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#haiku 3

water gently falls
down verdant lush clad mountain
forms a pure fountain


Happiness is
Without a doubt
Someone you
Can’t, live without
WIZDUMBs by JA 330


She ....

She came for a moment
a fleeting one
just to give me energy
she was drunk by my eyes
and like wine dissolved
into the universe
in a momentous moment

gave me the fruits of joy
men need most
of an intent
to creativity
a beautiful content
and in the eyes of god
she merged after that monumentous moment...

Summer camp, Thermodynamics, and God

Watching the other kids board the bus
While I stayed behind
Was it the same for you?
When you cast us apart
Into the expanding finite
One violent sweep
Hoping we would find our way back

Did we lose sight of ourselves
Back then?
Nothing but color, without a canvas
Nothing but light, with no darkness to light
Limitlessness, unable to be still, without limits
Infinite love, alone

Year In Year Out.

Time has withered her rosy face
Year after year, flowers bloom and wither
The northern wind blew past her each year
Yet she stays still, waiting for him.

Waves come and waves Go.
but her heart remain still.
The man she yearns for is far,
Yet in her heart so close

She sits under a peach blossom tree in Spring,
And watches as the blossoms fall.
Then stands near a hydrangea in summer
There each day she sighs.

Illumination II

illumination through a blessed brigade
to bask in the great expanse between time & space
equate logic for love swept underneath the rug
pulling teeth out in the street with dancing feet
love is in action to what we can fashion
it's as simple as asking in your visitation
columns of piers shelter through my fears
we must embrace this time of love's design
each new day is a stepping stone falling headlong alone
love can reach the tender heart to impart

#haiku 2

flowers fragrance called
soon bees enfolded petals
relishing nectar

My life is a poem

My life is a poem
where day-words
fall on my head like
the first snow.
Unexpected, wanted,
fragile, cherished
they are here to melt away.

I put them on paper,
I throw a bright light on the page,
so every letter will be remembered.
But what is the point?

I paint every moment
in wonderful colours,
outlining every inch
with the tiniest brushes,
most intricate ink.
But who will be looking at it?

JANUARY LEAF (January contest)

Western Classic

Just as the day begins to break
on the day after new year's eve
I disregard every old ache
to find a place where I can breathe.

Not many miles down a wooded road
my boots crunch through a heavy frost
on the way to where I can unload
to where old worries can be tossed.

And there it is, the old oak stump
where I've rested many times
not on a hill just a small hump
where trees are draped by muscadines.

Society Nicety:

Language of discourse
Denigratory and coarse
Lowering mores


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