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Weather Watch...

Oatmeal, toast and coffee
Peanut butter and jelly
Morning fare and a joint
I’ve seen to my soul and belly

What a wonder is the internet
I’ve been all around the world
Sitting here in my captain’s chair
I’ve watched it all unfurl

I’ve friends in G.B. Britain
I’m friended here and there
Anonymous, I sit here
You can’t see my un-brushed hair

Pajamas, robe and slippers
I talk with friends all around
Tapping keys and T.V. news
Are the only sounds

creative opportunity

The Internet is not working
as Yahoo is also not working
a poet's mind goes wild...
is it a kind of madness



all are a

Pot melting?

From all the places
An ethnic stew of faces
New castes of races

Fresh Canvas

Waves push to the shore quietly
Whispers of breaking up
Embers freshly burn out
Caress the silence in reflection

Nostalgic ocean remembrences

Springtime evening aroma of love

The sand warms naked feet

Affectionate embraces mourned

It’s washing away


I look to the west,
nature dressed in it's best,
setting sun, day not done,
as Millcreek rambles on,
still water, glass mirror,
so clear, it couldn't get clearer,
wind gusts, ripples thrust,
ripples ripple, water jiggles,
the clearness stills away,
your life reflection in dissection,
seeking purpose and direction,
from obscure disparity,
to joyful clarity,
a new day, a new look view,
hard days soon to be few,
so as the ripples become still,
a new reflection, a new future to fill.


Just plain horny are the boisterous birds;
All day and all night singing the blues,
The "fly me to the moon" serenades,
Like Verdi Romeos by the balcony
And Juliets with romantic eyes

O baybah baybah baybah,
My mistress mine, my coy sir,
Embrace me with thy soft feathers
And puteth claws on my shoulder.
O feel my smooth beak sing
Praises on your wings
As we copulate on a cloud,
And take what the rainbow brings!

A Gangster Life

to live a life of no regrets started from the life of cigarettes
the life of a gangster, or you can even say gangbuster
for him no cares, and to understand him no one dares
he’s just another oakland thug; society will crush him like a slug

there’s no doubt that he claims blue; he tries and tries to stay true
one day driving a stolen camry, he got pulled over and thrown in jail
he was charged with felony number one; he’s neither shocked nor stunned…

Mr Ratatattat too

yes, he knows the mechanics
but he can't turn a wheel
onto the highway
where words come and feel.

he can spout as a gargoyle
as much as his like
but his legs will ne'er reach
the ground on a bike

so's he can ton-up
with words in his hair
and take them to market
an agora of flair

and talking of triumphs,
i'm not sure it be true,
'tis said he has straddled
ten less than a few.


Elizabeth’s dream.

When I departed Elizabeth’s dream
nobody heard her imperious screams
Silent they were to this treacherous boy
ragging on antipodean soil

Silent they were to this frenzied ear
Clearing the air in some hemisphere
as earth is to earth, I’m the heir
of a strangling secret that no-one dare

Talk without shame, in polite company
though this is a thing all feel quite plainly
When Elizabeth vein, lowers her drawers
and all of the commoners, shown to the door-

Out of this World [Feb. Contest]

Releasing horses of imagination,
I raced to worlds I dreamt of travelling to-
where stars are born of fire inflammation
to console the darkness, "I'm here for you."

Some young, some old, some anxious to be born
a galaxy furnished the milky way.
In timeless laps and amazing flown,
the elegant content shaped up my day.

The fairies took me aboard the cloud,
a ride along where planets run,
Just like a baby I cried out aloud,
"that really was a miraculous fun."


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