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Community News

A sad announcement

February 19, 2020

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Jess Tapper (weirdelf). Jess was a founding member, a former member of the Board of Trustees, the first ever Neopoet AEC Chair (in addition to being an eight time AEC/AC member), and most recently, the Director of Workshops and a member of our Cabinet.

We will hold a series of events to memorialize Jess, including:

- Jess Tapper's friends on Neopoet will host a chat room on Saturday, February 22, at 7 pm Eastern (11 am on Sunday, February 23 in Sydney, Australia)

- We've opened our forum -

Andrew & Paul

Legends, Myth and Tall Tales

Dark Side Chat with Geezer presents stories on the wild side. Do you believe in big foot, aliens or ghosts ?
Write a poem about any above subject or your own. This coming Saturday at 8 PM EST.
If you want your poem scrolled please contact Neopoet Chat by private message by Thursday midnight.

Come join our monthly contest read the description below.
Description:This month's contest will be about an EARLY Spring, not just Spring, but an early Spring. It should be thirty lines or less, (one or two more will be allowed). Any form, it must be about anticipated, wished for or actual. From any viewpoint; yours, children, animals, ect. Prewritten poems are allowed but must conform too parameters.

January 2020 Contest Results

Congratulations to the winner: Sparrow 42
Please visit the winning poem here:

Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

Election Results (February 2020)

We would like to cordially welcome the new members of the 26th Administrative Council:

Alan S Jeeves, AC Chair

And, in alphabetical order:

c lynn brooks
Roscoe Lane

Please join us in congratulating the new AC and wishing them the best for the upcoming term.

AC Election: Announcement (January 2020)

Our election begins today, with the following individuals on the ballot:

Roscoe Lane
Miranda Ortiz
Edna Sweetlove
Alan S Jeeves
c lynn brooks

The election will continue until Saturday, February 1st (5 pm Eastern Time).

You may view the voting guide (and candidates may update their responses) here:


The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.


Three Serious Limericks

.................... I ....................

In a hut, 'neath an African sky,
A young girl is preparing to die;
She dies all alone,
She's just skin and bone.
"What a shame!" the world's crocodiles cry.

.................... II ....................

To conquer disease it takes money
(Ask any laboratory bunny),
But the drug cartels say
"We can't give cures away".
Don't you think that's really quite funny?

.................... III ....................

A Cancer Patients Last Wish

I dream for those who are on cancer beds
struggling for a wet cloth
to moisten their dehydrated tongues
and dried up palate

they can’t speak
with closed eyes
let me now sleep
the eternal sleep
only promise me you shan’t weep...
but once my heart ceases to throb
do not think of me as dead
but all my good wishes be published
to be read
proceeds given to world Cancer Society

from cancer there is no relief

A Tall Tale (Conceived while on a Hayride)

Sam's father was a rattlesnake, so mean,
he bit his tail to watch himself expire.
He lay quite dead, and that is all we care
to know about that Sneaky Snake, Sam's sire.

Sam's mother was a horny lizard, known
by creepy critters simply as “Ma Liz.”
More kindly predisposed than Sammy's dad,
poor Liz had suffered early death, like this:

Out on the road she tried to get a tan
but failed to see my beat-up pick-up truck;
she flat-lined in the Arizona sun
and left behind a streak of skin and yuck.

Journey On...

We remember, we remember
But, we will not ever understand
The truth that took you from us
Stunned by our loss
Try as we might
Numb from the fact
We cannot fathom the purpose

Stars should shine brightly

Marital Bliss

I have been clean shaven
but was a cat's whiskers
even till now

she has tolerated me
our marriage @53

we both are very lucky
save roses says she
now they are so costly
Ah passionate we still can be
Honey your poetry is
shall we say..

An Awful History of a Land of Avarice

Founded by a ragbag motley crew of
English, Irish, French, Dutch and the rest,
absent landlords, plundering slavers, religious rebels
clutching bibles to their righteous bellies.

Independent thanks to ministers of incompetence
in London and a moron German king of England
whose puny plans to quash colonial insolence
were foiled by treacherous French hypocrisy.

The Train's Last Stop (English Penfyr)

i saw her on the train track - standing there
her hair hung down her bent back
hands around a small white sack

she held a broken fiddle - mystery
her history a riddle
just standing in the middle

alone at that old crossroad - lost, she weeps
keeps lifting that heavy load
she has lost the secret code

whatever happened to her - i wonder
then thunder causes a stir
is she going to endure

whistles scream then comes the rain -thunders slam
i am attacked by her pain
as she embraces the train

The Ghost Skater

After years of searching for a separate reality;
toiling with instructions, forsaking origami
and sweating under the hood of my 65 Chevy,
I fell on black ice cracking - I’m cracked

Breathing the flow of lonely music.
Wearing a white canvas suit, tied up.
I will never let them know, but they know
that this ghost skater knows to look inside;
the inside of the inside of the inside.
How deep could it go? Down the
rabbit’s lonely hole...

Sitting and Thinking About Women and Men

There is a thing about Maple Leaves
That make them better than Oak Leaves
The Oak trees know this and are jealous
The Maples know this and quietly wish the Oaks well
People are split in their affiliations
The trees have a much deeper, quieter nature
The Oaks maintain their dignity, grace and sense of humor
by using their jealousy to fuel their drive to be
the greatest trees in the forest
that will be the second choice of the lumberman.

A child here heaven does call, - shall be brave
Souls must save, fighter stand tall
By virgin hands English fall

Will of God speaks to a girl - precious youth
Witness truth, her fire unfurl
Almighty wrath she now hurls

Fearless, accepting her fate - sad demise
Spirit rise through holy gate
In heaven trust, angels wait


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