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Description: Write a poem to your childhood self. 12 to 32 lines written in rhyme or free verse .

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This week the Neopoem is " A Stranger by Anna Severchuk. Congratulations to Anna on such a fine poem, To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

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Never Say Goodbye

We've not yet come to the end,
of course, we're yet to start up,
we've a role to play among us,
so, don't depart without my wish.

The life I want to share with you,
it's a life of dignity and respect,
a love filled with purity of mind,
'cause my soul thirst after thee.

So, never say goodbye for now,
I'm still alive with a longing soul.
my heart drinks in thy goodness,
I'll never never leave without you.

The Olive Grove

She offered me an olive branch
Small then, at first,
not much more than a seedling,
but without guile
A truce from skirmishes of the heart

We are arborists now
tending to the bounty
in an overfilled grove
planted these many years ago


I want my food
I want my internet service
I want to be first in line
traffic to get out of my way
and my pizza delivered on time

I want the best
vehicle with the best
sound system

I want my politician to win
my thoughts and beliefs to be right
and my way of living to be left undisturbed

I want to be able to trample my footprints
through fields of tender flowers
just to manifest that I was there

My 24 Hour Presidency

If I held this office for twenty four hours--
the blink of an eye in the life of a nation--
I’d gather all of its limited powers
to summon the best who had once held this station,

to learn what they’ve learned all these years
in their graves, attending our history--
knowing full well it would bring forth their tears;
knowing it all would be shrouded in mystery.


I run to her when loneliness
Bears weight within my bones.
I seek her when resistance
To change shackles my mind.

I climb her mountains to be soothed
And have my senses put in order.
I walk her plains when life becomes
Flat and loses its mystery.

I investigate her hidden paths
When I've lost my child-like curiosity.
I touch her canyon cheeks and feel
Her tears for things destroyed
And held captive by urban decay.


She just showed up with it one day
the patient I cannot name here.

She had been one of those few patients
that I’d allowed myself to get too close to

guess that we had come to know each other
over the several years it took
to get two, t-w-o, double lung transplants
such a vivacious twenty-something
progeny of excellently smart parents
that somehow had given her the cystic fibrosis DNA
the stupid rare gene that kills some folk faster than others.


I miss her in the way that sometimes people say
"Covid is over"
I mean, we're all acting like its over
But its still everywhere
In the form of her things around my house
She used to take my breath away
And now its taken away by muffled sobs
I dont think ill ever shake this aching in my heart

before all ends

Come love
fear not the ailing one
lie on my shoulders
but just for once cuddle

waterfalls have now gone dry
‘tis been years passed shy
as the end approaches
why be wry within each other lie
simply just try

one more moment
may not come again
then why would you want to ever
our love we did not finally contain

upon my cheeks
plant a kiss
one may be

No title

sunday fun
rising high above
fulfillment conquer


This vast and fragile heart
Which has broken so many times
Never ceases to coerce the mind
Despite the missing pieces lost
During the shattering and
Every subsequent reconstruction


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