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What happened to Chat?

A while back it seemed like almost every night there was some kind of chat room going on whether it be themed or just get together. So what happened? Why has chat been discontinued? Did everyone suddenly get bored with it or what? Seems like the only thing going on now is the one big workshop started by WeirdElf . I for one, used to enjoy the chat sessions, so how about bringing back at least one a week for the Giffer, huh?


I waited last night to see if the chat room was open by anyone but No it stayed blank.
For me it is midnight when EST comes on at 7 pm or thereabouts so I sometimes just pop in for a minute or two.
But as you say there has been NO activity for a while.
Good to see that you are there though, maybe Our grand Lonnie should run one lol I bet you would be great at that.
I will have to look into the poets in the UK and see if they want one here
The different Time zones should get together and sort it out as we cover nearly 24 hours.
Take care my friend and talk to you soon, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

We have chats, but proposals are welcome. If either of you would like to submit a proposal for the chat department, it will be welcomed and considered. Please feel free to submit one.

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I was supposed to be hosting 2 chats per month on Monday night but too often life would intrude and keep me from fulfilling my obligation. For this I apologize. It is apparent that Mondays aren't good for me so I'm gonna give it some thought and try again on another night...........stan

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