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Mother's Day Image Prompt Contest Winner!

This winning poem of the Mother’s Day image prompt contest is

Mum... You and I by Rula

Let us congratulate Rula on another contest win.

This week the Neopoem is

 Loving You by  hippiemoon

Let us congratulate hippiemoon on another contest win.

Neopoet Weekly 05/12/24 to 05/18/24 Winner!

This week the Neopoem is


Mosquitos Suck!
  By William Lynn


Congratulations to William Lynn for racking up another contest win!

Neopoet Weekly 05/05/24 to 05/11/24 Winner!

This week the Neopoem is

Ways of loving by  Terumi Sakurai

Let us congratulate Terumi Sakurai on their first win as a neopoet member.

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I love you all

I let myself feel, I let myself fall
After nights and fights I fought
With myself and with them all
I let myself be, give myself to all

My head has been throbbing
Night after night at the thought
What'd it be like to let my guard fall
To let my feelings stall

I've been a knight through nights
Fighting battles of war
With myself and with them all
I let be, I let all

The pain is tiring
It makes you wonder
Is it worth it all?
What's to it more?


Oh! Let me touch that marble flesh
Luminescent in soft summer's light,
My fingers reach, caress that face
That once did launch a thousand ships.

I cannot breathe,
I gasp for air
As cat like eyes on mine afix;
In eons past men died for this
In times not come they will again.

Finding My Hero

Locked in the basement of my mind,
I face the demons of my thoughts.
They lurk there in every shadow,
Every gloomy patch, waiting to strike.
Where is the superhero who will free me?
Where is the one who will illuminate
All dark corners and show me the way
To escape the basement of my mind?
Will my hero ever arrive?


You’ve left pieces of your heart around the planet.
Did you know at the start this life would demand it?
Your heart set your course to protect, to defend.
You joined an armed force. They give orders and send
You to places so far from all those you hold dear.
But you do it, because when the need is so clear,
You must go and respond, you must meet duty's call.
So you leave those you love and you stand up tall.
Like a flag, your heart's banner waves all unfurled
O'er the pieces of you left around the whole world.

A harrowing drive on the Schuylkill Expressway

(route 76) both heading into
(and a small number of hours later
exiting) center city Philadelphia
to Schwenksville on May 19th, 2024.

The value of light!

A brilliant light is shining
in the evening sky
Wayfarers on the highway
stop to question why?
A new star has arisen
and what might this imply?
An omen of good fortune
or a comet passing by?
Light in all its forms is good
for seeing eye to eye.
Because it is discernible
and brings the heavens nigh!
The spirit burns within my soul
on this I will rely!
And share the warmth within my heart
received from Him on high!

Something to Say

They say the Colossus of Memnon hasn't sung
or made a sound now for a very long time.
The one to the right is said to have had the gift.

Maybe it has nothing more to say.
Or perhaps there’s a fault in the ancient stone.
Its companion to the left, has been forever silent on the matter.

I can’t sing, but I don’t have the complaints
of these ancient stones, so I write lyrics for you all the time.
I couldn't imagine no longer having something to say.

Who I Am

I am a futile speck of dust in an ever-expanding cosmos

I am the missing link in an ever-evolving dying species

I am a sliver of light unable to escape the black hole

I am a dead thought in the back of an unstable mind

I am an echo of an unheard voice from long ago

I am the broken umbilical cord between the Sun and Moon

I am the dying son descended from a line of death

I am the destiny of a fractured past embodied in one

I am a dried recollection in a desert of hopeless dreamers

This is who I am


where is the portal,
The magnificent arch,
That we seem always
To enter by artifice?

What is this integument
To integrity
That wit falls to whit?

Will the viscera of truth
Remain emblazoned
canopic jars?

Will the jar forever rule
Its contents?

O multi-faced man,
When to know the star
Rising above the arched dome!

Royalty Gone Bad...

I was locked in the basement without any light
Chained to the furnace since Saturday night
A small bowl of dogfood, a bit of warm water
I was paying my penance, just like I oughta

I made the mistake, of not paying attention
The Queen took my silence, for a transgression
Which would it be, sharp whips or cold chains?
I smelled in the dark... the floor's bloody stains


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