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January 2021 Contest Announcement!

This month our contest is about the boundless sea. There are no restrictions on the amount of lines in the poem.
Good luck to all our contestants for more information please visit

December 2020 Contest Result

Congratulations to Michael Anthony
For winning the December 2020 neopoet poetry Contest.
Please view the winning submission below

Thanks to all who participate in this month's contest

December 2020 Contest Announcement

This month we are asking our members to participate in a poetry contest that could give a modern twist to one of the ghosts that visited Scrooge on Christmas Eve. Let us see what modern twist you can put on a Charles Dickens classic. Best of luck to all our contestants.

November 2020 Contest Results

Congratulations to the winner: Miriam Louis
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The Confounding Flower

The grandest moon tulip grew
in the far reaches of the willows .
The shadows of the trees knew,
if they were to shrink and billow,
the tulip,moon, was sure to undo.

But the shadows became hugely spiteful.
Why should they focus on her refuge,
allowing the tulip to flourish at nightfall?

The shadows told the willows,
The willows told the sun,
who grew all the brighter
to dismantle her fun.


Aurora, you are the glowing dawn
that follows night; but should
I rejoice? You drive the hours
of blest oblivion away,
and then my heart festers.

Let me embrace the safer darkness
once again. She is the joyless epoch
that promises nothing;
nothing I expect; but at least
she is consistent without a promise
in her nothingness.

Flower Made Much Comparison To Whom?

Part I
A flower shared without itself to be loved,
Of a fragrance made less forgotten, as a taste kept ye unsatisfied,
For the thought made to follow from what hast beareth no love,
Inasmuch as the things were taken from within the tares,
Without the embracing which was held once, that were made to rot and beareth no reason for ye to love,
Left forgotten of what beauty led by the misuse of a love,
To what is it proclaim one's love?
Despised themselves of a manner implying unto their beauty and becometh less of,


You cannot know the pain
To be on your own again
They say it's better
To have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all
But I wonder every day
If those who said those words
Full know the cost of a broken heart
Aching hopelessly.

Dog Stars

I hate the sun
without you here
I wish the moon
could still see you too

I can forgive the stars,
if they’d let me see you there
Maybe tomorrow though
they may need some time

Canis Major perhaps;
you always loved animals
That’s where I’ll look for you
in the midnight sky

Better to do it then
so you won’t see my tears


Last night I dreamed
I was laughing.
At what, I don't remember.
But that's not the part that matters.
I woke up happy.
Awake to simply...

I drank honey tea
from a favorite cup,
and as I held it in my hand,
I could almost feel its pulse,

much like a seed deeply planted
beneath dark, rich soil
eager to break the earth -
ready to sing.



A short while ago
doc said so

Now you go eat the diet I laid for you
relax all will be well for you
gave me a thinking of a lease
at least more nine lives

then the cell rang loudly
doc here
I withdraw fully

You haven't fed me well
So I will have to rethink
the terms of lease

wait for some time
no tension
okay my young son


perhaps you are like my son
I pop to thee

Finalize the lease hopefully
I wanted to drink

The Pinnacle of My Evolution

I guess, if I’m not suffering
In at least one way
Then I may just be dead?

Who said that life was for living?
Let’s be honest
It’s not all rose petals and confetti
It’s bloody hard

One day you can be at the top of the mountain
And then in a flash
On the floor
Sitting uncomfortably
with those rocks people speak about
You know,
When things can’t get any worse

Still I try not to take the lift or escalator up
I like the stairs
Some might say I’m a glutton for punishment?


Years of travel got me here
high above the turmoil and the strife;
safe, I think, with those held dear
the high point of a hard , hard life.

So here I sit on a cliff's edge
the world of worries far below
free feet dangling from the ledge
listening to the thin wind blow.

Yet now that I've attained my goal
why has peace of mind been rent?
Why no contentment in my soul?
Why does it seem all things are bent?

Through Colorless Eyes

Many a time I wonder
If the human race means humans or something more sinister;
If the human race possesses conscience and intelligence,
Or something crude and poisonous from the dark underworld.

I wonder once more
If the human race is merely broken
Or just at its twilight,
Drifting away into the dark nights of racism and hate.

Is the human race lost in division and rage that
It has forgotten it is all the world there is?
That it is carved out of the finest of life?
And made the greatest among the strongest?


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