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Female [Runic Symbol:Mannuz]

F e m a l e is the core of procreation, an artist's delight, a fountain of love; to whom all living forms owe for their existence

Love Is Listening

like a child
who repeats the same
question over and over again

we forget
that love is listening

that it can take a lifetime
to get some answers

that there are processes in play

that the boat must
take its tallied time
to travel up and downstream

crops must take gnarly root
to grow, fruit to sun
before it sweetly ripens

even as adults
we are like children
and parents both
inside the same body

one repeating
the urgent requests

August contest cross roads

Welcome to your Cross Roads
Its up to you on how it unfolds

simple to taste, complex to face
yet i escape with out a trace
making my way through mountain trails
skins pale, breads stale, hit another rail,
will they even read my mail,
was it just a tall tale,
am i really west coast bound,
will my talents be noticed,
will i be overwhelmed by emotions,
is it real or truly fake,
possibly the biggest mistake was
not to chase the dream.


Because they can’t talk or speak
Because they cannot hear us
They are still dwelling afar
You ought to count yourself lucky
Because the all-time silence
Does not have angry mob there
If not, they will showcase their vengeance
For their long falling asleep
The all time dwelling of the silence
Never sees nor speak from his quite place
Nor react for the mantle left for the mature
They mature is never on fire to execute judgement
For his own reason best known to him

F E M A L E: Mannuz [Runic Symbols]

When Adam sought a companion, God gifted him a Female

Joy [Runic Symbol:Wunjo]

J o y is whelming of the heart, rousing goosebumps, beaming in a smile; as buoyant as the first kiss blushing a maiden's cheeks...


Iya wa Osun,¹
Iya wa to-onsun,²
Sacred is Our Lady of Charity.

Orisha tobi aye,³
The betrothed of our Father Sango,
You whose rivers flow into the regions of the earth,
From Ekiti to Ado,
Accompanying life in it's trail,
Blooming forests for men to hunt
and fertile soil for them to till.

Iya Aye,⁴
How we have neglected you like an erosion path!
Have mercy on our children.
Take us, should we be held accountable for our sins,
A wise man never eats snails with the eggs.

A cup of tea -Poetry maybe your Coffee

Try and you can make Poetry

as your cup of tea//coffee

over 5543 read this  poem posted across the Internet in 2009

and is being still read by at least five. daily

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''My Wish''

Give me that strength Oh! Heaven,

to live up to the hopes desires and aspirations

of all those who send lovely salutations

to their poet in me


Give me strength (as a poet)

to compose exquisite poetry

as well as prose,


I am the late autumn leaf
clinging tightly to the tree
beat up by the summer storms,
autumn's colors deserting me.

Aware that with the next hard frost
I'll likely be driven from my home
high within the forest canopy
and join my brethren in the loam.

But stubbornly i still hang on
to the only life I've ever known.
Is this what they really mean
by becoming fully grown?

“Courage is knowing what not to fear”-Plato

There are two main categories that fear falls under:
We are either scared of pain, death or both.
You are not scared of spiders but a poisonous bite.
Not heights, just the fall.
And I’m not scared of falling in love,
I’m scared of being hurt.
I’m scared that my heart doesn’t know enough loss,
To understand absence.
I’m scared that he has stretched my lungs too far with laughter,
To accommodate chocking sobs.


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