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Harvest Feast Image Prompt Contest Winner!

paleoray  won the Harvest Feast Image Prompt Contest with his poem titled

The Family Holiday Table

Congratulations to paleoray on a job well done.

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Tragic Regret

Slamming doors
Rain pours
Stinging my skin

Yellow lines flash by
Asphalt slide
Say goodbye

Sudden stop
I forgot
To say I love you

The Beauty Look

The radiant look exudes
like a sparking diamond
that it brings to the surface
of the glamorous glitter see
from a fascinating scenery view

Filled with the charisma of delight
from a blindfold glimpse sight
by a reading guide through
the alluring sign
Of the deceitful mind

A true beauty design
it showcases in the eyes
of the beholder that lies
far beyond skin color deep
form a true self-image pose

Bodega Bay

The coffee maker is sounding
its’ morning music in late November.
Without mercy, always the hardest
working appliance when we are here.

A grey and overcast sea our frequent companion;
considered through rain-spattered windows
from hit-and-run squalls at first light.

The shorebirds, restless and racing
the foaming surf back and forth.
Familiar friends we will visit soon enough.

The receding surf along the shore
leaves a vivid mirror on the sand
providing time enough for reflection.

I Am

I am the one inside your head, I am a doornail and I’m dead.
I am the friend you missed madly; I am the one who kissed you gladly.
I am the voice who not dare speak, I am the one who thinks I’m weak.
I am the one who never waivers, I am the one, run out of favours.

I am the last to say goodbye, I was the first to make you cry.
I am the only one you love; I am the hand inside your glove.
I am the piece you’re searching for; I am the one behind the door.
I am the star who shines as dim, I am the one, original sin.

My Dearest Sky <3

My dearest Sky,

As I gaze upward towards your vast expanse,
I remember the unlikihood of us meeting by chance.

I mirror your paintings and pictured star,
but it's my constant flow that keeps me afar.

I know you feel it too; that magical connection,
please tell me it's true, 'n' send rain in my direction.

Pushing the boundaries of all earthly existence,
I won't bail on our love, I'll show it persistence.

If My Body Was a Car

If my body was a car I’d trade it in today,
Maybe for a Jeep or a brand new Chevrolet…
I’m just a little rusty with some minor scrapes and dents,
I’d have traded it in years ago if I had any sense…

My radiator leaks but my exhaust is working fine,
The heater hasn’t warmed me up since two-thousand and nine...
My headlights aren’t so bright especially after dark,
I’m not too hard on fuel as long as I’m in park…



Kind word

Emotion stirred

A hand shake

Goodbye absurd

Really wasn’t fake


With your will pure

You took the cure

Did the work

Always failures lure

“Don’t be such a jerk”


Success true

Thank you

From the doctor

She’s so cool


It's fine to live, to explore,
It's fine to grow, seek a name
It's fine to fear, wish for things you didn't ask for,
It's fine to breathe, connecting hope where love fails to prosper
It's fine to be free, to remember not to think
It's fine to be important, to pray for stories to find you
It's fine to love, finding warmth in words that you know ain't true
It's fine to believe, to be, to live
It's fine to ask, wondering why the stars never fall

For Love Of A Fellow Traveler

(requiem for my soul)

With the terrible news
of heartbreaking loss,
grief begins trickling
through my veins
like droplets of rain
on a windowpane.

Its toxic flow
grows stronger as
realization sets in.

Sorrow rises
in my throat
like tall weeds,
reaching for the sun,
taking over my garden
of well being.

Yet, I cannot
help wondering
if the majority
of my grief
is for him
or, selfishly,
my own loss.


We'd create a world of harmony,
and a future of forgive and forget,
for all we’ve endured.
When unseen masters held us by the throat,
and pummelled us repeatedly to coerce our acceptance,
in their cruel spite and delusion.
Listen to the sound, breathe deep,
let it wash over your soul,
We will become human again.


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