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From the pen of a so called dyslexic

The books metaphorical

I think the whole book is there.... but my mind picked up only poetry..... Where metaphors speak and die..... the trees bear fruits and are reborn.....seeds and leaves die... leaving an impression that last year they were there. But human beings can only boast ....of luck
knowledge and experience
The earlier reference spoke of mind and brain,
brain derived from genes
mind its consequence
both articles provoke the human mind
where in this universe
can one find
an entity in which all things combine,
except in egos of mankind!


I am so very sorry. My bad. Even though I pointed out there is no shame in it. I have worked with dyslectic poets before and the only way it can be regarded as a disability is that it makes reading/research more difficult.

Now you can either drop it and stop using it as another attention seeking device, or continue to make yourself look like a victimised clown.

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