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The cages we have built

A church drowned in perennial delusions,
Through its tainted windows the sacred sun is shining
And in the eyes of these two giggling children
I see the truth, I see all the gods dying

With fear of death dancing on their faces,
These humans condemn yet live desire
They have forgotten of the graces
And the divine wisdom of the heart's fire

Clinging to faith and hope of redemption,
In worship they kneel and kiss the floor –
Do they not know of the wonder
Awaiting outside the gilded door?

TO LIVE AGAIN (12-01-2012)

In this grisly grotto of endless void
Shivering amidst turbulent thoughts..
…cold… cold….
Sightless…heedless…devoid of emotions
Mindful of the encroaching darkness
That would birth an expected despair

on the field (october contest)

He was beautiful to see
abs bulging
star struck was I
as he pulled this wagon
a red wagon full of hearts
mine I left bare and naked
like soil filled with humus

On the field that day
we tilled the soil of our hearts
planting seeds of love
having no care
even the sky was cognizant
as she cried with joy for us

True North

Dislocate, uproot, relocate, distribute
Plant this line in your head and keep repeating,
Our divine right as economic migrants, that heinous vow we took,
Once mortgaged to the rock, we forsook for home,
Is now supplanted in cardboard boxes, a Pink Floyd flurry,
Distribution of reason, unhoused, disowned
In surreal distribution across the lawn, partway through the shed,
Up the hallway, into our beds, and thence on in to our crowding heads.

Dislocate, uproot, and relocate, distribute

Stunner Stupendous

Some girls are so pretty
Of course, some are shitty
And some simply turn you to stone
But my girl is stunning
Stupendously stunning
Love goddess that you’d like to clone

I know that views vary
But it is so scary
When girls haven’t aged very well
We look on with pity
If once they were pretty
Concluding that aging is hell!

Now my girl’s grown older
But no one’s yet told her
Her beauty has seen better day
For her, time’s unmoving
With age she’s improving
Her beauty still blows me away!


How vulgar are "thoughts and prayers"
To the victims of gunshots and tears.

The thoughts of apes and vultures
Salute the laws of savages
With prayers that spit at grief.

We wail from our skulls,
Wail from our bowels.

They call the bullets "rounds",
They call those bleeding "hit",
And call the dead as "down",
Like children in a playground
Of whimsical massacres.

Birth Life Love and Death

BIRTH LIFE LOVE AND DEATH* Birth life and love ere death... is all there is to existence
ALL KNOW AS NO ONE CAN DENY having seen a dead rat


Age is just a number,
But wisdom identifies one’s act.
Age reveals a long living,
Wisdom clarify one’s learning .
it's the nature of life

Don’t uncertainly declare,
For it is not a liar…
It’s always right.
Age can’t be cheated,
But some people are mendacious to themselves.
The time is set when we are born,
There is no bargain.

Health of State:

Slowness endemic
Corruption is systemic
State epidemic


Have I moved out?

My mother mourns for my childhood

when I was close at hand.

Close to her heart.

My books and artwork still decorate an empty room,

but they are non-essentials.

The important things

    My clothes

    My computer


are gone.

I can't live where I hardly spend two weeks.

My birthplace is alien to me now.

I have left home, never to return,

but have I moved out?


The important things

    My clothes

    My computer


are here.


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