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Mother's Day Image Prompt Contest Winner!

This winning poem of the Mother’s Day image prompt contest is

Mum... You and I by Rula

Let us congratulate Rula on another contest win.

This week the Neopoem is

 Loving You by  hippiemoon

Let us congratulate hippiemoon on another contest win.

Neopoet Weekly 05/12/24 to 05/18/24 Winner!

This week the Neopoem is


Mosquitos Suck!
  By William Lynn


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Neopoet Weekly 05/05/24 to 05/11/24 Winner!

This week the Neopoem is

Ways of loving by  Terumi Sakurai

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Jasmine and Jeremy loved to read
A book every night at amazing speed;
They’d lie on their bed,
Or sit in a chair –
Reading book after book after book right there.

Books in their room would be on the floor –
All sorted by author, by topic and more;
Then next to their bed
Were books that were new –
With pile after pile after pile to view.

Stories of Sinbad and Dorian Gray –
Stories by Wells, Poe and Hemingway;
The fantasies shelved,
The histories on racks –
With page after page after page of facts.


I wish you knew
How much you feel like home
And how much happiness you bring me
And how i wish to tell you that
Perhaps it's fear
Of the timing that's passing
It's passing fast but silently
Time hurts
But silence hurts more
It's like the sound of waves
Soothing and comforting
But also
Threatening and alarming

In the spirit of their leaving!

These giants among mortals
I grew up listening to them play and sing

I'd sit up late at night
trying to imitate their thing

They were more than just men
they were rock stars so to speak

I was mesmerized by their playing
it had a profound affect on me

Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck, among others
played music I could keep

Songs that carried me through hard times
too hard to bare then it seemed!

These giants whom I worshipped
are becoming an endangered species

What Does it Mean??

Why must I always feel like this
Sadness, with a heavy heart,
Like my life feels like it's gonna stop
And did it ever really start

I think I'm hearing voices, songs to be precise,
I thought it was the radio,
But no radio was in sight
I've caught a glimpse of something,
Out the corner of my eye.
But the music has intrigued me most....
Have I lost my mind?

If I died tomorrow,
Would the people I needed most
How could they care?
To them I'm already a ghost.

knuckles and palms need love too

i love being kissed,
but not just kissed, i love being kissed with intention.
i love to be kissed on my hands.
honestly, i sometimes prefer it more than being kissed on the lips.
while it could be the attention to detail
that i paid to romantic idolizations i held in my youth;
i see it as acceptance,
rather than infatuation,
because acceptance is more permanent.

when i kissed your hands,
while i perhaps mimicked beloved fairytales in my mind,
i did it to show you i accepted you,
all of you.

'59 Plymouth...

For sale: 1959 Plymouth 4-dr. Blk. with red interior.
318 V-8, with 4bbl. auto-transmission
65, 000 mi. needs new battery and tune-up
Clear title, no liens - $65.00 firm.

It was love at first sight,
long, dark and intriguing
just a little bit rusted,
she said, to me screaming,

"Take me home sweetheart
You won't be sorry"
I forked over the loot,
my eyes were all starry.

A scrub and a tune-up
new battery 'n more
derusted and painted
mended holes in the floor


The night remains a mystery to my conscious,
where dreams, sweet and lucid, a near reality
more clear than reality, constitutes a wonder
superior to the ticks of time. A place to create
in infinity where I must face my fears, as well
know the beauty, the freedom of the cosmos.

The Properties of Embers

It took me a while to understand love.
The kind that stays around and doesn't light new fires,
but shows you how to tend the embers that last.

The heat is still strong and gives a warmth you shouldn't ignore.
Embers when she still thinks you're funny after all these years.
Embers when forgiveness is given with just a look.
Embers when she says she wants to pass first,
because she doesn't want to know grief like that.

Embers are sometimes careless in this way.
Their heat can still burn you even without touch.

All that I need!

Fitfully flailing on an unruly sea
Please acknowledge my humble plea!
My only desire is to be free
Released from this uncanny ride raging within the deep
The depths of my mind which all too often reaps
The fruit of abject insanity
Engaged in my own soul's untimely defeat
Please come forward and comfort me!
Do not forsake or leave me alone
Your presence requested to make me complete
Your love and acceptance are all that I need!


When your gaze
Catches mine,
I yearn for fleeting moments
To become eternal ones,
For every gaze
To become memorable.

But then,
I remember that
Each passing moment,
I ache to share my thoughts
With you.
Yet my words are unheard,
Like whispers
Carried away by the wind.


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