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Neopoet Random Challenge 5

This month we are asking our members to use four topics in one poem. Are you up for the challenge? Show us your creativity and have fun at the same time
All the following topics must be used in one poem.
1) I'm going to be an hour late
2) I didn't make it
3) Are We there yet?
4) Lost in Cyber space

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July 2021 Poetry Contest Announcement

This month we ask our members to write about a foreign country or culture that you find beautiful
or intriguing. Use any rhyme-scheme, structured or sporadic and It must be within 12-32 lines and written in four line stanzas.

To submit your poem please visit:

June 2021 Poetry Contest Winner

Congratulations to Arrow
For winning the June 2021 Neopoet poetry Contest.
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Neobeat Open Key Board

Time to show our community your creativity. In our new series you will be provided a topic in our chatroom and you must produce a poem off the cuff. We would like to ask our community if they would like to take part in this fun event. If we gather enough interest this could be a Saturday night filled with fun and poetry. Please leave a yes if you are interested and where you are from so we can try to pick the best time for all involved. Thank you for being awesome!

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Neopoet Random Challenge 4 wants to challenge you to write poetry about random subjects that are provided

Objectives: If you so accept this challenge, all you have to do is write a poem about one or more of the topics presented. Each link is a different topic. Please make sure your poems are between 12 to 32 lines

This month's topics.

The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.



Who is here left as an old poeyet

As I

As I cover my eyes, but not in shame
I still see the one who was chosen to blame.
As I cover my mouth, no words shall I speak,
holding so much in eventually becomes deep...
As I cover my ears no disgrace will I hear,
as I run in the shadow of darkness hoping to disappear.
I hold my nose, for no scent of a smell
as my brothers and sisters survive in this place of hell.
My hands I keep free, as I stare at the color
I know now I was born a child of the Negro Mother....

The Human Emotions

Ichor set ablaze
My rational thought is a sky clouded by subjectivity
Those that provoke shall meet only fury
For aggression is the only answer to the anger brigade

Waterfalls lower down from orbs
Rejected and dejected
I have been absorbed
By a state that is decayed yet poetic

My outer tissue is met with prickles
All are out to attack me
No one is a safe guarantee
My psyche has turned brittle

Michael, I love you

God, who are u...?
What are u?
What is your Name?
Who is your friend?
Can I be your slave?

Maslows slippery slope.

is a plump
fickle comely
wench; Want- is but
a breakfast in bed, Need-
is a dump a pee and a trump
and a bint with a bodkin and thread.



Growing up as a little boy
Life keep tossing like a water boil
We keep having Faith for life to coil
Yet like any other boy, it spat us on the face

Looking up to daddy as the head of the family
Thinking he can handle everything like the films in Bollywood
Not understanding that even daddy has a lot worries
And he also is hoping all can varies

Until we look only unto God
And understand that that's all we've got
Then only will we acquire all we want
And enjoy them as we've always hunt.

A Jovian Revolution

Surrounded by a Cimmerian cloak
I revolve around my stormy parent
Who in turn revolves around their temperate caregiver
All is synchronous

Resisting the solar guidance
Of my boiling grandfather
And the stormy one
Of my turbulent father
My Galilean self retains an icy form
And instead, I follow my own conscience

Though I am the smallest of my siblings
I am by far the brightest
And despite my cold exterior
My peculiar self will only garner admiration
From the voyeurs that call themselves terrestrial

The future where love hides

She reclined on her raft with a regal ease,
suspended on the cool reservoir waters.
Her eyes focused on some intense thought, blind to the desert horizon.
she turned and looked into my heart, I found myself tangled in her gaze.
A smile crept upon her perfect lips
the light caught the facets in her calming look and I knew as we looked into the others soul,
this is where loves essence has tried to hide and I could see my future in her eyes

Crimson Squid of a Cimmerian Sea

Crimson Squid of a Cimmerian Sea,
You Hide Your Habitation
From us Voyeurs of Fields, to Vacate
A Society of Ambiverted Souls
For one of Solitary Folk,
Sparse From one Another, Free and Atypical.

With Caliginous Waters Circumjacent,
Your Negative Yolk Nauseates
Those Without a Tartarean Wittiness.
Covert Romantic Causes Repute
Of a Bitter, Obdurate Bohemian.
Though Sardonic, Truculent, and Sharp,
In Sombre Idiosyncrasy you Shock.

rains of relief

Here I lie
With my eye
sewn upon
the silky
sun satin
sky .
for the clouds
to clash,
kick and
finally cry .
It’s pitter
patter pellets
of pain. To
fall down
with the
rains of relief.


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