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The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.


The Mad Fruit-fly of Seville...

Frank stumbled through the fibers
He fell upon his ass
Still half-stoned on rotten fruit
Lungs filled with smoke from grass

He was thinking to himself
Maybe he should sober up
Crawling on the carpet
Drinking from a paper-cup

Nah, said Frankie Fruit-fly
Let's ride this baby out
I'm riding in a Caddy!
He gave a drunken shout

Now, he looks out of the window
Sees the brightly lit up town
This guy has real good shit, it seems
I guess I'll hang around

Dragons Breath

The dragon gasped, opening its mouth.
With the smoke of ancient days,
Glowing with the break of a new day,
Clenching its sharpened mind inside

Fleeting thoughts descended
Through darkened tunnels
As a flight of arrows flew,
Destined to pierce his soul

Holding him still, while the ogres of life
Drained the blood of his being
Screaming he lifted off to fly
Flying in circles to see his own body


I stared out the window
My brain, completely disengaged
No thoughts, no emotions
But a war was being waged

I could not move or even think
Stood lifeless, as I gazed
But, inside my brain
This awful darkness lazed

Outside the window, light
It seemed so warm and pure
Still, inside my muddied head
A madness did me lure

I could not raise my voice
Could not, say a word
That evil’s lock on me
Seemed to be assured


There will come that time, I know,
and it grows nearer every day
when it will be my time to go
to where memories and mysteries play.

I wonder if once in the ground
any will still think of me
perhaps wishing I was still around
limping through woods on ruined knee.

Or maybe they will just remember
a line I scribbled out one day
in the depth of a December
while I watched the bare limbs sway.


Relax and take a breath
that’s the cure
in a rush don’t speak
on pressure don’t talk
bla, blah, blah, pa, pa, pa
like a bad radio wave

eyes angrily speaking
tongues creaking
walls been punished by the hands
even the one beside hurts
when their lyrics is not understood
or tone not flowing
jiggle your head
I understand, I concur.
with a keen eye
coupled with a smile

A joining

Stripped bare, my thoughts,
became a danger to my being.
Love, hate, akin to two trees,
striving to win against a hurricane.

The Oak of love dressed
as a sentinel of its forests creation
The yew a depicter of hate
furnished the killing long bow.

Dreams become so real
when awakened to their reality.
A canvas of oils left to warp
in the sun of my mistrust.

Dainty maidens crinoline flows
and hoops spreading the load
Hour glasses weave in and out,
crazed out of the visions reach.


Through a forest of ghosts I wend,
all their tall bones left behind
where faded browns and greys blend
and any green is hard to find.

On this steep Blue ridge mountain top
husks of hemlocks crack and creak
in winds that pause but seldom stop,
where mating hawks soar and shriek.

Here where the sun is seldom strong
and in ravines where streams run white
once grew hemlocks tall and strong.
now not one live one comes to sight.


Clouds came stealing his peace
very much like the numb cotton wool
upon her belly-gash. Neither
of the two fellows was scarcely kind.

Before time had turned
into a broken beehive, and his senses
drained of their easy coordination,
he had been on the phone, almost laughing,
when the bang came. The earnest redness
of her life slapped his windscreen.

Sadness prevails

Departure haunts
sad piercing
but beautiful
you give life to a memory
that could have created a history
now alone you face the tragedy
it's will of Almighty
nothing can amend it

Now let go the past
live on a new life at last
for you shall never again
from here pass
keep the past
as a flavor that was not ever cast

So move on to another path
forget pain and wrath
Have mercy on him
let peace now
Time alone to you bring

Someone Comes When I'm Gone

It had been my usual swirl
down the riverbed
and unto the deep of our pearls.
Today, I swept my cares
behind my share of pearls,
pared mind from heart to see
the deep - my deep - open
to the frenzied welcome
of another swimmer.
I would try not to drown.


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