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Open Nomination Period

We invite you to continue to share reflections on the passing of our treasured member, Lonnie:

At the same time, the open nomination period for the next Administrative Council is underway:

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Some Metaphorical Speaking Sunku

As thorns
Might peck ****s
And kick ***es

End the lives
With no mercy

Her words
(Soft fabrics)
Kill with cold blood

Tit whipped.

Where the hell has he man gone
and why can’t I fart in bed.??

All true men are incarcerated
trapped on a clitoral plane,
where knee jerk reactions
drives a man insane,

We all wear pink pyjamas
frilly knickers and a bra
wear our hair in pig tails
shave our gonads ,,YAY HURRAA. !!

They feed us up on retinol
give us optrex for our eyes
provide the silken stockings
denier thirty,,, OOH nice thighs!!

Sweetness you are missed (Like a SUNUKU)

Sweetness you are missed

has taken over the
Neo's full page

of real poetry
has been deranged

None read
generic poems
Why compose them


Our Cells of Blue - March April Contest 2018

I press a finger against my glass
and you press one up against yours
My cell won't let me out of class
to greet you at my one front door.

Binary and bots, you see,
tend us both so carefully.
Confined under the same wide sky,
never seeing with our eyes.

I dream of fires beside the beach
your eyes, your soul, your gilded speech
But glass and prints of hand remain
All my dreams are in a frame.

Magpie Hill

As I sit on Magpie Hill,
amongst a kaleidoscope thrill,
caramel hillsides and hidden glens,
watching my dog run with canine friends,
chasing The Magpies, chasing some cranes,
to me it seemed rather mundane.
Sitting there enjoying the breeze,
enjoying life and changing leaves.

Ode To The Cellphone [March contest]

The cell phone that refers not
To a captive phone in a cell rather
A must have for the mobile lot
Constant companion for their blather.

What really puts many in a fright
That the towers of babble shut down
Taking away the essential birthright
Leaving the victims in a meltdown.

So, conversing when running
Communicating while driving
Speaking and showering
Calling during a meeting.

Addicted to calling culture
Endless appetite for the app
A creature of every feature
You are wired all over the map.

DAMN YANKEE ( for Lonnie)

One who served when others fled
and paid the price in sleepless nights
recalling comrades he's seen dead
and war's other horrid sights.

A guy who came from Yankee land
down here to where folks still recall
how lives were spilled like crimson sand
answering that rebel call.

I found him here one bygone day
writing verse with his own flair.
Deciding he'd come here to stay.
A displaced kind of northern bear.

Ode to the Cell Phone March Contest

Day in, day out
You make me
Want to shout
With your never ending
Tap tap tap

I tell you when to wake
I tell you when to sleep
Counting every step
And every bite you eat
Beep beep beep

You drop me in the toilet
Toss me on the ground
I fix your grammar
And you change it back
Kind of rude, Jack

Your life is in my memory
One glitch and it’s all gone
Without me, you’re hopeless
Without me, you're done

Serving Lifetime in a Cell [Sunku for March Contest]

Feels like
holding world
in my pocket

From my
Loo I roam
around the globe

me deaf to
knocks on the door

Shiny, streamlined smart
phone, tap, tap, tap.
Tiny, morse messengers, summon
our silicon gods.
Didn’t you know, the world is flat
and reduced
to the palm of a hand?
We have such power.

Sleek, sexy smart
phone, tap, tap, tap.
Hand held, caressed.
we worship
our sugar coated tablet,
which holds such power.


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