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The Neopoet Bulletin

Neopoet Bulletin November 2021

This bulletin is focused on contests at Neopoet.

In December of this year the first yearly Neopoet Competition will conclude.

Winning poetry from the December 2020 competition to the current November competition will be voted on in the December 2021 Newsletter and the best of the best poem will be chosen by the general membership. The voting will be done by the Neopoet polling feature. Every Neopoet member will have the opportunity

The author of the chosen poem will receive as a prize of a one hundred dollar virtual VISA gift card and a one year premium account.

We the administration of Neopoet wish all entries the best!

The October poetry contest has concluded and the winner is:

Owl Has My Soul

View his profile here:

Below is his winning poem and link to it. Feel free to visit with him and leave comments.

The House Waits

The glamour is fading - not a minor concern.

The spires stand rigid and tight. Porch

cushions can't disguise they're a

mound of dead flies. The scent

of pie is too spoiled to lure.

The House down the lane

is trying so hard to

draw the wary and

keep the scary



is a hunger

for innocence and

terror. The spirits all

restless and cursed. So angry

at life and the living they abhor,

eating souls is what quenches their thirst.

The House cannot hunt, it must patiently wait.

For a choice and a Cross to be kissed. And a foot to be

placed on the creaky front step that it has never been able to fix.

Congratulations from all to Owl Has My Soul who received a twenty five dollar Amazon gift card and a three months premium membership.

For information about contests please click on the below link:

Entries in the Neopoet Random Challenge 8 received a certificate.

Here is the link to the Random Challenge 8 which has been archived:

Below are the Author names and links to the entry poems:

Please visit to stay tuned into what is happening, and participate with your family of poets in writing, commenting and getting to know each other better.

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