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Ticks & Tricks

T icks and tricks is the theme of a story,
A story that I read when I was raw,
R aw, yet clever enough to apprehend,
A pprehend then activate all mind_zones,
Z ones, that were young yet lived to oft arise,
A rise with the kid in me, so I never
N ever forget the cozy bedtime story.

hey joy

The world about humans
not the circumstances,
world about hearts
not the crony souls,
world about loyal distance
not the hypocrisy.

World about peace
not the waiting.

World about chances and not
what we used to be.

World about open sun
not the memories.

World about these mountain cliffs
that can shelter so many lives.

world about broken shadows of my face
that shelter deep ocean.

World about hope
not the decisions.

And only sometimes it lasts forever.

Give Peace A Chance ---- from Canada

It is cold, very cold
freezing temperatures
a mild drizzle
yet unmindful
she stands silently
like a statue
under the isolated tree

all about her come and see
why such depth of silence
they wonder who is she
so very sweet and lovely
a veritable divine

her eyes don't blink
statue stark
into the daylight distant
rare vision
no one knows
where she is looking

In the Mountains (Haibun)

At last I am among these great mountains surrounded by snow caps and clouds. Pungent green and blue valleys drink from melting waterfalls below. How many times I’ve flown above them, higher than any bird has known, as they appear like a spear with white veins gleaming in the sun to the wide rivers and lakes.

Now Serving...

Sell ourselves for money
Sell ourselves for gold
Money brings you power
The story's rather old

Do I sell my talent cheaply
Do I ask too much
Do I sell my body lightly
Do I love a stranger's touch

Am I lazy, do I care
What you think of me
Sell myself a bill of goods
Hey, I'm living free

No telling me, This is it
Just do what I say
Do what I please, bet your ass
Doing things my way


Here I lay with my eyes so Bright and wide
Here I lay so much pain Inside I wish I could find a place to hide
Here I lay thinking of friends dead and gone looking around an nobodies by my side
Here I lay wondering how I missed that ride
Here I lay knowing it hurts even worse knowing how hard I tried
Here I lay feeling everyone in my life only just lied
Here I lay numbing they pain brain feeling fried
Here I lay wondering why it's been so long since I cried
Here I lay feeling everything inside my heart has up an dried

Ticks & Tricks (from:'Title Tuesday' on instagram)

Grandpa wasn’t very old when the clock was young
Young was my dad as he told the story
Story of the great rabbit hunt in the town
Town of Hookset New Hampshire USA and
And the clock ticks very fast as we were engrossed
Engrossed with the great trick within the family
Family that was eleven strong at the time
Time that would tick so slow during the great depression
Depression that would be cause for the great rabbit hunt
Hunt that was never a hunt but a big sale for Grandma
Grandma was so happy the day that Grandpa dad

Uprooted With The Willow-Tree

It all happened a month or so ago when masons started cutting down a huge willow_ tree on the other side of my residence. It was shocking to know that they're putting down almost the only feature mother nature honesty lent to the place simply to jam the area with more cement structural buildings.
I still think with much grief_of all the birds that have been muted since then.


I hear people say religion always has a cost
and that they'd rather not pay
with the time that they had lost
for sending evil on its way.

I just let them rattle on
usually keeping my own counsel
but with every rising dawn
I recall what they try to sell.

For believing costs so little
and returns so much to me
what does it gain them to belittle
that which could be theirs for free.

The Scarlet Woman

scarlet haught
queen of mirth
dog fuck
drooling jewelry red splits
pulled by a chariot
of six hundred million house cats
dissembling for freaky insertions
of scarlet bud flowers uterine tube
breath of spit
while ballet toes kiss fingers and tongues
glazing thickly tides sweat
bamming greased anus


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