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China Blue's blog


Metaphor workshop will start soon. All are welcome to join
just use your drop down menu under workshop then click on find a workshop and it will be right there swimming with the sharks lol
hope to see you there please do not think you do not write well enough ,or be intimidated ALL participants are always welcome to join in

New Workshop( 11 September to 30 September)

Hi everyone
I will be running a workshop on using metaphors in place of emotions
there will be extensive writing involved as this is more of a hands on subject
metaphors are interesting but difficult . So between all of the participants we may be able to
1- sort out what exactly is a metaphor
2- how they are used(in our case in place of emotions)
3-why they are used
so come on in sign up and contribute to a learning experience

about undiscovered work

This section goes on for pages and pages . At one time it was comprised of only the works that remained unread. Now it is one read or less. I'm not sure when this change came about or how. Was it brought to a vote by the general populace, somewhere I read it was at the suggestion of One person. Neo Poet touts itself for being a democracy then be one and bring the vote on issues that affect the people directly to them so they may have a say. I've not seen anything brought to the general public for a vote in a very long time.

Masters Workshop

Last Call Come sign up for the meet the masters workshop. I know summer is on it's way
but what about those days that it is raining , or you just want to take a break from all of the fun you are having.

The workshop will be starting earlier than planned
we will begin on


see everyone there

(PS) don't forget the meet and greet in the chat room at 7-9 pm eastern for the same night Friday


05 June Friday 7-9 pm MEET And GREET

WHERE IN THE CHAT ROOM come meet new folks and reacquaint yourselves with the old timers

There is still room in the upcoming workshop on the masters starting 08June
only three more slots left to fill

Chat room is open for scheduled chat

Hi All members
We finally have a scheduled room the first of many I hope

It will take place on 05June 7-9pm( eastern time)

It is going to be a meet and greet
what is a meet and greet

All new members are invited to attend and meet some of the old timers
feel free to ask questions
and for those already established in the community it is a chance for you to re acquaint with other members and bring any questions to the table that you may have
also meet the new members and welcome them

Meet The Masters

Hello All,
Just a quick note to let you good folks know I will be leading a workshop
on Who are the masters
June 08-17th 2015

We will be researching 19th century poets
their work their style etc
writing about them(there is a catch lol)
comparing , contrasting and composing plus discussions

Enough said though . I do not want to give away everything
Further details will follow

Just curious

Are all the members aware that the chat room is noe open and running. That you do not have to wait for a scheduled room to come on in and chat with other members , get to know one another m share ideas and thoughts.
The room is opened 24/7
Yes there will be times a scheduled room is running and you are welcome to join in. See my post under community about hosting your no strings attached roomLet's show Andrew and Paul that it was worth their time and effort to get the room up and running again.


Now is the time to sign up for the upcoming workshop before getting wrapped up in the holiday festivities

what: Humor In Poetry
When: January 07-21 January 2015

workshop leader: China Blue
Moderator: Judyanne

Come and explore the lighter side of poetry writing with Judyanne and I
It will be a little different but fun

All Members

I see we have our chat room back in use

All are welcome to drop in at any time and see if anyone is there to chat with. New members this is an excellent way to meet the Neo Pot community
please Andrew went to the trouble of taking time from his busy schedule to make the repairs. Let us show him how much we appreciate the chat room by using it


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