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In the dark age everything changed.
Everything good became rearranged:
People were animals plowing the ground,
Filthy as rodents in plague ridden towns,
Barbarians enslaved all in their glory,
Idolized the loathsome hero of their story.
Century after century the horror abounds,
How life was cheap and death always near
By the poisonous waters and foul smelling air;
There is no greater sadness than those past years
Whose crimes of cruelty are still hard to bare.

Sonnet to Spring ( May Contest)

The soft gentle warmth of a Spring morning
sees sunshine and sunbeams dapple the trees.
Our season awakes, stretching and yawning,
her fanfare of bird song wafts in the breeze.

On branches, unfurl the sweet tender buds
springing to life after season’s long rest.
A carpet of green rolls out in the woods:
Winter is gone and it’s time to get dressed.


A dove in the sky
Oh you fly high
Like tie and dye
You stain my heart
Here on earth there non like you

Let me into your hearts door
Though this man is poor
The priceless gift he bears is made of love
Receive my package
It is without age
Made of love, could last timeless
Limitless my feelings keep going

A gift for you today and tomorrow
Drop away all that could bring sorrow
For this is not borrowed
It’s yours as its ours
Hours on the clock don’t matter
Only makes this gift better

Galactic Soup

Her violet pupils are set in yellow bloodshot eyes
this witch with dragon of pink and soft little scales
that looks at backwards feet.
It smiles as pencil curved eye brows do stretch.
Her soupy brew is steamy and ghostly.

Antenna fish with red lips and body gaps are hungry
swimming through seas of citric acid storms.
They fall into swirls of mixed kumquats,
acorns and jelly beans— moving slowly round and round
with yellow and red pan cakes, that spiral stacked on top of
red, blue, orange, and green alien predators.


In a pub today,
for a friend's birthday.
beard and hat and vest and hair
Visually resplendent.

An auburn haired woman stroked my hair in passing.
Thank you auburn haired woman,
instant transformation from
old, ugly, doesn't belong,
to rockstar,

I end with Bloom and sweat

I end with Bloom and sweating,
an achemical green settling on the valley

through my ears I hear him, trudge Dublin streets,
dragging along through interior monologue chains,

allusions I have listened to for years,
they pass as glacial, slow understanding comes

of that intellectual apparatus,
like a mass for the world, none can escape

so said one. My labours begun an hour ago,
of saw, and split, and cracked elbow

have berthed on the shores of these hills:
a bisected tree, low birds deep beneath

Dark Loch (villanelle)

Twas there within the deepest dark
Swam she through veil of night
Fey mystery of a Scottish park

Floating like a cutty sark
That danced by fire light
Twas there within the deepest dark

We witneessed there something so stark
That all on board took fright
Fey mystery of a Scottish park

As to the shore we’d fain debark
It barred our way of flight
Twas there within the deepest dark

Prayed we God, that he might hark
To our dire, fearful plight
Fey mystery of a Scottish park

Ripple on a stream

A bird tapped on my window
Silently, I watched
it whilst

Anchoring symbiotic lines
reminding me
of what can not be caged

If being
would be free
State of this bird
I`d be

Soul Market

mark up on memories
'Iggy Pop' singing
the ragged guitar pop
'Gimme danger, little-stranger..'
Screwdriver in the back pocket
smelling of tension and stress
Varosol and chain oil
Dirt from potting the plants
(jobs set aside from winters long
pull over..adjust the settings
shifts now....the cables freeing
the hot afternoon sun
here is the trail section we ran
here is the favorite spots she
sniffed...this is where she would

Mother Us...

Mother, Mommy, Mom or Mum
The differences are small
What children say, when they want them
Doesn't matter much at all

They know that Mother is there for them
She will be there when there's need
Her instincts are to protect and serve
She rides the back of nurture's steed

Hold our hand, dear Mother
Smooth our fevered brow
Calm us when we're nervous
Tell us you're here now


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