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September Contest Results

Congratulations to the winner: Samary!
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Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

August Contest Results

Congratulations to the winner: B9Pat
Please visit the winning poem here:

Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

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In the near silence of this night
as witching hour soon approaches
I try to overcome my fright,
despite my best it still encroaches.

I'm in this house based on a dare
made in the cheerful light of day
but now I feel dark spirits' stare
all urging me to run away.

Flee this small deserted house!
Flee right now while you still can!
Flee! my mood and mind espouse.
But fleeing isn't in the plan.

The thoughts of a troubled soul

Can I run away from my problems?
It chases me as a predator to a prey
Looking to devour
my human sanity,
I have no immunity
from its fangs,
which hovers around
My self-consciousness;
Breaking inner glows
Corrupting rows of thoughts

No Breath in Me

I think about what I could be
but there ain't no breath in me
Plenty of light but I can't see
Cuz there ain't no breath in me
I'm the empty husk of a hollow tree
There ain't no breath in me
One kind word will set me free
show me what I'm supposed to see
Make me who I'm meant to be
but there ain't no breath in me.

To our Mother, Nature

It’s all a buzz and hum of living
swirling among clouds,
lifting high above the ceiling
of the what’s and why’s and how’s,

A swarm of wilderness afloat
upon the wings of the great breath,
a ray of sun is sizzling hot
upon my skin and sheath.

Reasons do nothing to contain
the joy of being still,
there’s a wide melody that trails
since before my birth and still—

I attune to listen in
to the shouting match of crows,
the blooded drum beating within
to the great dance and its bows—

Ah! You Comfort Me

You are the soul of a poet
I can only kneel before you

As you are a real poet

Poetry for me
is just an expression
of thought love and emotion
as these go hand in hand

Some like it others can
but many digest it they can't

so I keep my pace
in the rat race

I don't participate
as I'm one of my own kind

Unique hope all don't mind

My love is universal
it's for the asking
where on the earth
do we have humans basking


Our land will smile once more,
The word provoked the peasant passing wind
Flamboyant bogus ‘Agbada’ dangling,
And a one sided ‘Kembe’ folded
Murmurs some in the awaiting crowd
What has the eyes not seen

Our land will smile again
If I drink from the cup of the past saints
Education under trees will be paralyzed
A loud thunder on a sunny day
Could this had been the intervention of ‘Sango’
Just let me in

The growth spurt

In the dark, dusty corners
of an exposed brain;
a seed has been growing,
past roots of deep pain.

A little hand of compassion,
intuitive to unseen travails,
planted love in kind fashion;
a seed so small, now pivotal.

Method of the many masks,
now a common commodity.
Her own, a burdened task;
heavy, after the heart’s robbery.

Without sunlight and care,
the seed sat amongst ruins.
Holding what could be spared.
A brokenness that drew in,
sentience to what's not fair.


You said you were sorry, 

You said you were lost

You said you would love me whatever the cost

You said you were lonely 

The Devils Pearls

A mournful cry
pierces the night
a lesser man would take flight
yet there beseeching the broken night
he splays bespoken dreams

Oh to what gods do I pray
that of Isis and Osiris
to end this longing and dismay
remove the darkness and dispair
or be you on thy way

And who will speak a eulogy
for the death of a sustainable
part of me
remote and distant this day
no more, no more will this go on
passions fire has departed and gone
only in memory does it live on

Ninth Dimension

It is so sad to feel this way
The glue has come undone
I see no way to remedy
The twisted side has won

A world that races wildly on
With plundering and shame
The only way to sidestep this
Is play that deadly game

An entity of greed and force
Lives totally aware
Inside my intellect it breeds
Those wicked words of flair

That is the way I capture them
And toy to my delight
That words of beastly attitude
Will mirror their hate tonight


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