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Haiku Poetic Selfie (May Contest)

eyes squinting sunlight
kissing diamonds on the sea
gives rippling water

The journey

In the garden of shrubs
where birds and insects gathers
In search of the rose that glitters
when a sun rise
it rises with a sunflower
which dances sheen for the sun
till it sleeps off.

An eagle is sitting with a shiny moon
when the skies plays
and when joy glimmers like a cluster
I will delightful sing a flourish melody
the appeal of my soul.

When foxes are crowded
I sight a blessing
(For who ever found love found life)
And I sigh with a bleeding heart for love.






In the castle of my dreams
Where you are my king
I loved you with all my might
Alone again tonight!

Zen-ful form of self - evaluation. (May Contest)

She felt her body with
blind fingers. ....
.... feeling the hard curves and
shriveled bones of an old woman -
When did she get old?
Crone-like... crow-like.... desiccated feathers dried to leather;

She felt body with
blind fingers. .... Self-examination before
'selfies' became
a zen-ful form of self - evaluation. ...

Pot Luck Freak

one in the 879 episode...,
polish the fence
to the Amish rent
episode in how I seek
parade in the pierce so deep
an ear full an eye so dull
onto the mint episode
Writer as ther poet saving space...
kiss my lips there tender smith
their spark within clean cut with out
lot to behold onto a different episode
Twin midgets to expose
Carnal words to create,
turn on the switch
lerap to charm the rice will float
203 879 2238..,
seerk soalce to a nearby chin


It is half past five and all have arrived
dressed in finery of every kind; I see
emerald greens, and sapphire blues,
white diamonds, and opal gossamer creams,
iridescent teals with mat black hats,
that flow like the cocktails do.
They are bejeweled with gold trinkets
with a flurry of purple, reds, and pinks
that splatter their faces to masks.
These lovely old birds now relax and unwind
and speak through their tiny pointed, pinched lips
a chitter, a chatter with a high pitched flatter

Reading a book

If everyone was reading a book right now
How quiet it would be
The deluge of skin-flakes
Our shorted-out bodies
Whirling without a gunshot
The flaccid wonder of us
The hundreds-and-thousands of our eyes

Thanks Again Mom...

My mom thanked me for coming
I told her it's my honor
I don't get there often
But, she knows I love her

Grandkids and great grandkids
Coming through the door
My sisters and my nieces
Her room can't hold much more

I see her through old eyes myself
I'm pushing seventy-one
Remembering when she was spry
Still dancing, having fun

She taught me how to Jitterbug
Do a Charleston step or two
How to treat a lady
And when dating what to do


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