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The Balance's Hue

A dog bites the sun. Poppy fields burn purple

smoke, war colors reaped in angles. Woman

abides, in her Tarot Eve, ambrosian arcana dealt

mysteries. Her red hair harvest in blind quarks of

memory, 3am thought webs, jade bit sonatas.


ghost dog asks
scratch in
scratch out
the meth is dry
Time drips
flagellant taps
daddy nods his
little naps
itch the belly
turn the telly
dont listen to they
whispering wishs
dirty glass
unplug this serpent
trim his crass
but his hisses drawl
lizard king crawl

night is fire raining
drums like thunder
welcome junk

flyers preaching
beckoning free
mad birds clapping
set them free


Facebook wisdom

"I tripped and fell into some feelings...
I'm ok now, brushed that shit off" Facebook wisdom.

I tripped and fell into a vortex of brightly coloured feelings swirling swept me away to a land of dots and relish where honkas roamed freely, devouring and befiending irksome distractions to the moon just passing hitching a ride whilst fearing the failure of gravity and oh look at that just then it showed me all I understand everything...

Never quite brushed it off.


It’s the middle of summer;
Driving fast,Windows wide .
The wind offers waves of relief
As it smacks your burnt skin.

Your favourite song is playing
As loud as it can go.
You can just FEEL the baseline
And your heart thumps in time.

You belt out the lyrics;
But your belt is ignored.
You like the feel of freedom,
The breeze in your hair.

Sand in your shoes
And cider tainted breath.
No more than two;
You promised mum you'll stay safe .

Pure Imagination

Pure Imagination

Sitting at the computer
tipping my fingers
on the key board
not so silent as before
my spouse hears me from miles
knows I am still ticking alive...
like a
Time bomb

What will happen
when she is in the kitchen
prepare a soft night's meal for me
my ticking and tapping fails
my heart derails

will she know
whatever happened
in those few moments
I flew away....

Bride of the seasons (May Contest)

Put on your ornaments, O bride of the seasons,
long we've waited for
your passionate presence.

Stand for what you present, O bride of the seasons,
for whate'er you present
is more than beauty and
no less than perfection.

Dress up like no other, O bride of the seasons,
answer those fashionistas' calls.
Strut around with vivid hues,
bring the colors back home.

Open your heart and mind, O bride of the seasons,
let all those fruitful thoughts
bloom into blissful blossoms,


Binding red ribbons
around silken syllables

Adorn me with prose
wash these sea shells
from my eyes

Bereave me
Stroking ashes
from my hair

Let fire
form an alphabet
with color dreams
of capsized sunlight

Meet me in death

Do not look
at my hands

Do not kiss
these opaque lips

They are
too old
to forgive

too young
to forget

Fair Weather Girl

You’re much too late
to harm me
I already know the future
and past
clear as a perfect day.
Nothing can steal this
black horizons still so far away.
And if I catch you
talking behind my back, well,
that’s just what people do.

You were just a little girl
crying, alone.
I can see you back then.
And it’s there I will go
to hold you…
forgive you
when it all rolls in,
and you run into the arms
of strangers.
who used to turn away.


Amanuensis (for Christopher Nolan)

Just the dolorous scrimmage of morning,
rummaging soft folds of gown
to find a simple pen

That which we take for granted,
the easy unravellings of
a contorted tongue

May come to us swift after the
squabbles of inner mind
fall to rest

Yet he: a Bard at fourteen years
locked in the maiden of chair
and iron clad birth

Writes nonetheless in depths
untouched by most, since
Hopkins strode the ground

Seeing Truth

Flawed, are we
for allowing our greed
for gold and money,
to deny others in need.

Enslaved by desire,
we fell into discontentment,
for we will never tire
of wishing beyond what was given.

We forgot our limits,
crossing boundaries
until we lost our wits
discarding priorities with such ease


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