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On a western slope,
intertwined like rope,
snake like lovers aroused,
worn from being exposed.

These relics of the past,
loosing their grasp,
as lateral shoots are shed,
like tangled thread, that's dead.

But the tree stands firm,
in it's monolith dream,
from old forest spirits,
of Mother Nature, pristine.

With the dark sages of the forest,
from the top to the lowest,
increase in height,
as you ascend the flight.

Forming wondering staircases,
from their tree trunk bases.

To IRiz (the lady of Sunku)

Faith and valor

The Heaven's
Bridge to the Earth

A lady
In Sunku form

Short Verse

Rebel child
Something wild
Hard to forget

Failure to comply
Wrong in his eye
Stupid little bitch

Can’t you change
Isn’t it strange
Left behind


tick-tock tick-tock running out of time,
tick-tock tick-tock life is slowly drifting by,
tick-tock tick-tock pounding in my head,
tick-tock no time left,

stuck on repeat,
tick-tock a steady beat,
tick-tock here we go again,
tick-tock tick-tock it never ends,

time is a bell ringing in my ear,
it's a repeated tick-tock i can always hear,
it's a constant reminder of the time,
we have to live before we die,

CURSE OR BLESSED ( March Contest)

Sitting alone on this cold day
in a chair on the back deck
watching chill wind make trees sway
Muse almost forms....what the heck?

In my pocket buzzes my cell phone
just as I put pen to page
(now days we're never quite alone)
I crumple up an empty page.

Put the phone up to my ear
since the call Might have some import
and then what is it I hear?
A robo-call from some resort!

Gollum ( The Return Of The Stone )

heavy footsteps nailed to the sword in heightened folly
thrown from the dungeon state of extsence
there was a sone vested in the cavity nestled by the sea
Middle Aged conquest with a taste of unrest
Warlocks from beyond the prism glow

Don't mind me

This mind petrifies and engages me
Thoughts of what was and what could be
Sharp days with clarity my friend
Bad days that feel like they’ll never end

Everybody sees a different mask

Can this lucidity stay a bit longer?
It’s holding my heart up
And leaves good thoughts to ponder
Simplicity let’s me know it’s okay to be lead off track
It guides me back to the moment that I should be living in
And holds my hand while I jump right in
Go ahead, say what you need to say, it doesn’t matter what they think anyways

A Beach Party (Digit in USA)

Having a link beyond others graves
Digit temporary curtailed his killing ways
It would be easy to carry on later you know
an appointment with like friends just to show

A beach party he had for them to attend
From Washington he flew in great haste
Canoe Island lodge seemed to be the place
In the middle of the moons last phase.
Just enough light for them to graze.

To Tu Fu*

I stand with you, Tu Fu,
With your ten thousand sorrows.

To say I feel any different than you
With the spring about to mesmerize
And the sound of birds and flutes...

No, at last our spring is looming!
Soon we will leave this room;
I will take my walking stick.

My face is warmed
By the breeze
Swollen in pollen
And happily
I sneeze

And think of you, Tu Fu.

Say What?... [March Contest Ode To The Cellphone]

As I touch the keys
let my thoughts come loose
Pictures come and go
using more damned juice

The linking that I share
with the world at large
To my credit, I must use
a phone to make a charge

Killer phones, they are
They’re holding me for ransom
They’re so sleek and fast
some are really handsome

Anticipate my needs
just scan my words before
Put their own words in
Don’t need to say it anymore


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