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Broke out of the house, now I am loose,
walking White Ave. sipping a juice,
avoiding sidewalk cracks, needing a chew,
I search my pocket through and through,
pull out a Peppermint stick,
unwrap it real quick,
car tires ticking,
flip-flops flipping,
people walking,
Old Strathcona talking,
once silent pavement bursts with noise,
as old men show off there toys,
convertibles converted,
Christian perverted,
walking society,
such variety,
human condition,
in multiple transition,


Poetry, is not just
The rhyming of some words
It’s an expression of a feeling
Which a heart shepherds

A rhapsody of heart and thought
Immersed in joyful bliss
Or dashed upon those rocks
Of agony’s abyss

Pictures made of words
Painted by a quill
Words that dance and twirl
At the penman’s will

The fusion of a thought
With the gift of soul
Emotions that are freed
Without any control

"Do I Cry?"

When do I cry?

Gaps form over the passage of endless time.
People leave my side each year, I am feeling fine.
Not their thoughts but their physical form.
A Sister, a Brother, a love, or another friend.

When do I cry?

When the spaces are few from one to the next.
If this is an age thing, then I am the aged keeper.
Close family that held the records of us all.
Why didn’t I keep the records and learn more?

When do I cry?

A summer Place

Summer was gone, fall was in full color
I Woke up to the sound of a cold rain
wrapped in a memory as tears grip my face
like raindrops hugging the window pane
I think about that song,a summer place
and picture you and me on that beach

I remember when I first saw you
Swayin’ to the rhythm of the waves
On that lonely stretch of beach.
I walked up to you,looked into your eyes,
You said hi and in that moment,I was captured
I found a love for me hidden on a beach

Is love really blind

Teenager falls in love with a senile one
all hearts throb and the minds sing,

Each one has one’s own melody,
some hilarious
others moody

Our inhales and exhales
now can never match
but we feel intensity!!!
are we a mismatch
just tell me

She is a teen
but I far from anyone’s desire
now to be seen
why does she love a decaying tree
someone simply console me


We thought of revolution
we dreamt of transformation
we thumb printed upheaval
suddenly here comes a knock-
on our heads unexpectedly.

they call it change though
it's chain is at the opposite
change you said begins with me,
what happens to you?
if all eyes can see the
same fact justice shall reign.


This heart that was once fresh and soft like the morning dew
When I cared, I wanted to care more
This heart that had been chewed and vomited severally,
This heart that had passed through the eye of the needle
When we thrust it to angels who abuse it,
It’s a simple phenomenon play or gets played.

Silent Synergy:

Mindful empathy
Extraneous apathy
Comes telepathy

Practice Mindfulness

being in the moment you can do this
you have been here before
breathe deep
create a chasm in your mind
spectrum of sound

Heart Tugs

i could sense you were thinking about us
when I looked up
and watched the Moon
streaking through an overcast sky
the same crescent,
I knew you were watching
in that moment of the craving

moments later
a droplet of rain upon my lips
moistened my eyes
and soon the rain
was drizzling through my eyes

as the wind picked up a notch
the branches danced wildly
a solitary leaf seeking warmth
I barely managed to clasp
and upon it caressed your feelings


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