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Eternal Renga 17 FEAR

She's a queen bandit
Stealing time under your nose
I doubt you would know.

Nightmares linger in darkness
Waiting to terrorize dreams.

Thief of time, of peace
Surreptitiously rules us
by isolation

Service the peace you now have
Rule with a rod of iron.

Killing steadily
At a slow pace, as though they
Pang of a poison.

Easily departing from
Your psyche, slithering down

As if a serpent
Death stalks the inner souls need
Beware of hard fakes.

Reminiscing You

Your memory is a serenade.
The melody settles
in my heart. Swaying.
Waiting for the next day it touches my soul


Do you poets never rest
Do you not thirst or hunger
How despair and misery sustains you
That is what, I wonder

Do you not crave for sustenance
Are your eyes not in need of sleep
Does your body not ache for nourishment
Or is your obsession, way too deep

Far be it for me to question
How those desperate feelings you maintain
Desires, should be wrapped in life, not death
And kept alive with joy, not pain
BOEMS by JA 422

Kicking Rocks

I remember kicking rocks
On the way to school
Looking down, thinking
I should remember what this is like
Being a kid
It might be interesting later
I squeezed my eyes
And pinned the spot
A shiny red tac on a crisp blank map
So many ways from here to there
A hero waited
I was going to be brave

Feel Up

“I feel quite down.”
My best friend said wearing a frown
So I fixed up a coffee cup
Then I told him “ try to feel up!”

I will be glad

So many things have happened that makes me depressed
Making me feel like a victim and an oppressed
But today I have decided to be glad
No matter what happens I refuse to be sad


I could have your evidence bag sent over to the precinct,
Or Rather call a battalion to come have you on a platter.
But That will be too easy,
I will torture you with my stare
Penetrate your walls with my words.
Suck up every bit of ur juice,
And let you die in pleasure.
I should tear you all up,
Undergo ur autopsy alive.
Excavate every broken piece,
Sing to you while you're in pain,
And listen to your heart beat grow faint.
I will be standing in the gate of heaven.

An Afternoon Extrordinaire

there is a lonely spot
off the beaten path

a small meadow
a single tree
and me

I sit
back to trunk
in rest
as shadows
slowly pirouette
and thoughts wander
as they will
to places pleasant
in which to ponder

a sense of bliss
arises within
and I realize
that we
the tree and me
are both exquisitely


Faith remains here among the living;
It does not accompany a departing soul
In its rational abstraction for belief,
In a dimension it unknowably follows.

Mine is found in the great galleries,
On the grand stage of a concert hall;
Seized by a spontaneous grasp of beauty
Something in me, “faith”, comes to call.

It is a primal hunger which must be fed
In the puzzle of the final death;
I see my neighbors pray and beg
For a kingdom of everlasting breath-

My Addiction

It's the food of every God
Allah or Jesus Christ........
Pepperoni, Bacon, Cheese
Eight pieces perfectly sliced.
Don't forget the olives,
No onions please I beg
If I see one poking through
I've have to break off someone's leg.
I even heard a person say
The crust is the best part
If they tasted it with cheese inside
They'd say it's a work of art


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