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July Pleasures

Description:Write a poem about your most pleasurable July experience. Form: four quatrains of pentameter (some creative license allowed)

Sponsor(s):scribbler and Geezer
Judge(s):anonymous; judged by relativity to theme, imagery and construction

Objectives: Have fun within a few set limits

Subject matter: One's most pleasurable July experience

How Judged:

Primal Poetry

Making the History of Poetry (part 1) Primal Poetry- Exploring and writing poetry in its primal form.

Leader: weirdelf
Moderator(s): geezer, Paul, Carrie (lonlyhrtsclub13)

Objectives: To attempt to recreate some of the mental conditions under which poetry was invented and write our own modern versions of it.

Level of expertise:  Open to all.

Subject matter: Pre-written word poetry was probably spoken by shamans after drum induced trance.

Mon, 06/17/2019 to Sun, 10/20/2019

Inspired writes (June contest)

Description:Choose a poem which inspires you. Can be by a known writer, a friend or even one of your own. Then write a poem which comes from said inspiration. There are no length limits but try to be kind to judge by not making it Too long lol. Any style, any subject. NOT ENTERING VIA THE CONTEST TAB MAY RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION!. Also please put (June contest) next to title. Place the inspiring poem with author then enter your resulting poem right below so readers can read both on the same page.

Sponsor(s):Geezer, scribbler
Judge(s):anonymous volunteer


A condensed self description that captures a moment of yourself
Directors:Scribbler, Geezer
Sponsor: Anonymous

Objectives:A very short poem (max.20 lines preferably less) a 'snapshot' capturing some aspect of yourself, any form. Emphasis on brevity, think perhaps haiku, senryu or limerick?

How Judged: Will be judged on brevity, compression of meaning and honesty. Be yourself.

ODE TO -----------

Description:Time to get back to basics. This month let's write an ode to something common. Ice cube tray, diaper, beer mug, anything commonly found. Rhyme or not but should have good rhythm. Stanzas up tp 5 lines each and around six stanzas. So let's see how many things will get an ode written to them for the first time lol. BTW will be looking for high language uses for the common object.

Sponsor(s):Geezer, Scribbler

Objectives: To have fun mixing the common with uncommon language

Subject matter: An ode to a common object

Cellar Door

Description: The phrase 'cellar door' is purportedly the most euphonious phrase in the English language. This will be a super quicky workshop starting immediately. Just write a short poem including that phrase or variations thereof with the emphasis on pleasing sounding English.

Leaders: Jess (weirdelf) and Guy (Geezer)

Wed, 03/27/2019 to Wed, 04/10/2019

Love poems

Description:The first ever rewrite allowed contest. A contest for love poetry. Try to keep it under 24 lines

Sponsor(s):Geezer and scribbler

Objectives:Have fun and resurrect some oldies. can be free verse or western classic

Subject matter: This month we're gonna write about love. can enter a new poem or one already written. DO NOT FORGET TO PUT (MARCH CONTEST) next to title

How Judged:

February Contest

Description: A free verse poem with not set limits on length but for judge's sake don't enter something too long.

Sponsor(s):Geezer, Scribbler

Objectives: As usual, just to have fun. But for an old rhymer like me It will give me a chance to stretch my wings

Subject matter: We have all had hard times in our lives. So write a poem about overcoming some type difficulty

How Judged:






Sun, 01/06/2019


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