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Try These Shoes

Would you care to try these shoes?
Since you know me so well
The size should be a perfect fit

See, these shoes are not in great shape
They are filled with so many troubles
The type that doesn’t fade away easily

Yes, that overpowering feeling in your chest
With those palms drenched in sweat
Since you know me that well
Well, you shouldn’t be surprised by anxiety

What, is that a blank expression
Now, you know what it is like to be me
Finally the critic has been silenced
Oh the power of this pen
Has left you wheezing

I finally can look in the mirror
And say I love you to my reflection
Well I must give credit where it is deserved
Without you telling me I’m incapable
I wouldn’t have jumped out of my element
And be the one in the room that stood up to you

I know you say that I always needed you
It was actually the other way around
You thought my weaknesses
Would leave me crippled
I’m still here with no crutches

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stopping by

author comment

where do i start to show my condolences for your loss and as a trustee let me say you did a fine job and as a friend dont let them throw you in the mud get them to try your shoes believe me theyll fall before they walk

author comment

great to know that another mountain will be climbed

author comment

I always read your work, whenever I see a new one. It never lets me down. Always worth the read. :)

maverick |ˈmav(ə)rik|
1 an unorthodox or independent-minded person

i cant let down such fine readers and even better friends

author comment

for your time

author comment

You should change the title to "A loose fit", because you have some big shoes that someone would have to fill paul. ;-) Zeus is rather important, you know. :-D

It is such a secret place, the land of tears. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

ths for your time

author comment

i liked the structure of this write wherein the lines build up verse after verse before steadying ...thus creating the effect of an emotional build-up (not outburst)...i don't know if this was intentional...but i perceived it that way...

Try These Shoes is a very reflective title because the essence of h\this poem i believe is "please empathize and understand me"...


raj (sublime_ocean)

glad you liked it thxbfor your time

author comment

DAMN! 'nuff said.......................scribbler

Great work here and image too. Let no man take away that pair of shoes. Or stomp on them for that matter. He who uses feet to walk must cover his feet with boots. The boots that are made for walking. Smile..

Have to rest now from computer. Good to read you once again here Paul


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