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Why Did I Love You (August Contest)

Some may say that
You were born under a stone
That you pushed with all your might
To find the light above
The forest canopy

That you grew warped
Pushing until you split the rock
And then continued to grow
Straight and tall
With pride
And class

We breathe easily now
Because we loved you enough
To see you through
Your exhausting start
Without tearing you
From where you came
A seed of loving

Rescue Me

Oh heart, rescue me.
Let your beat
Be the rhythm of life.

And when I speak,
Let not cold currents,
deceit, reign supreme.

But let me remember
There is something more
Than left, right, middle.

Something more beautiful
Than what I might scheme,
Or plan

Oh heart please
give me your warmth
Return it onto my life

Choke Apathedics

I hid a note,
Underneath my shelf yesterday.
It's in my throat,
Stuck on all the things; I’m scared to say.

I'm a fool
I don't mean to make a shitty day.
Stuck in a pool,
Filled with my own blood -- won't go away

I’m trying,
My mind is screaming
Louder than last week.
No cryin’,
All I want to do
Is go and tweak--
I am sad,
I am broke.
Don't be mad,
Hide my cloak.

Fan The Flame

the brightness on the morning lurks the sun in full view of each episode
through each turbulence its good to take a part in the dance
practice romance
as though through a trance we fan the flame of resilience

Journey [Runic Symbol:Raido]

J o u r n e y is an expedition of the soul from birth to bliss; here to hereafter

Why Did I Love You (August contest)


                                     They ask me    "why did I love

Beyond Eternity

Each day when I get up early
I wonder am I now standing
at the end or far edge of eternity
as I am graduating into eighty
will let you all know
whether all who knew
recognized me
so remain standing by
I may still on the mommy Earth sigh
bit longer while
so continue to bless me
with your shining teeth
as you laugh or smile


The soaking sweat of football camp
the two a days in stifling heat
trying to sleep in air too damp
being 'most too tired to eat.

Coaches yell"Not Good Enough!"
as you fight for a starting spot
trying your best to be tough
merciless sun burning hot.

Helmets collide with plastic echoes
pads protect but not completely
jammed fingers and cleated toes.
Gatorade goes down salty but sweetly.

Longing For Redemption...

The edge of his singing blade is dulled
His armor has grown stiff and rusted
There is no more to give
The windmills he has tilted against have won

His hidden brother is mortally wounded
Gone is the joy of righteous anger
Departed in the night of his torment
It could not stand the assault

He simply lives, there is nothing left
Nothing to fill the emptiness
The aching hole in his heart
He's held by the chains of yesterday

Luck [Runic Symbol: Kenaz]

l u c k is a toss up coin with bright and dark sides, destiny keeps spinning, in the game called life


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