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May 2021 Contest Announcement!

This month show the alter ego you always dreamt of. All entries must be 12 to 32 lines and written in any style. Good luck to all that participate in this contest
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April 2021 Poetry Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Viviana Smith
For winning the April 2021 Neopoet poetry Contest.
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Neopoet Random Challenge 3 wants to challenge you to write poetry about random subjects that are provided

Objectives: If you so accept this challenge, all you have to do is write a poem about the topic presented below. Use chosen topic from below as a title. Please make sure your poems are between 12 to 32 lines
This month's topics.

Recent news story
Mission impossible
A children’s poem

Whatever topic speaks to you please use as your title and select challenge from above under the contest drop down menu on submit a poem

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Neopoet Random Challenge 2 wants to challenge you to write poetry about random subjects that are provided

Objectives: If you so accept this challenge, all you have to do is write a poem about the topic presented.
This week's topics
1)When I am old
2)I will show you
3)My Love affair with junk food
4)Next time I take a taxi

Whatever topic speaks to you please use as your title and select challenge under the contest drop down menu on submit a poem

April 2021 Contest Announcement

This month let your nose do the writing. Our contest this month asks what that smell reminds you of. This sounds like a lot of fun so lets see what your creativity come up with.

The stream (all workshops)

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On Hearing from My General Practitioner (CTG)

On Hearing from My General Practitioner

Lamentably, the appointment proves not face to face
but pandemically remote: "How are you, Mister George?"

It's a bad line. I can hardly hear him, so I keep requesting
that he repeat what he's just said. I want my hearing tested

and he hears that much, says he will send me a referral,
wants me to take other tests to monitor my diabetes.

I'd prefer the appointment to be hands on, even masked
and this time without the intimacy of a prostate exam!


On a moss covered bridge, made of ivy clad stone
Our regal carriage passes slowly by
As hand in hand, we ride alone
Through the soft silhouettes of the emerald park;
You're gaze instills within my heart a sigh,
For your eyes are lovely, deep and dark.

Days of Spring

Days of Spring
This pheasant
lives in a cage of words,
black sticks bent just so, floating
in imagination’s thicket.

When he calls - chack chack,
a woodland copse, tree trunks
packed close, appear in my room,
the darkly silvered stems like shadows.

As I watch new buds and blossom
unfurl, on boughs reaching to the sun,
above the dark chaos beneath,
I smell petrichor, I smell musk.


“I put verbs in my sentences and i get to the bottom line”
Don't make me paraphrase, i wish that you were mine,
You make metaphors about dying, so don't tell me that your fine
You write me like your synonyms, i put you in the rhyme.
There's structure to a sentence where do you draw the line,
you stood as a paragraph, that no one can refine,
As a book with unknown authors and an unfinished storyline
Could you write me in with you, a chapter where we dine?
You are the essay paper i am hesitant to assign.

Secret Humor... [Narrative workshop]

"Hurry, hurry, get up it's late!"
How come it's so dark?
We changed the clocks, remember?

Get dressed, don't dawdle
Wash your face
Comb your hair

Pancakes and peanut butter
Tea, sweet and strong
Milk makes it smooth

The wind blows hard
It looks like rain
Put your collars up

Bye Mom, see you later at lunch
The school four blocks
Looking at later already

"Hey! Wait!"
What is it Mom?
"April Fool, it's Saturday!"

Time's Memories

Time came to her late one night
wizened and weary, carrying a light
He paced across her kitchen floor
- his agitation impossible to ignore;

Oh me! He exclaimed. Oh me oh my!
the hours are simply flashing by
I cannot remember my memories
and I'm no longer sure of my destiny!

She blinked at him a second or two
then said - surely your destiny is to simply be you?
To fulfil your role as you've always done
perpetually existent as the moon and sun?

What if? (The silent leaders)

A slave has fallen in a well
For he was sent at night
A slave has been eaten by wolves
For he was out for firewood
A guard is on fire for rescuing a maid
And no one seems to queench him
How much more will the king lose?

The king is unquestionable
The royal hood can't be questioned
Though many words are forcing my tongue
Itching for opinions
What if all slaves are dead?
What if all guards are vanished?
What if?
If nothing can be done


So this day has come at last,
My only anchor to a sorrowful past.
Through wretched tears you ask forgiveness,
Knowing I want no part of this,
Your empty arms reach for warm affection,
When all you gave was cold rejection.
What do you want from me?
Did you think I would forget so easily?

A Honey Smelling Petal

a honey smelling petal for those who don't miss it
swims fast through a smooth chocolate wind
but a whisper from the moon goddess
as she plays in your dreams puts
the spring, rose sky to sleep
The sound of her music luscious and pleasing
a symphony sweet as one could recall
will wake the sun from his peaceful slumber


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