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Politics; politricks,
Polite Tricks,
People Demonstrating Persecution.
Why do you choose umbrellas in a thunderbolt?

Democracy indeed,
Advanced Polite Corruption,
When did brooms sweep stones?
Youths priced out of conscience,
You set fire to your father's hut.

It is sad that these ignorant ELEC-trickcians decide the fate of all,
as they push the 'VOLTS-IN' to the ballot boxes
So we can be electrocuted and killed along
Against our wills.


There are days where I feel
like everything to you,
and that's part of your charm
I suppose.

Then there are mornings,
most now, actually,
when everything feels like this.

Today I'll be your leftover
your second place.
And that's nowhere for a person to be.

My wife,
just yesterday you were my wife,
and I
your husband.

History of Healing

I have to remind myself
that I am like a starfish

not just because
I am sensitive
to touch

but because
I can give a limb
as a defense
if I must

it might not grow back
like the echinoderms

(I might be called
a scar fish
instead of a starfish)

but I will regenerate

and show
that humans
though victims
at times
of tragedy and turmoil

have a history
an ocean-sized history
of healing

Reaching out...

Meteoric silver streaks
In a licorice black sky
An orange flavored moon
Rests on the horizon

Tap, tapping the keys
Awaiting a reply
Communion brings pleasure
Alone nights are long

Magnetic personalities
The attraction is strong
Pulling my mind
Fingers pushing words

Silent voices riding electrons
Charged with emotion
Making music to my eyes
The lone wolf howls

Assaults on my Soul,

It's as if tons and tons of matter
are thrown upon the airy core,
until they are crushed by gravity,
and packed more solid than lead:

My weak heart does try to lift up,
sail a wind above time's domain
but the scientific wonders sparkle
and I fall back to the virtual lane.

But what does it matter, anyway,
when time even ends the universe.
What does it matter anyway, when
you live and then you are no more.

Self [Runic Symbol: Sowulo]

self is a shadow that follows the spirit

They Say That Champagne is a Celebratory Thing

They say that champagne
is a celebratory thing
with it's bubbles flowing
from bottom to top
like some ethereal dance,
or lesson about life's hard work.

Don't give me that;
it's just alcohol
fermented in a slightly different way.

The Russians prefer their vodka,
down south they drink Mezcal.
I'll just get what I can get
and call it a night.

Call It Spirit (Or Grizzly Bear)

There’s a feeling in the air
That brings me back to here or there
A special moment in my life
From childhood or with my ex-wife
And I’m aware I can’t go back
It’s something like a heart attack
It makes me gasp for precious air
It feels so strong, it isn’t fair
The two-edged sword of memory
Reliving what we used to be
The feeling is so bitter-sweet
But I think, what if we didn’t meet?
What if I didn’t take that job?
Smile so wide or heavy sob?
A pocket of the atmosphere

Being in love sucks

Because of your blonde hair
Green eyes
Slender athletic body
Blue windbreaker
Autumn leaves

Bathing with you

Of watching you walk away
Saying good-bye

"Feelings Of Love "

There in the evenings darkened sky
An old moon struggled to light the heavens
It is the same moon that sends its light to you.
There when you look up we see the same

The moonbeams give no warmth to us
Yet as it is seen by us both at the same time,
It seems to smile, and warm our ways
In that instant it has joined our feelings

In the knowledge that it joined us together
In that same instant without a mention of time.
Glow on old moon, you are a quiet to my soul. .
There I can see love reflected in your glow


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