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Description: Write a poem to your childhood self. 12 to 32 lines written in rhyme or free verse .

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This week the Neopoem is " A Stranger by Anna Severchuk. Congratulations to Anna on such a fine poem, To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

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mysteries of life

life is mostly work and education but epiphanies appear like butterflies
or hornets in your yard sometimes a costruction worker has einstein ideas
at lunch break love at first sight happens like the butterflies

Remembered Loves...

Vignettes of lover's arms and lips
born from long ago
I'm firmly in the today
but I wanted them to know

You gave me nights of passion
light in days of sorrow
You taught me how to love
to think about tomorrow

So now that I have brought you
all to fore of mind
The ones that still live on
I hope don't think of me unkind

Because, no matter how we parted
there are memories sweet
I choose to remember them
instead of pictures of defeat

A Singing Drum

It stands in my living room
Like a small stout child
Not more than two feet tall
It has one thick leg
Made from a tree
Lenke or Mango wood

Its head shaved smooth
Made of goatskin
Fur around its neck
Like a fluffy collar
Rope around its body
In a Guinea weave
The tone is a punch
The slap is like a bell
The bass deep and hollow

An ancient telephone
Spirit message sent
Hands hit the membrane
Vibrations received
Shaking the heart
Rooted to the Earth


One hot, stormy summer night
Mark and his parents had a fight
Was the last time Mark was seen
Mark vanished that night like a dream

Mary was said to be an adorable girl
Mary had brown eyes and hair of curls
Mary went out to make herself a new life
Mary was last seen with a man with a knife

Danny longed for a better life for himself
Danny never told anyone that he had left
Danny disappeared at the age of fourteen
That was the last time Danny was ever seen

My Life

I belong to me
And for you, it seems, is hard to see
It’s my own purpose, not your life
I never wanted your advice

I’ll form my path, you’ll see me strive
Reforming my once crumbled pride
Without you there, I find my light
Just watch me as I shine so bright


you must know
No human can do anything
since ages gone
ages to go

EARTH will have
so many have come and gone

now we have AC's
what else to cool off

fruits and trees
juices and produces
we had all overflowing then
had lesser population

now we have samples to see
leeches peaches
later may be perfumes
like essences mostly

still rich will enjoy bubbly' s
we red or white wine

Of poets, I know their beating hearts
Vital organs drumming tempos
Unending circles, ambiguous starts
Infinite roads a writer can follow

One road I traveled opened this door
Affords a deeper look inside
A place I thought that I could be more
Somewhere I feel I do not have to hide

They took me in and gave me a home
A space where I can really create
Where others come experience my poem
Peruse through my work, urge me to be great


I wander the halls
Night and day
Dust particles
Illuminating my way

I sweep the floors
And wash the clothes
But no one seems
To notice at all

Just work two jobs
And pay those bills
No one cares
If you're really there

You're just a paycheck
And free health care


lost and found

when we are in the womb we are found born lost for a few minutes
getting used to seeing parents and doctors playing with pets or toys found
adolescence mostly lost we are all lost in the huge spaces of north america
enjoying it but wishing sometimes we are bin Europe iindians are found

On The Rocks

On The Rocks

She sat on the rocks and thought about her life
She wondered if she should use a gun or a knife?
One is quick, but it was bloody as it could be
The other is slower but was just as messy

She looked back on her life and how rocky it was
How no one could hurt her like the one she loves
No one else would love her, so she stayed
Though she knew that she was being played


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