ain't broke lol.............scribbler

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