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Workshp Participation

all Neo Poet members,

A word about our workshops, if I may.
I believe
I speak for most of the workshop leaders when I say, these workshops are here for all to use.
Each leader puts forth a great amount of effort planning and maintaining their workshop.
The point is I have noticed in the past, people sign up for a workshop then disappear. This causes problems for the leaders
First we all set a limit of participants that may attend, based on what we feel is the appropriate amount for each leader. When a participant drops out there leaves a space open that someone else may have used.
It is discourteous to leave and not notify your leader. They keep your space open with the belief you are still participating.
When you sign up for a workshop the dates from beginning to end are posted. It is expected that you signed up for the entire workshop.
I know there are times when your personal lives must be attended to, in this case please let your workshop leader know you cannot continue.
Excuses such as I don’t like the topic, I’m bored or I don’t feel like doing this now are not acceptable.
We the leaders go through a lot of hard work to keep the workshops running. Please
Show respect and courtesy for your leaders as we take our workshops very seriously.
China Blue


This really needed to be said. I hope you don't mind if I add that it would be helpful if all participants could keep abreast of workshops progress and what is required by visiting the workshop page, so that the participants at roughly the same stages as we go along.


Stand tall, be proud to be who you are, give the world the finger!!!!

i do appreciate how much effort and time the workshop leaders put into running it...what you have said is absolutely is great to have such workshops which provide a lot of perspectives and opportunities to learn especially for amateurs like me...i feel bad that for some reasons i could not participate fully in this workshop on emotions ....but meant no disrespect for those running it...

raj (sublime_ocean)


always, Cat

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I'd only add that if someone doesn't want to continue with one of my workshops they don't need to give me any reason, just notify me.

Although if it is the workshop itself I would appreciate the feedback.

Neopoet Directors

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