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Why Did I Love You

Forever is long gone,
Tis tomorrow we bid farewell,
Now is reckoned,
Today is that reality.

The bell is tolled,
Walking down the aisle,
It's that resplendence,
My bride once my pride,
All but nostalgia.

How did this come to be?
romance all brilliance
bereft of tolerance,
Perchance all is nuisance,
Capacity full of clutter
Pshaw! What a charade.

Were memories fungible,
trying despite blemishes of self,
my question still arises,
Why did I love you?

Marriage [Runic Symbol: Gebo]

Marriage is like union of wick and wax, illuminating with light of love, weathering the storms


*Still at times I catch
myself rubbing on the scar
of companions past
Into familiar woods I go
as summer passes half away.
i watch my step, I'm careful , slow
while far above me oak tips sway.

After about a hundred yards
I come upon a rusted chair
near where I once found pottery shards
when years ago I left it there.

I figure I've gone far enough
for the first trek since my surgery.
there' no denying I'm not tough
as I one time used to be.

Why Did I Love You (August contest)

You who had the
hollow gaze,
the tongue
all steel and barbs.
My softness was a playing field,
your fav’rite toy my heart.

You tried your best to
shame me,
but I called your every bluff.
Why did I change my
heart for you
when I was always
good enough?

I have bathed in the
of a newer, fresher skin.
I’ve been held by hands of
I have loved myself again.

Why Did I Love You?... [August contest]

I'll never forget the why of why I loved you
You took me places I'd never been before
And brought me many admiring glances
Whenever we appeared together

I was entranced by your low, throaty voice
We moved together so well
I felt like a king astride your beautiful body
I felt like I could fly

Yes, there were bumps in the road
When we broke down and had our differences
I cried like a baby, with frustration
“Let's please start again?”

With practice,
a notion of Sphinx,
a couple of blinks
a dance
and a glance at a sunrise
will do it.


My pop’s seed, my mom’s feed
to deliver the nurse agreed

‘twas my trinity to struggle with three

My first love so beautiful
as you cleaned the door
to have a closer glimpse I sat on the floor
you dared me to touch you
I was scared but you wanted me to

the second one was a slithering snake
my nymph like danseuse you winked and did sigh
why I always gazed into your eye

Why did I Love You (August contest "reality" )

There, I felt the essence of our true love,
feelings akin to super glues holdings.
Drifting thoughts, flowing across a table,
seeking the perfection, held in each other.

The eyes holding, shining truth, then loving,
each moment etched in gold, entwining souls.
Where have you come from? I thought, seeking more.
A lifetime of dreams rendered to my needs.

Nothing existed beyond this one moment,
held above morality and revered.
I was just a being, and there you were,
nothing was good enough to describe you.

Why Did I Love You [August Contest]

It all began in the chemistry class
seated on benches in columns and rows
like elements in Mendeleev's periodic table
each of us with unique numbers and properties
mass, weight, affinity....

I glanced around, zeroing on you
slim, vibrant, magnetic, charming demeanor
when our eyes met I sensed an instant affinity
that's when the latent youthful energy
translated into a kinetic drive

Marriage: Gebo [Runic Symbols Challange]

Solemn is the word M a r r i a g e, whole, united, and sacred is its world.


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