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In the fall, do the leaves cry,
when they turn colour, shrivel, and die?
Surrounded by turning leaves,
I don't hear,"one more day please!"
Autumn leaves who paid their dues,
leaves in ochre and sienna hues.

Violet dragon flies complement the flair,
such a beautiful time of year,
I feel and hear a celebration,
another year lived in jubilation.

Day O N E

Day one chuffs out the station, awkwardly and shudderingly slow,
As a coal loader from days long ago..
I haul the tasks along, even then,
In the afternoon sun that creeps through the warehouse door..
I sense the weariness in me, and feel I may..
Have snored..

Deadly Draw:

Hands on the trigger
Scanning opposing figure
Whose mortis rigor?

Burning Life like a Candle

I am wasting this beautiful life
sleeping all day all night
the snows keep me indoors
as I am not independent

but this laps top befriends me
more than do my very own

I reveal my inner self to the world
far and wide
within my shell of loneliness
then I slide
that no one can that hide

a lovely dog
they give me as a present
in this self wrought prison
Life burns like a Candle think 'tis the best present


A tiny weenie little ‘pidey
building her web
right across my screen.

Poor little thing
though you’re welcome to stay
are you sure
you're meant to live this way?

I hope and pray
exposure to the gamma rays
and other nasty effusions
from my screen
don’t cause confusions
in your genes

Will I wake one dreadful dawn
and mourn
my hospitality
finding you grown
into a huge mutant,
of great ferocity?


Through twisted ancient woods I go
whose trees are near bereft of leaf.
They live though they have ceased to grow
as if their heartwoods are filled with grief.

The path, though worn, is crossed with roots
in random manner lacking plan
just waiting on unwary boot
to trip up this old hobbled man.

Sunshine glows clearly up above
but somehow stops at the trees' crowns.
For this forest daylight holds no love
here leagues from any farms or towns.

A quiet Day

My world had shrunk
It caught me by surprise
Horizons came closer
Yesterday so far away

Where did my space go?
My world had shrunk.
I tried to think of reasons
Did I stop looking around?

Friends no longer by my side
Children retreated to hide
My world had shrunk
Or was it me on the inside

I didn’t fear my journey’s end
Lonely though without friends
"Why do I now seem so small ?"
My world had shrunk

That’s all !!

Orb & The Forbidden City

metaphysical impulse ensues through the flames of resistance shun its existence
etched beneath the tapestry of loosened conclaves alone in desperation in the night
heavy sounds of cosmic illumination in temples of fire reaching ever higher
on point locked in its duration of blackened shadows that block its vortex

Lonely Cloud

It's presence was like a jewel,
standing out, in a calm blue pool,
a lone white cloud;
it was peaceful, so loud,
breaking the palatte of the day,
on a still, smooth bay.

Some Words On Being Homeless

Some Words On Being Homeless

Dempsey dumpster diving done
lunch is now complete
time once more to join my peers
who wander on the street

I chat a bit with Lady Jane
who leans upon her cart
she’s every bit of 83
God Bless her lonely heart


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