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Neopoet Weekly 02/18/24 to 02/24/24 Winner!

This week the Neopoem is

Trials and Triumphs by Shelby Pryor

Congratulations to Shelby Pryor on such a fine poem.

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Neopoet Weekly 02/11/24 to 02/17/24 Winner!

This week the Neopoem is

The Purge by RoseBlack

Congratulations to RoseBlack on such a fine poem.

Neopoet Weekly 02/04/24 to 02/10/24 Winner!

This week the Neopoem is

Lovergirl by hippiemoon

Congratulations to hippiemoon on such a fine poem.


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First of many bike rides

My first bike was quite a fiasco
And very slow going
I have not ridden a bike since 15
Definitely not a road bike
Never even own one
Rode my brother’s

Gearing was an issue
Stopping was an issue
Please don’t get me started
on clipping in
Day by day, spent on the trails
Slowly, building up mileage
Time in the saddle
Eventually led to venturing on to the road

In the Stars / Drunk Walk Home

I think I saw you in the stars
On my drunk walk home.
The liquor still buzzed in my head
And I was adorned with trophies.
The trophies in question being angry marks
From dark kisses
Of strange men
Whose names I would not remember in the morning.
But for a second,
I saw you in the stars.
I almost called you,
You could’ve talked to the liquor
That was inhabiting my blood.
I’m not sure why I almost called,
I don’t miss you anymore.
Your laugh isn’t the soundtrack of my life,

Ol' Yeller and the Coyote

Ol' yeller was gettin' on in years
His jowls were saggy'n'so were his ears
There came'a'one day a friendly ky-yote
A'teasin an' rowin' an'a' gittin'is goat

Ol' yeller was confident, ever-one knew
To some, he was loyal 'n' royally blue
An'e held up our house for the years he was there
So, now this ky-yote comes, but he ain't a'scared

Astrological Chronology

The Bede wrote a book: astrological


And I can’t figure the distance between

Libra and Aquarius signs 

Maintaining old school soundtrack, pocket

full of rhymes 

Stuck in motion like mimes, Out of the box


sunglasses on a gray world making it grayer

dreams and aspirations but no way there

My heart and soul are clear but can I


To rough and ready hardcore savior faire?

Committed, building my words layer for layer

Compartmentalize the sighs

First Ride...

A warm Spring day, and Mikey sat grinning
"I've found just the thing for you."
He had a smile and a way of winning
with stuff he wanted to do.

Downstairs in the cellar, cool and damp
door open to the backyard,
We went in to peer at Mikey's camp
and at first, seeing's too hard.

But then a shape; of blue paint and chrome
emerging from the gloom
A dream, a chance for me to roam
a bicycle in the room!

The Purge

The siren blares,
one, two, three....
it's me, the last thing you'll see.
And sadly, no one cares.

Life put the gun in my hand,
a knife at my side,
with no where to hide,
before all is banned.

What was that you said?
Through stitched up lips,
bullet holes in your hips.
You'd rather be dead?.

Cool metal against your skin
betrayal is now a deadly sin,
punishing the offenders,
the great pretenders,

You'll never hurt anyone again.

The bird

Violet linen. Hands and legs wrapped, in it.
The scream wrapped up. In pillow.
Eyes closed.

Is it a man, or a bird? - asked the doctor

The form is lying down. It is not moving, and it is not fighting.
It is just dying.

To a Flame

It's like, what if moths
aren’t attracted to light,
as they flutter chaotically
around the source.

What if the thing we think
is pulling them closer confuses
which way they should go.

Love has been like that.

Tavern Tramp (by: eddy styx)

Yeah, Bartender, my usual poison
Jack strait-up, please no rocks
bourbon will not sit here very long
shooting the liquor before it can mock

but now I need to sit awhile
basking in your feminine glory
feeding off your sweet energy slowly,
the glow in your eyes tells me a story

I see your past in big green eyes
which are weapons, you tantalize
asking pointed questions of you
ever so suddenly you do realize...

The Causeway

She lies and waits for my arrival,
I’ve ignored her far too long,
Her face is scarred from years of abuse..

But as I approach her she is more welcoming than ever,
It’s been a stormy relationship…

I’ve turned my back on her more than once,
She has seen a lot of tears,
But she has shed not even one…

She’s as solid as a rock,
And once again she’ll lead me home…


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