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October 2020 Contest Results

Congratulations to the winner: Thalassa Brytaye
Please visit the winning poem here:

November 2020 Contest Announcement

This month our contest is about being in tune with nature and or the universe . All poems can be written in any form and must be between 12 and 32 lines. Show us what nature does for your creativity. Best of luck to all our contestants.
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A Sad Announcement

It is with a heavy heart that we must announce the passing of Ian T. Howard ( Sparrow). He has been a member since the beginning of He has offered his talent, warmth and kindness to this community and we will forever be in his debt. Ian was in charge of getting our undiscovered poems some critiques and making sure every poet felt at home. New poets were welcomed by his charm and his willingness to help them navigate the site. He also contributed to our resources section. A place where poets can learn more about poetry. May he rest in peace and he will be deeply missed

October 2020 Contest Announcement

This month our contest is about real, imaginary or mythical windows and doors. All poems can be written in any form and must be between 12 and 32 lines. Show us the window or door to your creativity. Best of luck to all our contestants.
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September 2020 Contest Results

Congratulations to the winner: Viviana Smith
Please visit the winning poem here:

Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.


My love is like a flower

What enchantment lies
In the awakening of a flower!
Laughter or tears
It all throbs with love!
The whole meadow
Is carpeted with colour
And my heart beats
Like a trapped butterfly!

Vincent's Opera

He was considered a weirdo
He had lots to say
Yet nobody really listened
A genius mind
He created landscapes
And starry skies
On his canvas
From the finest meadows
I remember
His cry for help
A painting of himself
A bandage, his ears were no longer a pair.

Desert Evening Glow

I have seen the desert’s sunset
glow in molten lava shades;
each new one is more striking
than the one I’d seen the day before.

A miniature tornado, the dust devil
rises on a heated early eve.
It tears through horse pens,
then shakes the barn.

Diffusing daylight, it proceeds
to haunt the open desert,
twirling tumbleweeds
along its path
to pin all to the saguaro
cactus, the butcherbird’s
larder; it displays small rodents
and song birds
fastened to its spines.

Just follow the wind

Just follow the wind
where all does it go
as at my death
I too will begin to glow

doc be assured
I'll take my hearing aids
so that I can still
hear your stories well made

glasses I'll very much need

else the morning sun's glare
I won't be able to stare

your sweet face so clean
will be indelibly implanted
on my mind's virtual screen

doc hold on
just tell me
where you will be seen
around heavens


Christmas time again
The lights will soon be sparkling
Season that spreads love

Feast for all to share
Turkey stuffing and mulled wine
Gravy and laughter

Happy thanksgiving
To all my dear friend’s world wide
May your hearts feel joy.


You appearred not as prince charming but a demi god.
Broke through walls, made warm the cold heart
Debunked the lies,
And let me have a taste of love.
You didn’t only say the words, you proved them;
You showed me how beautiful trying new can be,
Let me dive unafraid into oceans,
And fly freely like a bird.
You became my solace and anchor.
You were everything perfection and positivity.
The world itself felt so alive and vibrant;
Colors made distinct sense and
Insects buzzing perfect melody.

The Roman Poet Ovid’s Farewell to Youth and Love

Once again I ask my heart why it no longer
flutters at the sight of fair Corinna.
Why is it that her lovely form now
fails to fuel the old delight that years ago
had twirled me into passion’s fit?
Oh—it’s not that cruel time had all-too-soon
transformed her skin into that of a sun-dried prune . . . .


Because I could not succeed for Death,
it did kindly succeed for me.
Pause to succeed, like Death does.

Pay attention to the agony,
the agony is the cruelest suffering of all.
Does the agony make you shiver?
does it make you want to quiver?

I saw the the excruciating surgical operation of my generation destroyed,
How I mourned the extirpation.
Does the extirpation make you shiver?
does it make you want to quiver?

Siena Sunshine

Beyond the center of Siena
That sits upon a hill
Where the piazza filled with pigeons
And people enjoying the views

I found myself
Consumed with joy
Winter’s sunshine
Caressing my soul
Montepulciano, was the place
Panoramic views, seen for miles and miles

A small piece of magic,
That sits beyond Siena’s wall
A freeze frame moment was captured
The sun was falling fast
Colors that you’ve only dreamed
They were there, filling the sky
Blues and pinks and landscape of sparkling greens

The Halloween Bug (November Contest)

Sometimes the wind blow
as troubles flow
The stress of everyday
lingers where my head lay

Outside on my patio
Underneath the big oak
I watch rays of the sunshine
sipping on black stellar wine

Butterflies flutter
Birds sing songs never stutter
the sound of a green and orange caterpillar
dropped from big oak, not too far

A halloween bug
With a black body
Has a orange smiley face
On it back looking at me


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