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Birth, Astrology and Postmortem Post Medicine

F actuality of Life
You go to an Astrologer
just once
as you go to an ICU
only after the POSTMORTEM
everything said comes true
ah! you all knew

Nice Astrology and Doctorology
friends coming out from all of you
I have known none here
on any site coming true

Astrology is a time tested
Statistical Data Theory
since formulated 2000 +++--plus minus years away
In Rome cum Egypt

Where is she?

It’s been one short day at the lake
Time is like a swallow’s evening
Erratic events, summer swings
In the speed of Brubeck’s quartet.

After two days she's a concern
But what to expect from a hound,
Just off chasing rabbits till lost?
Death never entertained a thought.

Reassurance sent from above
Perhaps it was God but we knew
She may be OK, we assured
Each other that midsummer eve.

Strutting the walkway she came home,
Okay, 'cept skunk did fill our heads.


At dusk
my palms join,
I look east then west,
In welcome and farewell,
I open them
chanting mantras of gratitude.


Someone asked me in an online poetry workshop
"Where are you from?"

I paused the world for a moment
And let the vibrations diffuse into emptiness,
Then I floated in the void,
Carried by a turbulent wave down the stream of unconsciousness,
Just a while I was dead,
Another minute I was awake bitter and angry
And I screamed out loud

Sir Andrew Fuck & The Shit Crust Crew

the sweat of the variation in a dream eating frozen ice cream,
carry on with a tender song help keep you go along,
he walked with shoulders back as a demon he over acts,
tender moments reach out with chemistry below the knees
eats pasta with a greasy spoon in the month of June
sleep...sleep...although whispers in the park,
potatoe with a slice of Key Lime Pie
wired for fantastic goals

Intense Feelings

Just in a glimpse,
Everything becomes void
Where are they?
Those who promised to be there always

Can't believe they are all gone
Within a glance.
Were their feelings true?
Right from the onset?

I thought of holding on,
But deep within myself,
Its gonna have adverse effects
Which might bring more pains

I thought of letting go,
Owing up to maturity
Yet,I couldn't
Cus I was scared of loosing something,
Something, I might never regain

In Wonderland

My heart was pounding
given choice of
paper boat or balloons.
I jumped into the boat
grabbing balloons as sails.

Steven in Florida

You went to sit in a screen enclosed patio
Sailing on the rocking chair
Among the rows of silent neighbors
In a panorama of walled settlements
Where the palm trees look alike
And the hot tubs bubble with steam.
Your mind entered the world of your books
Of sea captains and naval maneuvers
And your body became soft skin.

How Could I Ever Forget You

I just hope in some little ways
—You still think of me.
For years, I’ve tried not minding you
But I’ve miserably failed-- my love.

Singing our love songs,
Talking to you in my dreams,
These simple joys, I won’t stop doing.
Yes, sweetheart, you’re truly my life.

Could I still meet you in my lifetime?
I’ll keep on wishing—and dreaming
Tomorrow—who knows, you might come
back again, and be in my arms forever.

Freddie Mercurys' "FALSE MOUSTACHE..."

a good cause to grow blame it on his big ego
inflate a claim so small as you knew all the great while
Queens' "Another One Bites The Dust",

it's in the air that we breath..,
Freddie Mercury bleeds
one hand on the pedal the next on the floor

a chance to explore
a brief heart aura disguised behind a poll
pop tarts and angel darts

Mercury in heat..,
pilllows squeak
miles from those unknown


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