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Samson and Delila

Sweeter than honey- Stronger than a lion

My Love is
Sweeter than Honey

I am Stronger
than a Lion

I rest as she hunts for food
for me

Then every forty minutes
for about two minutes

all know it.....
now you do too



Deep thought and question

shall tackle it later

when emotion washes away


blood flows again

Two ways in life
for some


All philosophical

Human is a plant
which moves about
tears bring forth in some


in many just a
of cleanliness

it's all in one's mind

I have no UNIVERSAL solution


Trickle of smoke like a smear on the stars
climbs straight up
'like its lookin' fer its momma'
cradles the tin in her hands
King Beer, Carlin' Ice
tip toes on the fresh packed snow
Vincent will be working late
riding season's not far off

The Motorcycle Gang

A venue was set
Folks came from miles around
Just to hear the music & get down
The band was wailing on their guitar
A solo was underway
The brews were flowing
Suddenly the leader of the pack rolled in
It was the captain along with his faithful regime
All those Harley's on a free spirit scene
The smell of pot was everywhere what a blur
It was all sex, drugs & rock and roll
The gang circled around
A white flag was flown
There was a specific truce to part

I Used To Eat it Right Off the Bone

I used to eat it
right off the bone,
the fat of life,
the unknown gluttony,
and my own stupidity.
"If I knew then,"
all my elders would say.

I suppose this is the last vestige
of my depression,
the last outlet as I look back
on all my foibles and fuck ups,
and the paths I chose
that put me where I'm at.

And then we woke and forgot anything ever happened

The night fell in all white and strong
A whistling through the window's song
No hurry to her resting place
Came stealing steps from days long race

She offered up a healing calm
A note or two from nature's psalm
With trees all wrapped in street light glow
She sang a tune we used to know

As time took moment for a pause
And freed us from our daily laws
A silence came and held the land
And let us sleep all hand-in-hand

What I Keep Saying to Myself

I'll smile if the days
have badly rhymed
or if their rhythm
went rough or off.

I'll badly try
to sing my song,
and stay but calm,
be bold and strong.

I'll keep the flow
of an uplifting tune,
and be as cool
as autumn's noon.

I'll summon the words
to unspell the curse,
and fill my days
with nothing but grace.

I mom later I pop

We all ourselves are dual personalities
by day like one
and night the second when

We were born as in a nubile tube
the foetus took 15 days
to decide
gal or guy
that's why half our lives we are one parent
then the second half the other

Some are like pops first
some moms
later they reverse

See your friends and parents
and note behavioural difference

I am now the second parent
first one shall still remain a secret



grave of floor
the nerve dance
sarcasms pleasure
leaf droplet treasure

jittery thump
carrying the hump

ticker tags
haste flutter in delivery
scurry through grey rabbit
run run run

"I'm Sorry, Leaves, This Autumn Season"

I'm sorry, leaves, this autumn season
In marching on for no good reason

I do not dodge your fallen friends
From foliage, now dry with rends

I do not halt, or say "Alas!
I shan't just step on leaves and grass!"

I know that men this autumn spell
Have miffed you much, your colors tell

Please be tender, don't be curt
For men don't know you may be hurt

I'm sorry, leaves, this autumn season
In stepping without rhyme or reason...


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