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Aliens & Strangers

Aliens & Strangers

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ute settled nere the Yakka
drinking my Plonk
got me lid on
shading the eyes

Sometimes mates
U just gotta stretch
no rain..
outta my flat


got me weed brother
hope the rangers
dont sweep me in
I sleep in my
cabin on the box
cool at nights
had me a combi
but a little traffic
nabbed me the
fresh roll


Luminescence leaked
from the veins, from the soul.
Like rosebushes in the midst of winter.

A state that,
with enough time
and the absence of even a glimmer,
even the most stoic would find droplets
running down unbathed skin
before crashing
onto the pavement,
fragmenting into a thousands tiny pieces,
of humanity. Pure.

Watch as days turn to weeks turn to months,
I sink further into bed,
I drown.

Paralysed on blood-stained sheets.

My configurations, maladapted,.

Free To Be Me

I am free to be me cause that's all I can be.
You Live your life each day that goes by.
Never a thought about when you will die.
You think about going to this place and that.
You haven't a clue of whats coming next.

As life goes on and you start to think
where do you go when your life is through.

What A Fool, The Wind!

A wind that night had brought a friend
And with him he had fluttered by
A sheet of white a crystal snow
And dropped it all beneath the sky

By shield of night is how he came
And dropped each flurry flake by flake
Who dared not make a rustle sound
For fear the village would awake

But wind was blind to what i knew
That while he worked his stealthy thing
That was awake and watching, too
And by daybreak told them everything


So here’s the scoop: using a particle accelerator
We can change the protons of an atom
Of mercury or lead and make gold. It works.
A common fact. No headlines. No O la-la.

The gold is just gold. The same that made teeth,
That minted coins, that adorned the Pharaohs,
The same the ancients used to cure madness,
That sent men to frozen continents
For women to lay on shinning sheets,
And statues for the Czar’s garden
Or used in picture frames and time machines…

Evil Minds That Plug Destruction

Evil Minds That Plug Destruction
Who sets the standard ?
Who is the prince of the power of the air ?
The devil
Actions in which humans rebel against God
Miss their true purpose for their lives
Surrendering to the prince of the air more then God
Cause all their deeds were evil
Ozzy Osbourne stand of this with Black Sabbath
Many heads today are going to have to take a long bath
They bitch, pout & scream
Living in their darkened world of mean


In my own eyes
I cannot see myself again.
Every vision looms but a
coy and treacherous image of she,
born bright by the spirited moon
mad with beauty of the noon
and drunk with a wildness
many a menfolk are forced to knee.

Tranced in her melancholic abyss,
the sure peril of loss
amid the howling thunders
the echoes,
and the deafening silence
I can no longer hear myself.

The soul of my time and space;
of my sense of place and thought
are all but misplaced
into a meaningless naught

Idle Blue

in that place
of seclusion
where the air
becomes thin and tight
I have grown pale
in the waiting
I have dreamt you
I have taken you
deeply in
penetrating my lungs
spackling my spirit
with all the textures
of your soul
you kindle my senses
with utter anticipation
and still
with all the silence
of my reaching
I am pale in the wanting


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