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Neopoet Weekly 02/11/24 to 02/17/24 Winner!

This week the Neopoem is

The Purge by RoseBlack

Congratulations to RoseBlack on such a fine poem.

Neopoet Weekly 02/04/24 to 02/10/24 Winner!

This week the Neopoem is

Lovergirl by hippiemoon

Congratulations to hippiemoon on such a fine poem.


Voyager Image Prompt Contest Winner!

RoseBlack has won this contest

With the poem  A Ghostly Voyage

Congratulations to RoseBlack

Neopoet Weekly 01/28/24 to 02/03/24 Winner!

This week the Neopoem is

Come one, Come all by MermaidMaster

Congratulations to MermaidMater on such a fine poem.

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Upon approaching advent of an early spring 2024

(alternately titled GENESIS RESPLENDENT)

No matter the calendrical/official onset of vernal equinox takes places Tuesday, Mar 19, 2024 and transpires until Thursday, Jun 20, 2024, an intimation sensed (predicated on above average temperatures for February 21st, 2024) that season of blooming plants will override any assertion of Old Man Winter.

Wildfires II

my life was
like an open wound
seeking healing from the pain...

my love was
septic, pure sewage
garbage down a drain...

my heart
recognized yours
as a beacon in the dark...

your soul,
fuel for fire
to lighten and spark...

your mouth,
the source of my truths
I will hang on every line...

your eyes,
speak in the softest tones
I praise the skies that you are mine!

Clouds Over Paris

"The wind had to blow the clouds here
before it could blow them away."
~ Wislawa Szymborska, No Title Required

Perhaps there is a young woman in Paris
who lives above a boulangerie.
Each morning she awakens to the aroma of fresh bread.
And each evening, she dips her bread in a warm
and spicy vegetable broth.
Morning and evening. Day after day.

Life is wonderful this way,
a fragrant new morning,
a contented supper each night.
Happiness rests within these moments.

I Miss You

We didn't talk today

You couldn't even look at me

But that's not even the worst part

The worst part is...

I know I can't fix it.

I can't turn back the clock
And make a new ending

I can't go back
And do things differently

I can't unsay the things I said
Or undo the things I've done.

So here we are.
Two friends
Turned lovers
Turned strangers once more.

And I can't even tell you I miss you.

Warning-The World

The world that
comes to display
is falling apart with
crisis of anger flame
filled the scenery
with a battle view
words have no
forms are falling
from the lips
to witness the
senseless of act
remain in a silent tone
through a broken
heart and devastating mind
to confide the untold story
from the tragic play
of a suffering pain
with an awakening call
remind of the innocent loss
that peace needs to take place
with the call for unity
to define justice


I am a beta test
a thin-skinned receptor
a hypothesis; flawed
an occupational hazard.
I see my reflection in you
a placebo
a fun-house mirror
a retaining wall.
Precursive, sub-syndromal
hypothetical as a gesture
an aperture lens, a fixture,
a past-due date.


Written by Kelly Ann Wilson

I think people get lost sometimes
Even with all of their brilliant light

But I’ll hold onto the you I know
Through all of space and all of time

And women, we are so smart and strong
And capable

And I see that you can make it through
All on your own

So, I’ll just be there waiting
I’ll be the first to tell my old friend, hello

May you find yourself again
Where the wildflowers grow

Written February 18, 2024
© 2024 Kelly Ann Wilson

Clerihew Number 2 - King Charles 1.

King Charles the first
Was considered the worst
So they cut off his head
Till he was dead.

My Favorite Mystery Books

Characters emerge
Gripping my mind with fear
My heart now pounding

Dream Catching

If I could catch my dreams
All the ones that made me smile,
I would wrap them in a memory
And save them for a while.

Perhaps that small Pacific isle
It was nineteen ninety two,
The sun, the sand, and palm trees
The beach and me and you.

There was that cabin in the woods
Snow capped mountains all around,
We slept before the fires flame
Quiet nights without a sound.

London first, then on to Paris
Notre Dame and then the Louvre,
Wonders up and down the Seine
None more wondrous than you.


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