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Neopoet Random Challenge 5

This month we are asking our members to use four topics in one poem. Are you up for the challenge? Show us your creativity and have fun at the same time
All the following topics must be used in one poem.
1) I'm going to be an hour late
2) I didn't make it
3) Are We there yet?
4) Lost in Cyber space

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July 2021 Poetry Contest Announcement

This month we ask our members to write about a foreign country or culture that you find beautiful
or intriguing. Use any rhyme-scheme, structured or sporadic and It must be within 12-32 lines and written in four line stanzas.

To submit your poem please visit:

June 2021 Poetry Contest Winner

Congratulations to Arrow
For winning the June 2021 Neopoet poetry Contest.
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Neobeat Open Key Board

Time to show our community your creativity. In our new series you will be provided a topic in our chatroom and you must produce a poem off the cuff. We would like to ask our community if they would like to take part in this fun event. If we gather enough interest this could be a Saturday night filled with fun and poetry. Please leave a yes if you are interested and where you are from so we can try to pick the best time for all involved. Thank you for being awesome!

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Neopoet Random Challenge 4 wants to challenge you to write poetry about random subjects that are provided

Objectives: If you so accept this challenge, all you have to do is write a poem about one or more of the topics presented. Each link is a different topic. Please make sure your poems are between 12 to 32 lines

This month's topics.

The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.


The Wild Side Of Oblivion

Meet me on the wild side of oblivion
by shadowed moon light
we can play at being
what we will never be by day

Smoke filled skies
essence of dust filled dreams
astride a pure white stallion
with lightening hooves

In fields of poppies and lavender
petals for a bed
there to sleep between the raindrops
and be as one
Only on the wild side of oblivion


At the ripe old age of sixteen years
I thought I knew it all.
My plans were made I had no fears
as summer slowly turned to fall.

Then one sunny afternoon
I spied a little cloud
which turned into a tempest soon.
It was disorderly and loud.

I figured it would pass away
like summer squalls so often do
but that day became another day
each blustery one brought something new.

A man of thought

I’m the one who
tends to walk
away from the crowd.
For I find their
feathers of friends
much to
lively and
lustered in

Starting off
sweet soft
and low.
Letting the
rhythm flow
Two Three .
Two three
Two three.




I recall, I recall
a full lifetime in the past
being young and free and all
unaware youth would not last

In Mississippi in the heat
just sitting on a sandstone ledge
short pants on and tough bare feet
on a gravel roadside's edge.

Watching clouds and watching crows
floating lazy in the sky.
Listening to a corn field as it grows.
Waving when scarce cars passed by.

I recall...

Nothing Is Wrong...

My mind destroyed by the effort
of making sense of truth
I think about what should I say
of today's unbridled youth

All for lack of a message
I do not hear what they may say
it's shrouded by entitlement
Is this the modern way?

Give them an A for effort
a trophy for being there
Doesn't anyone ever fail?
If they do, I don't know where

Failure is not an option
but neither is a win
Because no one wants to lose
the race the world has put us in


I free my mind like evening bird
Which spreads it's wings and flies
When the sun set with a glittering color
That beautifies the skies end
It attracts the inserts to be freed out
Of their nest
With it's golden shiny reflection
While the bats dangles with the wind
That pleases the earth surface
To assemble themselves for dinner

Mom’s Smiles
Very sentimental poetry
I recall my mom’s last eyes
no tears

Smiles as she passed by
tears did not then come into my eyes I too smiled
then it rained all day and night
mom’s smiles went away
now I thirst for those looks till today
as she passed away

it rains till today
nearly five decades away
she still smiles daily at me
I my mom can see
smiling with me

In hoc Signo Spes Mea (In this Sign is my Hope)

Here I stand
ancient on Queer Street
Birds float by,
puncturing oblivion
for a nanosecond.
My hairy stems
and purple flowers
recur and spread after removal.
Standing on a corroded edge,
hoping for a life-saving sign,
a quatrain stirring
rhymes in available space
in my mind.
The tracery on a butterfly’s wing
showers beauty,
quiddity rather than perfection.


Too tired to care,
too aware not too,
I cannot pull the wisdom craved,
talking down to anything lower,
hate to be a burden, teach me something I don’t
know or they’re cutting your throat.
Pressed out during this season,
unlike last time, when we experienced in fragments,
submit to oneself & no other deity.


Voices cries out afar
In a tick forest discovered by strangers
Who trespassed for a quest of exploration
Though their quest was successful
and they we're called masters
It cries aloud nonstop
Perhaps, seeking for a rescue
A freedom yearned desired

Freedom they yelled
Yelled long ago in one tune
But different thoughts
They gained their flag with two colors
Green and white
A land full of natural resources
And in peace the claimed it
But the minds of greed and evil
Flee many away


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