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Mother's Day Image Prompt Contest Winner!

This winning poem of the Mother’s Day image prompt contest is

Mum... You and I by Rula

Let us congratulate Rula on another contest win.

This week the Neopoem is

 Loving You by  hippiemoon

Let us congratulate hippiemoon on another contest win.

Neopoet Weekly 05/12/24 to 05/18/24 Winner!

This week the Neopoem is


Mosquitos Suck!
  By William Lynn


Congratulations to William Lynn for racking up another contest win!

Neopoet Weekly 05/05/24 to 05/11/24 Winner!

This week the Neopoem is

Ways of loving by  Terumi Sakurai

Let us congratulate Terumi Sakurai on their first win as a neopoet member.

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She Loves

She is so complicated:
Tying the Gordian knot
Suiting the charlatan trot

Closing the door, and even more,
Tying the hand, changing the stand,
Reading the future of her man.

But she loves
And gives the best thereof.

So beautifully simple is she.


Time is a haunting spirit
It petrifies me to my core
Despite my efforts, I can't draw near to you
Held back by fear's grasp
Yet if I remain motionless
I'll never offer comfort
Or listen to you for hours
Divvy my counsel
Bring you joy
Wipe your tears
Surrender myself wholly
Why, then, does dread immobilize me
From drawing near to a rose
That blooms devoid of thorn's

The High Seas

whitecaps kiss the stern as he swoops, to the herring's reluctant surrender

The whitebait mass to an unlikely ruse, a "Grey Nurse " circles , becomes their defender

As this beauty unfolds to nature's final display , 'neath the waves of a piscatorial splendour

Then in fair weather or storm as this swell creates new form ,

The infinite sea shall ne'er give up of her treasures .

It's May

It's May

Marigolds pop up
to swing and sway and

they may,
oh how I wish,
that they'd pop up

next May?

The Journey Unknown

I stand with the woodland in front of me

There are paths to my left and right
Both with known destinations...
"A fork in the road" if you will.

Pondering my options
Deciding my fate
Knowing that neither path leads to where I want to be.
I have a choice to make.
I can't stand here forever.

I decide to go forward
Through the trees

A path that has yet to be traveled by others
A trail unformed

The trees whisper in the wind
I nearly stumble on their roots

With a title deeply rooted
in subject matter iterated above
invariably makes for hair raising poem,
though I immediately attest said material
constitutes atypical topic
the writing process (with intent
to share bizarre pet peeve)
mildly cathartic to ameliorate
long established body dysmorphia,
(which lifelong aversion


Sometimes I long
for your presence,
though it's just a fleeting shadow
nearly nonexistent
But when its there
it hurts deeply
It's so engraved in my being
that having you nearby
becomes unbearable.
My breath becomes shallow
my heart beats faster
I feel overwhelmed
by a dislike for the impact you have on me.
I hate how you cause me
to completely lose myself
all while remaining unaware.
I resent my inability to forget you,
and most of all,
I despise that I love you.

Queen Tanka

what a time it was
front door deliveries please
and then I saw you
firstly, a crown for a queen
lastly, our very own world

About Last Night

It's in the quiet I hear you.
My lungs elastic as they draw you in
with each comforting breath.

The memories of the day
expand my peace of mind
and careen my heart into you,

as you slumber next to me,
here in the solitude of our night.

Mum... You and I

Together we witnessed time ebbs and tides:
we went through ups, we went through downs,
yet luckily we got each other's sides,
you and I, you and I.

Together, unwillingly, we grew old,
with devestating wrinkles, and white hair.
We both raised families, yet we're still bold
You and I, you and I.

Together we laughed, together we cried:
I uplifted your spirits, you got my tears wiped,
we stayed together, side by side,
You and, I you and I.


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