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Aging is lovely

(Poem of 2014
This is an example of great writing.
I'm amazed at all the very talented people here Poet)

Aging is lovely
Do age with grace like me
I am one sans thee
life and soul
Aging is lovely
we came we shall go

Aging is lovely
we all have to as must
age with age
grey sideburns remain
head is either white or ice bald
dentures some don
some love toothless-sens
as they say
child and an old man are akin

no meteor, no dinosaur
what on earth is hitting the earth
a heat wave is melting our mother's floor
what caused this mega maniacal birth
of a baby in heat, grown to child on fire
aged to rage while fed by men
birds cannot sit on a red hot wire
more heat keeps coming what happens when
atmosphere in heat will seek to sex cloud
arms of our mother are warping and burning
her clothing now torn bursts to flaming shroud
while the blood in her veins is churning
and boiling and rolling to ashes and soot

There Isn't A War On Pink

There isn’t a war on pink
There isn’t a battle of the sexes
Any more than there’s been a battle
Between the id and the super-ego
Since the beginning of time

This desire to put someone in their place
As if people are spoons that go in kitchen drawers
Or guns that go in holsters

Men are not the super-ego
And we are not guns

But we are up in arms
Because that’s what you do with arms
Embrace the challenges
Signal the planes’ taking off or landing

1 month sober

I'm a perfectionist

In all this imperfectness

Imperfect consistently

Are you imperfect

Just like me

Drugs from prescriptionists

Keep children medicated

Sedations overrated

Stops the creative

Not my kids

and today

Not me

The Drum Beat

the drum beat
aching in my tooth
brought me to my knees....

one call, one appointment
i'm in the dental chair
the very next day....

tall dark and white
twenties babe with a smile
making sure I was fine...

I didn't leave my body this time
waiting in the white light above
as the pain was too much pulling out 6 teeth....

not this time
three blue lights
shaped of a diamond....

Earth Mother ( September Contest ).

Earth Mother.

There is a mother out there dying,
who doesn’t understand why.
There are a billion children crying,
can’t you hear the collective sigh.

Build your walls to hold back the tide,
as heavy clouds go sweeping past.
Condemn the science go on pick a side,
but mother earth is changing fast.

Like a petulant child we stamp our feet,
while mother earth knows best.
Demanding always something sweet,
sucking greedily at her breast.

To the Cave, and Beyond

About three heartbeats ago,
from a geologic time view point,
we traced our steps to how the earth did grow,
gulping every story though some appear disjoint.
We adopted a meandering river flow,
as we moved from one, to the next joint.
Was the trip disappointing? No!
Like one sitting on a score board, it was on point.


I remember, I remember...
Two black plumes against blue sky
in the second week of September.
I recall watching thousands die.

Barbarians let through the gate,
Savages from the death cult
that were filled with only hate.
Collapsing towers the result.

And we said we'd not forget.
We sought them out in sandy lairs.
And we fight them even yet,
putting them in our crosshairs.

O Rage

Disease called rage.
We only realizes when we are part of it till then yeah
tis it
this is a calm start to the final stage

Disease called rage
diseases today match up with time
we all complain a bit too often
we cannot tolerate
that’s all
that’s what leads us to
the foremost malady of today
We all know it and call it rage


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