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Congratulations to Ruby Lord on such a fine poem

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The Family Holiday Table

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Write about Success

Success transcends from
the act of perseverance
with instilled of mind set
build persistent image

Embrace each failure
with a positive attitude
that comes to face in life
with a matter of optimistic

Never resign from fear
with a determination
to overcome obstacles
reach for the shining stars

Success is counted
with the opportunity
making the impossible
to become reality



Just when you thought it was all over
And told to wash your hands of it
One sneaky lingering look says it all
And it is still there, alive and kicking
Almost proud and not too surprised
Despite the rumour, love never dies

It can even explode into a supernova
Or make a pearl from an oyster’s grit
The blinding light from a lightning ball
And one can hear a timebomb ticking
Once a significant sound is recognised
Yet mostly, pure raw emotion applies


Relief I hoped was near
Earlier I had such great fear
Listening to that ring in my ear
I now finally had the call so clear
Early today a really good time to cheer
Finally thanksgiving can be held so dear

Ashes of a Life

Quarter-twenty bolts mixed with tie clips in the jewelry box
Dust-encrusted fedora and homburg hats stacked on a closet shelf
Row of ceramic mugs and goblets high on a wall-top
Small, floppy, stuffed toy dog askew on the living room couch
Sculpted wax dragon candle on a bedroom shelf
Bundle of hair tied up in a ribbon

These are the ashes of memories left behind
When the holders of those memories are no more
Destined for a trip in a dumpster to their final ending
These are the ashes of a life

Questions of the heart?

When the winter wind blows cold,
down that old lane of ours.
I’ll be thinking I was yours.
and you were mine?
Did we look around to find,
the love we left behind?
Did we have the common sense
to give it one more try.
All these questions fill my head,
and I just don't know why,
but I guess we’ll both find out
on down the line.

Do you know?

Where are you?
Who are you from?
Who will bury you?
Do they know your NAME?

Who are you?
Can you breath?
Can you choke?
Will it work?can you burn?
to nothingness?
And finally, know peace?


IT was HORRENDOUS watching from the outside in
The office in the building smashed BLOWN within
high pitch screams baby crys hot MELTING tears
Souls dissappear HEAT like a THOUSANDS GOLD SUN'S
Body's claimed one by one now lives just gone
The shattered sparkle of spears like fragments

Good Test Results

In silent anticipation, I wait,
Heart pounding, palms sweaty,
For the verdict that will shape her fate.

In silence I have prayed, I wait
Heart pounding,eyes full of tears
For the verdict that will shape her fate

Then the moment arrives,
A phone call finally comes
An answer comes as a surprise

Words came , a score revealed,
A sigh of relief, her fate now sealed,
A wave of gratitude, my heart is healed.

Cycles of Hell (cat's challenge)

It started with the batting of an eye
A voice that made the heart skip
Touches that made pheramones drip
Spurned into a vicious lie

Slide the blade across your throat
That was all she wrote
Your name in blood
Amidst a sanguine flood

Drawn from the knives left in her back
After all your sneak attacks
Lying lips get far worse than stitches
Next will be all your snitches

Ring around the Roses
Pocket full of Poses
Your body's turned to ashes
Lit it up with gasoline and matches

Between Roses and Razor Blades

Here I sit
Lost inside my head
Wrapped around a blanket
Of existential dread

There's no way out; I've lost my faith
In everything but you; I hold dear
In your arms; there's nothing left to fear
I'll see you again between roses and razor blades

If I told you that I love you
Would it even matter
The blood's beginning to spatter
Hold me as I fade into the abysmal darkness


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