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Black Eyed Venus

black eyed Venus
your lascivious confessions
a voice of thorns
made the priest jerk off
and for seconds he felt close to his god

i burn for you on this
iron jawed fire escape
crying on your thighs
as if landing on a dream
like a canon
that could take out the moon

feel me fickled fingers
I am potters clay
prom queen
sex goddess
luminous dusty winds
of the miraculous

everything is about death
even being born
clouds like asphalt flowers
and ancient monks


Terrible times breed terrible men
or is it the other way around?
How can we in this time ken
the minds of those now in the ground?

"Ruthless" we might call a decision
made by those in desperate times
by those who'd seen with certain vision
the results of mass war crimes.

Can we ever know the minds of those
who sent young men out to die
by virtue of ribbons on clothes?
Were they haunted? Did they cry?


In life come some moments and occurrences
one was such a one
now explained

my minds
inner image


She came for a moment
a fleeting one
just to give me energy

she was drunk by my eyes
and like wine dissolved
into the universe
in a momentous moment

gave me the fruits of joy
men need most
of an intent
to creativity
a beautiful content
in the eyes of god
she merged after that
monumentous moment

Forever And A Day

what if
every morning
we watched the beaches
fill up again
with sand
the way snow
fills the fields?

the hills
blew up like lungs
the valleys
depressed like lungs

what if the trees
sang like birds
not just with the wind
but with the sun
the starlight,
in the cold
and in the storm?

the world is alive
but it is alive
also for the patient

who measure time
not just in seconds
but in years
and in millions of years

Below Drums (primal poetry)

Passing through the drums I fall,
And a challenge came to be
Yet before I disappeared,
In wait he appeared.
Charging me I struck
With one blow
Knocking him down
But arising he came at me again
Yet with more and
They were adorned with feather dressings
And I spat in his face,
Then once again he went down
In all his feathered glory.

It was them and us to crown a king
So, I bowed to a new king
On his thrown of carved wood
With the universe of words understood


Brave LIttle Man

I look into your big brown eyes and hold your little hand
Gentle words of encouragement, your sadness I understand
Be brave my Baby, if you can
Not many sleeps, until your home again
They say, you’re too young to have a say
Yet old enough, to rip your world away
You cry for us, when your alone
Your sad voice, begging I want to come home


A man sits alone on the beach
A solitary tear washes down his cheek
The party rages and the lights strobe
But in his soul he is alone

Zachary J Eakin - 7 - 13 - 19

Lives Lived 1977

She lived a long life
that started quite early
at the age of fifteen
I believe,
when she sipped red wine
and listened to Igor
Stravinsky, that is, the
impossible to dance -
Rite of Spring -
more odd than not
most would say
as she celebrated Ravel's
Bolero, in her own way.
She was lost in self-thought
and enjoyed being strange
always ready to arrange
a good distance between
others and she
always kept her
guarded vulnerability.
Life had been rough before

THE STORY OF ORÌKÍ (The Failed Romance)

Take a breath; listen to the tale I'm 'bout to tell
You provoked it Orìkí; I'm just 'bout to leave;
I wish to start with the cloudless sky in your heart,
Seen through the furs and the blue of your sparking eyes.

The dead promises return to life in my mind,
How our romance birthed buried bones of stillborn.
Ours is a sour union we're never to forget,
The vain symphonies of the bitter love we tuned.


When one is bereft

one who is alone amongst many

one who craves the warmth of breasts

one who basks in the darkness of hope

for such ones I have a solution
one only

get someone
permanently in your home
remain no more

let in the one
you can say come
now you are not

but never rely on

the rest of your life
you will remain



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