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Therapeutic Sea

Drifting on the lonely sea
the orange red sun chasing me
waves talking
swiftly and gooshy
something smelling fishy
floating on my back
trains of clouds stall
large and small
throwing shade at the sun's
yellow smiles

360 degrees blue sea
I thought to see a skyscraper in front of me
it was my mind playing tricks
on lonely me floating at sea

A Growing Need (Explicit content)

Like dawn in heat
I am already slave to your loins
our impending collision
the meeting of body and mind

A gentle run of tongue
shimmers parched rims,
lost fingers are confused
with buttons and holes

Slowly fabrics are rent
falling to retire in shreds
letting shadow and light
rest on the fusing of our skin

The rod of your desire
is arched to my wetness
as buds tip your lips
my mouth parts


For some it takes
The barista getting their coffee wrong
For some it takes the flu
For some it would take nukes

To get them to finally say

For some it takes
A fly’s little insistent buzz
For some it takes traffic
For some it would take a flood

To get them to say
Holy Mother of God

We all have a different
Threshold of pain

But the world is certainly
A complainer’s

Culture Vultures

whats hot to be got
keyhole behind the polls
controls what one knows

slave tactics
ratchet bracket
web analytics
phony statistics
a bucket of sh**t

land of milk & honey
blinded grind
underwater minds
statue of Liberty
we're not free

men in black suits
controls the loot
trampled dogs n bunnies
divided the poor
taxed middle-class a**es

The Runaway

Far Away from the MADDENING Crowd

don't say it so
very loud
none will be proud

DANTI (March Contest)

Should I dare call you Love Danti;
The cliché every poet can't avoid?
Should I try recount the pictures
When I held your rugged cold hands
And stared into those crimson eyes
Clouded with tears ready to drop
Like the horizon of April
In this rain forest men call life?

Blow Hard Bitch!...

Wind soughs between the houses
makes a mournful sound
My tea is steaming up the window
Dead, ragged leaves blow 'round

Winter's leaving soon, she says
Don't forget me now
I say good riddance to you darlin'
Forget, I can't see how?

So blow your breath so coldly
Take a hike on down the walk
Because, Spring is coming soon
We just had a talk

As your brother Spring
warms up my aching bones
I'll revel in some greenery
About a thousand tones!

Raw Lagoon

raw lagoon
desires shadow
of tribal waves
mango river spills
a cupped dark bleed of wandering flesh
burning lucifer's silver tongue
in a sex slave slow dance
of torrential foot adorations
and road side moans
fapping moist hyperaesthesia

scrummed forehead
and eye bright glued
an immaculate conception

her back a twisting cat
tongue like a curved Sahara
in whirling toothless loops



Never knew my emptiness
Often getting into restlessness
Remembering the part that's bloom
I sat alone in the room

Just at my door a resounding knock
I jumped up to open the lock
There your charming and radiant pride
Quickly my heart’s door opened wide

Your warmth I got for free
Your song whispered love to me
As I reminisce your smile
I wish you were here a while


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