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Two short decades burned away
since last I laid eyes on this place
but, finally, I'm back today
via a road once a mere trace.
From trail to road just the first change.

Posted signs displayed on all roadsides
where departed neighbors used to dwell.
No telling now who, there, resides.
I hardly see a single well.
Are water systems one more change?

Love From The Radio... Monthly Contest

Love from the radio
Bleeding hearts and tortured souls
Emotions with familiar fingers

Strumming my heartstrings

Come back to me
Take me down old roads
Pave the way with kisses remembered

And try not to spill tears on my shirt

Youth says it's forever and lies
Time races away invisible
Memories scramble for traction

Spinning their wheels in deceit

Yet the gentle caress of romance
Croons softly of Spring and love
I remember, I remember the chorus

I can sing it once more for you

Exotic is the Night (MAY POETRY CONTEST)

Exotic is the Night

The night is so sweet
so lovely
ever so young
the moon
yes she
from behind the clouds
has just sprung

it's the commencement of spring
in May
in the Northern Hemisphere
they all say,

The stars beyond
the snakelike floating clouds wink
make us proud
as we stand on Time's brink

The fragrance of jasmine
the night Queen's spread
make a case for joy
for new lovers to enjoy


you are a beauty from God but sumtyms i cant help but wonder if he cheated, after creating an epitome of beauty with cerulean eyes , he still chose to crown you with a lovely voice, am entrailed with your words and enchanted by yur voice, so many things ought not be imagined but a world without you is definately one of them..

rooked row

warmed the life in woods
and worn through ways
the weary greys
Birdsong in overcast
and grasses resume the
and rising shoots of color
stray their faces to the sky
resuming the life slept beneath
their seasons
while others fade

more the welcome to the sun
and longer days beyond this
sheen of bleak and damp
walled within the quieter year
where even the crows are walking
attending to the quiet of their meals


The End

Our aching pains in joints and bulging sides
Were gained in trials that lasted all these years
I miss your lovely smile and graceful strides
Forsaking friends, we left in floods of tears

The changed emotion brought a sad desire
And purged our souls to empty, solemn space
We never said goodbye and lost the pyre
Unhappy all the time, we lost our grace

We felt the fright, the sights, in all we heard
Not understanding why, exactly who
But knew the wretched as they hid and peered
Innocence longed for whispered love so true

Spring Again, Oh Joy! (May Contest)

I saw it, you had better believe
Yesterday I actually heard it twitter
Now I have to tell you so you know
There from skeletons of dark browns

Greens of all shades caressed my eyes
The joy in my heart was spread around
A gentle green then subtle colours
Creams to reds, stroked my vision

The pear tree bursts to the cherry's magic
Hawthorn, the red or white buds, also awaits
Bursting forth from spring sodden boughs
Tell me a tree I shall tell you where to see

IMPRINTS OF SPRING, 1971 (for Contest)

The car windows wiggle down
And tattooed arms bloom in traffic;
Spring, a charcoal nude among iron,
A syllable in the crowd.

With breasts of a Ruben’s Venus
The clouds of spring hoist
Their changing continents, a
Tongue of perfume in their hearts.


Gypsy cherubim, swingled
In your trumpet’s muscle;
This judgement of rhythm
Intertwined with honey:
Spring, you jazz bee hive.

A Quiet Revolution (May Contest)

As spring creeps in with softened hue
She’ll silence winter’s roar.
No trumpet loud gives him a clue
As spring creeps in with softened hue
To execute her timely coup
In this eternal war.
As spring creeps in with softened hue
She’ll silence winter’s roar.

poem contest one and two not for rewards

She then and now

WHEN I was young...
she made tea and coffee for me

now when my hands shake
she yells at me

can't you even add sugar properly
now she is training me

old age is a curse
we all depend not on poetic verse

but on times gone worse
from a sparking skin
to wrinkles

when she did smile
I had tears of joy
now as I grow old
she toys for words
why don't now come tears


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