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Lonnie's blog

A Personal Opinion

Much has been spoken of late about how Neopoet is primarily a workshop environment and thus posting poetry for comment only is something to be frowned upon. Having been on this site for more than a few years now, I believe I can truthfully say that the Neopoet of years past was a more energetic and jovial place when things were a bit more relaxed. People used to have fun here, not only posting their poetry for mutual commentary, but also hanging out in the Chat Rooms, and discussing the many facets of life that we all share as poets. Do we see this now? No, we do not, and why?

What happened to Chat?

A while back it seemed like almost every night there was some kind of chat room going on whether it be themed or just get together. So what happened? Why has chat been discontinued? Did everyone suddenly get bored with it or what? Seems like the only thing going on now is the one big workshop started by WeirdElf . I for one, used to enjoy the chat sessions, so how about bringing back at least one a week for the Giffer, huh?

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