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July 2020 Contest Announcement

Tell us about your most memorable outdoor concert.
Poem can range from 12 to 32 lines. Written in any style
For more information please visit:

Remember to have fun and good luck to all contestants!

June 2020 Contest Winner

Congratulations to the winner: Lavender
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Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.


Message from The Administrative Council

The current (26th.) Neopoet AC has been privileged to be able to work alongside the Trustees and Cabinet of a wonderful poetry workshop site providing a great learning opportunity for all poets, established or new.

We can assure members that, during our administration, we have worked hard to help make Neopoet a strong, safe, and fun place to be and we shall strive to create a better environment for all.

June Contest 2020 Announcement

Come make us laugh with one of your poems for this month's contest!
Any type poetry that ranges from 12 to 32 lines .
For more information please visit

Remember to have fun and good luck to all contestants!

May 2020 Contest Winner

Congratulations to the winner: Teddy15
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Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.


The Downfall of Modern Society

What a sad degraded world it is we live in:
Violent, adulterous, hypocritical slobs
Masquerading as cabinet ministers
TV entertainers and footballers;
And that's just the half of it.

Rich Man's Intelligence

He knew Corona was round the corner
many did not know
but he had read the news '

Quickly he decided to sell his mansion
for two millions
then he vanished from the scene
not to be seen
he knew
Recession will soon be in
the costs fell to a million .

They moved into their child's
small house
where he suddenly
took ill and died
no one cried
a rich widow left aside
he was cremated in style

Be It What It May

Everest Mountain
Some climb to reach the summit
Some are left behind or wrecked

For aspiring dreams
We chase you to win or lose
Tommorow I will be here.

Thank you to sir Alan S. Jeeves for all the inspiring titles.


I sit here in this very room alone
every night contemplating my life and choices
thinking to my self will i ever be Enough
will i ever be Enough for my father
will i ever make him happy
will i ever be Enough to be loved right
sometimes when i have good days
i always think im Enough for everything
but lately it seems like no matter
what i do or say
i will never be Enough
not Enough for anyone
or anything


Quite soon, I’ll get a new incisor crown
Because this naughty tooth is breaking down.
To tell the truth, I’m scared more than a bit—
I’m such a coward, that I must admit.

Technician now lays out a frightful syringe,
A sickle, tweezers, burs that make me cringe.
In utter panic, mesmerized, I stare
Into the blinding lamp’s impartial glare.

And there she is! the one who has the cure.
Oh, this is gonna hurt; of that I’m sure!
I panic, but she asks with an evil smile,
Are you okay? “Aaarrg . . . yeah, gimme a while.”

Dancing In The Flames

Zeus by whose touch
are all things transformed

a water reed becomes a girl
glistening scales her dark ringlets

a river flowing her sex
both within and without

the awakening of her womanhood
a pearl in a vessel of wine

he has the power to coalesce
all imperfections

& yet he makes lovers
as inconstant as a summer breeze

a concerto for imbalance
in the heavens

man he makes blind as Oedipus
who choose their bitter fate

Dead Man Walking

The sanctimonious words were spat
Into the air
bless me father for I have sinned
the Padre listened

I've killed someone its true
but remorse is not felt
however I'll say I do
to save this mortal soul
the Padre raised his head

you've taken a life
an inner voice spoke
an innocent victim young and strong
taken was his choice to live on
and the Padre tilted his head

Be That As It May

When the autumn winds
Cause the last leaf to fall
From my ever weeping willow
Tomorrow I'll be here ...


If the world had ears and we had but time,
To horn your love I would have picked some rhyme,
No encomiums I'd write is fit a praise
To adorn your halo with royal grace.

For to sing your praise we will need the town,
No eulogy, no poem is fit a crown;
You're the trophy, the meaning of my sport
And your tender kindness hit every spot.

At the Dentist

Another visit with my lovely dentist.
There, reading about sharks, I learned:
twenty-three pairs of chromosomes
make up a human cell;
females have 2 copies of the X ,
we poor, shortchanged males have one X, one Y—

Take by contrast the Great White Shark
with forty-one chromosomes
in his reproductive cells, and some
eighty-two more everywhere else—wow!
and then his teeth! How can I compete?

“Oh, the shark has pretty teeth, dear
And he shows them, pearly white . . . .”
(lovely song)


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