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Ecstasy with a Colonel’s Daughter

Ecstasy with a Colonel’s Daughter

Love, Sex and Ecstasy
Are defined in love stories
Of Romeo and Juliet,
Sohini Mahival
Laila Majnu
And so on

They all end in suicide,
But love with a Colonels daughter
Is like living in a fool’s paradise
If in sex you can surmise
in the hidden covers of secrecy,
Blank darkness
Under covers of privacy,
Then alone you shall come to know,
What love is all about!
As my masters voice,
I recall each day.

Some eras have lapsed
Since he did once say


Since aeons passed
Aeons hence
Love never lies,
It lies…


I was never afraid
To die for my country,
As a poet,
A soldier
Nor a bard
As you crown me
I never shall let myself down
Come what may,
A bard
A poet
A soldier
God willing I shall stay
Only in your eyes.


author comment

Loved, I have been very busy when here trying to get my big poem posted (I get to post in The Stream), so I have not been able to read much of the other poets here. This is the first of yours I have read. So I'll just say it again.
Oh my goodness.
You are a marvelous poet. And I don't even like free verse. The turns and twists of language throughout (but especially at the end) are brilliant. The structure is carefully organized and does nothing to interfere with the tale being told. The young girl's voice is crystal clear.
All in all one of the better free verse pieces I've read and I've slogged through a lot of them.
See you on your other posts over the next couple of days.

W. H. Snow

A poet is a nightingale, who sits in darkness and sings to cheer its own solitude with sweet sounds. Percy Bysshe Shelley

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This piece of poetry
was just an off the cuff comment
on ayaz warith's poem
colonels daughter
time taken maximum say 10 minutes
poetry i know nothing about

IT, just comes to me
from my inners
That’s about all
about poetry
I know fuck-all.

A gift of divine
just as I left
my mom’s vagine.


author comment
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