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These are normal
now the world over

but see the positive side of it all
guess what lovedly has in mind

they say 2020 10 billions human
how will you feed?

so JESUS knew
well in advance

said He

but poor impoverished and weak
He meant hopefully

We all stand besides all humanity
don't we

such intelligent poetry
doesn't come easily
but rarely

This Beating, Beautiful Now (For Mary Oliver)

you spoke
so eloquently,
hatching such wonder
for this world

that even while I wonder
about the next
(to which you have
finally flown)

I have enough
in your winged words
in this warbling world
to stay busy

for many dawns
& many moons
many birds
& many bird-flights

loving & learning
& giving language

to this beating


Waiting on the day to finally end
Dragging its heels like a cranky child
As we’re cooking, sitting in the smothering sun
Heat on our backs like a dragon’s yawn
Glare roasting our newly born eyes
Shoulders already crowning scarlet
Shaded meekly behind wilting umbrellas
Or palms turned up in surrender
Dreaming of the water, salt and the viscous scent of sunscreen
Gripped by entropic lethargy
Deep in our season of discomfort
Hair catching, make up running, skewed in disarray


the seduction of eternity

ice house Shekinah
sad hag
during the blood soil days

pets left on the dark side of the moon
a deluge of morality in a palace of tears
structures of consciousness under compression

the tongue of eternity
a veiled Eros licking
flickers a selfish dream serenade

pollen of discontent
like a pregnant superhero
dressed in a candy wrapper
treading a visionless ezoic brain

war zones of memes and genes

Stag Night

The nights are long, and the days are short now
While winter winds echo across the land
Tonight the king will return as is planned
With a frosty touch on a silent bough
There by the fire I chant the sacred words
Amid inky sigils and corvine birds
And the gods of Sun return to my heart
If winter should bring yet more ice and snow
In their blessed warmth and love I will stand
A warrior touched by the ancient hand
To see their magic in the arcane glow
That carries the soul as the long nights drag


Sitting with only one lamp on
alone as only old men can be.
A far coyote's song has just begun,
his tribute to being wild and free.

All of the old folks now are gone
so I guess that I am now one of them.
The chair creaks that I'm sitting on.
A cloud outside turns half moon dim.

I was once a coyote too
who roamed where and far as I would please
beneath skies both gray and blue
in woods still and tossed by breeze.

ROSES IN BLOOM (Contest: Changed Perspective)

I feel myself begin to dream
of all the friends who’ve come and been.
So many of them still alive
within the corners of my shadowed mind.

The relatives crowd in there too
as if the afterlife has nothing much to do.
Many are unknown to me
Just names in our troubled family history.

All surround me with their voices
Reminding me of all my poor choices.
And in my secret darkest heart
I know that their deaths played their part.

Civet Cat

If I ask you would you give me some time
A brief moment shared in rhythm and rhyme
I will not ask for any more than that
Just the merest glimpse of sweet paradise
Inhaling your sweet scent of civet cat
Aroma feeding my inner desire
Just a moment of lust shared between us
Ignites the spark of eternity’s fire
The supreme love of Vulcan and Venus
Again, I ask for a moment in time
The question hidden in casual chitchat
My words lost, disguised grains of wild rice
Will your heart see all this that I desire

The Sower of Dream Wax

I would be the sower of dreams,
flossing the dead with new flavors,
spreading mirage matter on abandoned
walls. Better yet as a pair of eyes
rolling in the dark, beneath the lake's
syrupy tide, stained by the pyrite gold
of floodlights; a messy voyeur
a gaze which scalps the night.

Naive (Fear Of The Unknown)

Trying to remember
The last thing you said;
But for every time I tried,
I have always failed.

I wish I could fill
Every silence with your voice.
As a punctuation or better still
As a song of my choice.

I wish I could spend
Sometime in your heart;
Maybe I would comprehend
How much love we share apart.

And though you try to hide
How much you love me.
The fragments that reside
In your smile are there to see.


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