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Who's Callin' Who Out


                                                            say what?

                                                        I can't hear you

                                                    lil' dude, I don't read lips

                                               come on, spit it out mealy mouth

                                           wanna start raggin' on me?,  do ya, huh?

                                                you're about to piss me off, boy

                                                        blurt it out, or I swear...            

                                                       "SHUT THE FUCK UP"

                                                               say what?!!!


This is fun. I loved the spontaneous language of this one until the f*** word. Well! I think you know me. But I have really enjoyed the read.
Thank you for sharing.


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words
........Robert Frost☺

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thanks for checking this out.
I know I am late in responding, but sometimes I don't want a piece to keep popping up at the top of the I wait till any other comments might show up so I can answer all at once...sometimes the wait is in vain! (LOL)

I know you are shy about some words...I'm not, but I don't believe in trigger warnings!


author comment

I think I'll show my grandson this! He's sixteen, I think he will relate very well to the rhetoric. This is an honest write - I actually feel like this sometimes. Lol so I can relate to it as well.

Thanks for sharing :)

Love Mand xxx

thanks for responding. I don't typically write in strict forms (as most poets here don't)...but this form is pretty open ...just line lengths, like nonets. I got the idea to try one from reading Rula's version.
I'm glad you could relate somewhat.

I felt the same after finishing this as I did with a nonet I wrote long ago....I tried, it was fun, yay!

thanks again,


author comment

Love it and have to say (blushingly) it's written in language I do on occasion use :-) Jxx

Remember we are a workshop site.
Don't forget to offer critique on poems you read.

from boyhood playground slang to the Kings English, and everything in between,
it's all useful to me.

thanks for responding, we all like compliments.


author comment
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