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Kon ga, Kon ga Kon ga Kon ga
Kun du, Kun du Kun du Kun du
The ogene speaks in the hand of the priest,
With his one chalked eye of the gods
He dances in a circle like a cock approaching a hen
Hmnnnnnnn with a shake of his head, he sits.

Why will the gods inflict me with females?
The great hunter, and the best of farmers
I’ve married seven wives, still, the gods are silent
My name will not stop in my generation,
Eye of the gods if there's anything let them speak.

The Process of Mourning

You grieve
Like soft whispers,
Trying to yell

Be heard
From far ears
Of loved ones

Each word
Dark, frigid,
Lonely and, still.

To smile or cry

In our life
There are days of smiles and cry's
The days are shorten as the laughter
Seems to die.
We desperately hold on too the laughter
Because to laugh gives us a choice weather we live or die
Yes the days are shorter ! of smiles and cry's
But the remembrance of the laughing will be the smile that I cry

On dark,

The sky outside has been rip clawed
By the points of pressure that leave
A paw shred that bleeds wine
Remnants of the day we let slip by

At intervals of ten, at least
I drop out the back to watch it
Darken into a hardened scar,
And there it lingers in quiet air

Waiting for a rib of wind
To tickle it into submission
Where vestige leave it may take,
And by degrees, dissipate, a dark sea

Hands Built Upon Rock

breath deep my friend
inhale to fragrance of lavender mist
lie awake in secret as two parting doves in flight
dust off the extremities of disorder
Oh pale sun doth rich earth

create a chasm as if a void
go deeper then before penetrating the heart
we lie in wait to deceive
heads in the street
the fertile soil is blemished with blackened tar

Thou creature of a wizard,
Beautiful wench!
How you flick your wand
To bind the cosmic beings.

Men being a constellation
Scattered in the milky-way,
You bring to order our failings
Sticking friends and *fam to their loved.

What will I be without you old friend?
Who will run my errands overseas
And keep me company in pensive moods
When loneliness plough this mundane soul?

I grew up a poor country girl living on the out skirts of town. We would move every year like the military form place to place and house to house within in the same little town of Turbeville.

There weren’t many neighbors, so me and my siblings, two boys and five girls, spent most of our time roaming the woods for fruits and berries. We played all the outdoors games we knew and created some of our own. Those were the days of innocence and youthfulness.

Welcome Euthanasia

Welcome Euthanasia

He sleeps now soundlessly
half breathing

Relatives watch over him calmly
having been given a verdict
Euthanasia has been welcomed
with passion

still he breathes
how long will such a one
prolong pain and grief
relatives become sleepless
in pain he sinks

My groan or Phone's (March contest Cell Phone)

I was just in the toilet checking my Poo
As at my age this is what you should do
Damn phone fell down the loo.

Wrapped it in rice that was very nice
Until the whole lot went into the oven
The Mrs thought I was helping make a pudding

Phone you were supposed to be smart
Trouble and strife thought it was nice
That I started to make a pudding with rice.

Today I took it to have a new glass put in,
I should have put the damn thing in the bin,
Seventy pounds it cost me this afternoon.

An Hour, by D.H. Hawn

What is an hour?
For most it's sixty minutes,
Churchill called the Darkest Hour,
the span of 363 days,
while Britain peered cross the channel in a daze.
The Empire facing the Axis alone,
until the Axis tested the Soviet's stone.
Attack divided,
relief provided.
That Darkest Hour would be one worth losing.
As to the contemporaneous loss of an hour,
I'm too busy,
I want it back.


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